Thursday, April 2, 2015

Branching Out

I recently decided to expand my writing into other forums besides this blog and am starting to contribute to an online sex magazine called "Simply Sxy." My first submission appeared today:

I am writing under the moniker "Ward" as opposed to "S" or "Master49" (starting to feel a bit schizophrenic here!). Though I am going to touch upon subjects that are familiar to readers of this blog, I plan to talk more about sex and kink in the suburbs; the wild and crazy shit that happens in the bedrooms of good homes owned by good people who have good white picket fences. Good kids, good jobs..good good good!

But in the bedroom?

Bad, bad bad.

It's a subject matter that interests me, the sex lives and fantasies of everyday folks. I have always admired the books by Nancy Friday, who spent many years chronicling the fantasies of both men and women, in a variety of topics, ranging from the vanilla to the exceptionally taboo.

I'm a Dominant, but I am also just a very sexual person in general, and perhaps the two are not separated. I cannot imagine being a Dominant and not having a high sex drive, though there are components of Dominance that do not include sex.

It's easy throughout the day for me to have my mind wander to thoughts of sex, no matter the situation, and in those instance, I will usually text L to tell her how much I enjoy her cunt or some sort message. Then I will put my phone away, and resume my focus at my business meeting.

I find sex and the erotic in a lot of areas. One of mine and L's favorite shows is the Showtime series "Shameless" and in the opening credits, members of the family go in and out of the bathroom. Here it is for your viewing:

That scene right there is the one I find VERY erotic. It's the oldest daughter of the family, and in her scene in the opening credits, she goes into the bathroom, sits on the toilet, pulls her panties down, does her business, stand up, pulls her panties back up, and leaves the bathroom.

Very hot.

I find it hot because of the style of her panties, the bareness of her legs, and the sheer fact that she is taking a piss. When I told L on how I found this erotic the other night, she pointed out the fact that she also didn't wipe afterwards.

I like raw, so there is a rawness to it that I find hot. But I think why I find it so hot is that L does this all of the time in front of me, and almost everyday she will leave the door to the bathroom wide open in the morning as she sits there, panties around her ankles as she takes a piss. I hear her piss splash into the toilet, streaming out of the cunt that I just fucked and often times slapped the night before, and I watch as she wipes herself out (unlike Fiona from "Shameless"). It turns me on, SHE turns me on because of her openness.

So that is where my mind is a lot, wrapped around sexual ideas and thoughts, connected back to what I do to L, and I wish, at times, I could shut these thoughts off, because it distracts me during the day, and sometimes those thoughts result in physical reaction, and all of a sudden, I am the junior high kid trying to figure out how to use a textbook to conceal himself as he walks up to the front of the classroom.

That's my life.

And I wonder if others have these thoughts, others in business meetings and others in the houses in our white picket fence neighborhood. And do they get to live these thoughts out? I can't be the only one in our large neighborhood who comes home to a sex slave/fucktoy every day...but maybe I am.

Maybe I am just lucky like that.


  1. Just read it and it was great. I very much enjoyed it. Keep up the good work. K

  2. Thank you for the link to your new blog of sorts, a good introduction and I have always loved reading your lives in print. The only part, that smacked me in the face, is your use of the word "bad" more than once. Where the "bad" things happen for example, to me they aren`t bad, taboo, but simply glorious, wondrous and they are me and what I/we do, are "fantastic" things, without connotation of anything that can be perceived as bad for someone that does not quite understand what we do and why. I look forward to continuing to see your life with L in print. Regards

    1. Thanks for the comment. To clarify, I don't really think of those things as being "bad"; it is more so how it would most likely be perceived by those who abide to (boring) sexual norms. All of the acts that i do with L I put into the category of being wonderful...delicious..fulfilling. L does like to tell me at times, almost breathlessly, that I am "a bad man" and what can I turns me on when she does so.

  3. Well, I'm a slave, not a Dom, but I find when I'm doing errands or whatever my mind often lingers on belts, whips, canes... and what they are going to be like next time, when will the next time be, will it hurt a lot or a little, and how much I want and fear it.

  4. Big fan of Shameless!

    My Dom Husband enjoys hearing me and watching me pee - it took awhile to be comfortable having him there but knowing how much he loves it I asked him one night - after I peed and handed him a wad of toilet paper to, "please Daddy wipe me dry."
    He thought it was hot and I was rewarded for my request.