Friday, June 22, 2018

Office Head

L gave me a blowjob in her office the other day, a new experience for both of us. Her workplace is set up perfectly for encounters such as this, as she has the entire office to herself and no one can enter the office without being buzzed in, so the chance of being interrupted or caught is removed (although that does take away from the thrill of it just a bit...)

It was not a planned encounter by any means, I was delivering a coffee to her and it just sorta happened, which trumps planned every day of the week. I stood in front of her as she sat in her office chair and she undid my belt and unzipped me to take out my cock which was already starting to stir. She sucked on me in that position for awhile and then I sat down in the chair while she got on her knees in front of me and continued in that position.

She sucked my cock in the broad daylight of her office, windows open to the sounds below of people and cars and the general hubbub of a weekday morning. She worked me over, using her mouth and her hand, and I leaned back enjoying it, brushing her long hair away from her so I could get the ultimate visual.

No one could walk in, but what if they did? This is what I thought about. What if one or two other men just suddenly walked in on us and saw us, witnessing her beautiful head bobbing up and down on my cock, the sounds of sucking filling the air? What would happen then? Perhaps I would tell them not to just stand there looking stunned, you're more than welcome to give my lovely little slut a try your self. And perhaps they would take me up on that offer  and approach her, their own cocks out, and I would forcefully remove L's head from me and shove her in the direction of the two strangers...

That scenario/fantasy could have gone in a lot of different directions, but I was already coming by then, L quickly removing her mouth from me (so many years later, and still not a swallower...) and finished me off with her hand, ropes of my hot ejaculate splashing up on my torso and hitting her cleavage as well. She cleaned us both up with tissue from her desk, I gave her a kiss, and went about my day.

L gave me a blowjob in her office the other day, a new experience for both of us.

But not the last.

Maybe next time we will leave the office door unlocked.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The new bed: Revisited

The new bed is not so new anymore. This thought occurred to me as I was stripping the bed yesterday after a Saturday morning fuck with L. It certainly wasn't an anticipated fuck; we were lying in bed drinking coffee and my thoughts were more focused on what the day's activities were to include. Before I knew it, L was draping her naked body across me (it's rare she sleeps nude, this was one of those moments) and made some type of remark on how she thought it would be a good idea for me to fuck her.

After a little prompting with her mouth as she sucked my soft cock into full hardness, I did just that. An on the top of the covers fuck, the morning sun shining in through the curtains, the sound of the tv in the living room where children were watching which helped drown out the sounds L were making.

The bed is a little over four years old now, and it still is a very comfortable bed; it's our solace, our happy place...and thought it has somewhat wavered in the last few months or so, the place where wonderful kinky things occur, things that no one in our close circles of family and friends would ever suspect.

What's remarkable is not necessarily what has happened in the bed over the last four years, but what has taken place outside of the bed and the changes in our relationship. The S and L that occupy the once new bed today are quite different than the S and L who broke in said new bed in February 2013.

Very little drama has unfolded in that bed over the years. There have been maybe, at best, a handful of arguments that have resulted in one of us sleeping in the bed and the other in some other location in the house. There have been times when L has been the sole occupant of the bed due to my travels. The bed has only been occupied by the two of us...we create fantasies, sometimes, of the bed being big enough for one more...but when those fantasies are acted upon it is in the safer location of a hotel room in some other city.

The once new bed has been home to hundreds of fucks...lazy weekend fucks, fast and furious lunchtime fucks where I barely bother to pull my pants down. Late at night fucks where we can take our time.

What's the life span on a bed? When does one start thinking about getting a new one? I suppose it is determined by level of activity. A bed in which its inhabitants are dormant probably lasts a lot longer than one where there is a lot of ... movement. Ours is still comfortable enough, but we can tell its been used a little.

Just a little.

It works though. It's our bed, after all. And I wouldn't want to be any other place.

I finished stripping the bed of our sheets, smelling strongly of our sex, and went out to the kitchen where my freshly fucked wife was happily making me breakfast.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A perfect head of hair

L is letting her hair grow out. It is almost as long as it was when I first met her, the difference being, when I first met her I did not do the things to her that I do now, and that long hair was not used to its full potential.

I just returned from a weekend trip and it seems that it is even longer than when it was when I left, if that is even possible. She's always been careful in the past whenever she gets her hair done to make sure there is enough...just enough...for me to grab.

