Sunday, July 24, 2016

I blame it on the tanktop

The thing is, L does not wear tanktops that often, so when she put it on yesterday during one of our rare nice days of summer, I was pleasantly surprised. She proceeded to cover it up with a shawl, but I was there in the bedroom when she put it on, and even that act alone got a rise out of me. She was getting ready to leave the house without me for a shopping trip, and from time to time I like to direct her to wear something that will make men want to fuck her.

The tanktop outfit met that criteria, capped off with a skirt that showcased her magnificent legs; perfectly toned and shaped, the type that are easy to imagine wrapped around you as you fuck her, or the type that you force open so you can expore the treasure in between with your tongue.

Before she left the bedroom I pushed her up against the closet and kissed her hard, grabbing her hand and shoving it into my crotch where the throbbing within showed her just how pleased I was with her outfit.

What was it about the tanktop? I suppose first and foremost it was the way it accentuated her breasts, pushing up against the fabric, a delicious display of her cleavage. Maybe it was the shoulders, bare and exposed in a manner that I wanted to make her wince in pain and pleasure as I bit into them with my teeth.

She doesn’t wear tanktops that often, and I think I was just enjoying that.

That took place early in the afternoon, and the rest of the day was  spent with kids and errands and chores around the house, and it wasn’t until later that I was able to finish showing her just how much I liked her tanktop.

It started with lying in bed, and I was contemplating the need for a shower when L volunteered to save me the hassle and to clean me up with a washcloth. She, at the time, was wearing nothing but the tanktop and panties, as I instructed her to wear to bed.

She got the washcloth and sponged me off, starting with my face and then proceeding down to my chest, armpits and arms. And then, pulling my boxer briefs down and cleaning down there, along the cock, and under the balls….



And it didn’t take long at all, I think it was even before she pulled down my boxers and I was