But what she has now is much more substantial than being able to grab a small clump in my hands, what she has now is shoulder length hair and tonight she has a ponytail on the top of her head. I was just in the bedroom with her now relaxing and I grabbed it and jerked her head around a little. She asked what I planned on doing later. I told her to wait and see.

She has a lovely head of hair, and oh so perfect for pulling.

A perfect head of hair for me to grab in my hands and pull her towards me, my hungry mouth finding hers and our tongues intertwining...

A perfect head of hair for me to grab, quite forcefully, when she purposefully sasses me, and I jerk her firmly into her place, L letting out a soft "Ahhhh" that is part pleasure and pain....

A perfect head of hair for me to grab so I can force her head and mouth into places that I want them to be, mainly shoved down into my cock....

A perfect head of hair for me to hold on to as I forcefully fuck her mouth, gagging her as I shove myself as deep inside of her as I can, balls deep, holding her firmly in place, shoving in and out of her brutally, telling her what a good little cocksucker she is...

A perfect head of hair to grab so I can shove her face into the pillows, her raised ass over my legs, my free hand smacking her ass repeatedly...

A perfect head of hair to wrap my hands through as I fuck her hard from behind, jerking her head back in the same manner I do when she is collared and leashed...

A perfect head of hair that I swear is longer than it was just the other day, and she asked me what I planned on doing later with it, and I told her to wait and see....and as I write this, and think about the possibilities, later just might be sooner than I planned.

Monday, January 16, 2017

While the husband is away....

I travel a lot for my job, and sometimes L is able to travel with me which has led to some fabulous sexual adventures (threesomes in our hotel with anonymous men, sex clubs) that have been chronicled about in this blog before, that is not always the case. Sometimes she has to stay at home as was the case back in November when I was gone on an international business trip that was close to three weeks.

It is difficult to maintain the D/s dynamics in those situations, especially when a time zone difference is involved. I can be quite busy on these trips and perhaps not as responsive as L likes to me be.

So with this latest trip, I improvised in a very wicked way.

I posted an ad on Craigslist from L, stating that she was a bored housewife whose husband was away for work and she was looking for anonymous men to email her with vivd descriptions of how they would rape her when her husband was away. There was no deception. The ad did not promise any meeting, stated quite clearly what the purpose was yet it still got flagged for removal once, twice, and three times.

L got many, many responses. Some of them were pretty good, others fell into the typical Craigslist poorly written criteria of few words and a shitty dick picture. I monitored all of it as I have access to her email and I found it all to be rather arousing. Got off on it several times, actually.

As I said in the last post, our D/s dynamics have been struggling a bit lately but something about these email exchanges awoke my inner Dominant and, with a flight home tomorrow, I am more than eager to get back to L and pick things back up again. I am starving for her submissiveness, and, alone in my hotel room, I stroke my cock to images of her bound before me, her ass raised for whatever implement I choose to use on her. To say that I am eager to get home is an understatement.

I suspect when I get back home to L tomorrow and violate her to the moon and back, there will be other posts to follow.

Here's the ad I posted along with the photo that went with it.

Fuck Me With Your Words

Bored and very sexual housewife here with a husband is out of town, looking for a man who can email me and tell me in very vivid and explicit detail of how you would fuck me. I have rape fantasies and enjoy being dominated so don't hold back, the more forceful the better. Say things to me that will make me want to slide my hand under my panties and touch myself to your words. Make me a whore and a slut. Meeting up is not an option, but I might exchange emails if you are able to get me off. I'm very real (and very sexual!); temperatures were supposed to drop next week but now it looks like we'll be getting another snow storm.

Hurry! My pussy is already dripping thinking of how you might violate is of me if you need inspiration.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Balancing Act

Hard to believe it has been more than a month since the last posting to this blog. Especially when, once upon a time, when all of this was new, postings occurred on an almost daily basis. Not that my lack of postings is a rarity in the blogging world, when writers are at their most prolific in the beginning stages and tend to taper off after a certain amount of time. What started off as a flurry of keystrokes and wordsmithing goes to the way side when the next shiny object is seen in the peripheral vision.

There has been nothing shiny that has distracted me that has kept me from posting, rather, the issue has been not having much to post about.

When L and I got married more than six months, I predicted it would result in a shift in our relationship, which was true, I was just incorrect on the direction it would shift in.

What I thought would happen was that things would escalate, that having L as my wife and with my last name, would only intensify my feelings of owning her and Dominating her. Having a submissive girlfriend, and then fiancée, is one thing, but having a submissive wife? To me, in my mind, that would be the ultimate.

What happened was not that.

After we got married, over the course of the last six months, the D/s dynamics tapered off somewhat, to almost vanilla levels at times. Over the last month, for instance, I took away a couple of our rituals such as L having to kneel before me and asking for permission to sleep in my bed with me and the other making her wear her collar to bed (that one was more due to her developing a rash as a result of her collar, which I had placed on her on our wedding night). BDSM sessions in bed, once a nightly occurrence, went down to once a week. Sometimes even less. Other things didn’t change at all, such as her daily memos.

I’ve thought a lot about why things changed, because that is what I do. I overanalyze and overthink things. I think to some extent, and I’ve talked about this on the blog before, is that the D/s dynamics were very important when we weren’t married because it gave our relationship structure and definition outside of what a marriage would provide. Getting married provided an entirely new structure and definition, which in some ways, trumped what the D/s relationship was providing for us.

In the past, if we ever shifted away from our D/s dynamics, if I ever dropped the ball, L would act out, effectively pulling me right back in again to set matters straight. Usually in the bedroom Usually with her bent over the bed. Usually with pain.

L doesn’t act out anymore, though from time to time she will push my buttons just to see how I will react. On Christmas night, after one of our long over due brief but effective sessions, and after I had thoroughly fucked her, she lay back in bed wearing a perfect for the holidays red negligee (which just by wearing that woke up the beast in me) and said “It seems a shame to have a sex toy when you don’t use her properly.”

Button pushed. But also, a good point. Why own a sex toy if you don’t treat her as one?

That’s not to say we haven’t been having good sex. We have been having great sex. With me off work this last week, a lot of that good sex has been happening in the mornings. Not necessarily BDSM or kinky sex. Just a good hard fucking, the covers pulled up over us in case a child happens to make their way into the bedroom. A good hard satisfying fuck that leaves us both worn out afterwards and ready for a morning nap.

The fact that the D/s has not been there as of late doesn’t mean it has disappeared altogether. Those same thoughts and cravings I have are still there, and while they might not be there as much as they used to be, they are still there. But you go for awhile without acting upon them, it is difficult to veer back towards them in one fell swoop. For both parties involved.

L will admit, as she did the other night, that she is not as conditioned as she used to be when things were at their most intense. Sessions that would have barely resulted in a whimper before cause her pain now. Her breasts, once a subject of my physical attention on a regular basis, are sensitive to the slightest touch these days. Getting back into it would have to be a gradual…and consistent….process.

Those cravings are there.

For both of us.

I will look over at her lying in bed next to me at night, especially when she is wearing a special outfit for me, and I want nothing more than to nestle my head between her legs and leave hard an deliberate bite marks into her inner thighs before I plunge into her cunt with my tongue. I will look at the outline of her cleavage under whatever she is wearing and I want to yank it down, revealing her breasts to me, those breasts that she claims are so sensitive, and I want to twist them and punch them, and leave the same bite marks in them that I did with her inner thigh.

I want to wrap my hands around her neck and choke her, controlling her breath.

Punches to the ass. Flogging. Beating. Lashing. Those urges are still there, quite intense at times, but tend to be the wrong times..too late at night, kids awake, etc. Sometimes those urges can’t be acted upon, so we just simply fuck.

Did I mention that we fuck well, even with out all of “that”?

So that is what we are doing, and with a new year just a few days away, and me just the being the way that I am, I’ll be giving this a lot more thought. Come May 2017 and it will be our fifth anniversary as a D/s couple and, later in May, will be our one year anniversary as husband and wife. S and L…husband and wife, Dominant and submissive. There’s no reason it has to be one over the other, it’s finding that right balance between the two.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

How many is too many?

A few nights ago L and I were in bed watching the movie "Nymphomaniac Volume I" on Netflix when it got to the scene where Stacy Martin's character challengers her friend to a "fucking competition" of sorts to see who can fuck the most men on a train ride. The movie itself, by the way, is one of the more explicit ones you will find on Netflix and that particular scene contains one of the best oral sex scenes of any movie I have seen when Martin seduces a reluctant married man who is on his way home to try and impregnate his wife by sucking him off in a train car, and the scene leaves you no doubts that it is indeed real, to include the cum that runs out of her mouth and back down on his cock in the end....that wasn't necessarily what made the scene such an enjoyable one, I think it also has to do admiration of her seduction and the power she had over him.

Anyway, I digress somewhat. As the two women were tallying up their score, L made some comment on whether or not they had cleaned up in between fucks, and then looked at me and said "You would probably like that though, wouldn't you?"

"To a certain extent, I would," I said.

I do not mind fucking L after she has been used by another, to clarify, after I have made her be used by another. It has happened several times. When we have out threesomes with other men, I will typically let the other man fuck her before I do, and depending on what else we are doing to her, we will take turns, L on her back on the bed with her legs spread and her cunt dripping as one cock enters her, pulls out, and is replaced by another cock. Typically, her mouth is occupied by whatever cock isn't inside her cunt. Her being used is a turn on to me, to fill her after she has been filled by another is a turn on to me. Her cunt has been filled by the cum of myself and another man on one occasion. I view none of it as being something so crude as "sloppy seconds"; I view it as her ultimate submission to me, to allow me to share her as a sex object, a fuck slut. My willing and dripping slut.

I do not mind fucking her after she has being used by another, but would there be a limit to that?

We talk, jokingly, about gang bangs, about me taking her out in the woods somewhere and tying her naked to a tree as one man after the other fucks her. We talk joking about those things, but those discussions of such fantasies turn us both on and we usually end up fucking.

But how would that be in reality?

How many cocks fucking her would be too many, were I to follow how I normally do it and let the other..and in this instance, it would be many would be too many? When it is just one another man, I can still slide inside her after wiping her out and she is still incredibly tight, but how many cocks would it take before she wasn't tight, before her cunt truly did feel used? How many men coming inside her, coming on her, would be too many? The spunk of several men running out of her cunt, drying on her tits, on her face, in her hair, her pussy raw and many would be too many?

How many?

I'm not sure.

But wouldn't it be fun to try out?

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Easy like Sunday morning

Of all the times throughout the week, Sunday mornings are our favorite time for L and I. It is the one morning of the week where we don't have to get up early for work or to take our son to hockey practice, and, for the most part, the children know not to disturb us before 10a.m. 

Sunday mornings usually turn sexual, sometimes they don't. More often than not, we're just thankful for that time together, watching something idiotic on television, sipping our coffee, buried under blankets, something that is even nicer now that the temperature is dropping outside.

This morning we were lying there, L's head resting on my lap, and then her hand was under the blanket and on top of my boxer briefs...slowly rubbing, expecting a reaction of some type, and she got one rather quickly. And then her hand was inside of my boxer briefs...."let me adjust this for you" she said, moving my half-erect cock so that the head was sticking out of the side of the briefs. And then her head disappeared under the covers and was on me, slowly, gently sucking the tip, tongue flickering around it....

Half-erect became fully-erect.

Our bedroom door was wide open.

"I better stop," she said, and she rolled over and went back to the television program we were watching.

I got out of bed and in two quick strides was at the bedroom door which I promptly closed and locked and was just as quickly back in the bed with her, this time sans boxer briefs, my cock hard and at full attention, eager to finish what she had started.

She was ready.

I was then beside her on the bed and grabbed her by the hair and directed her mouth back towards my cock, and unlike the slow sucking she had just minutes ago administered on me, this time, there was nothing slow about it as I held on to her head and fucked her mouth, and I watched as my cock slide in and out, enjoying equally the visual of that as well as the sounds, those great sounds of a Sunday morning blowjob.

There was no way to keep that up much longer so I pulled out of her mouth and was on top of her, spreading her legs forcefully and rubbing the head of my cock between her oh so wet cunt before I thrust inside of her, and I fucked her as she pushed up against me, her face buried in my chest to mask her moans of pleasure while I enjoyed those great sounds of wet Sunday morning fuck.

She came quickly, surprising her, and I was glad, because there was no way I was going to last long, especially since we didn't have sex the previous day (a rarity, really) so when the last of her orgasm had subsided I gave one more thrust and came ferociously, spurt after spurt filling her up, as she continued to thrust up against me. 

After that, we lay there for just a bit...satisfied and sticky, the forgotten television program still on, the morning sun streaming through our curtains, the smell of our sex lightly hanging in the air.

Shortly afterwards, we got out of bed and started our day, the best moment of our day behind us, at least until tonight when we are back in bed and, with the door locked and the kids in bed, we end the day the exact same way we started it.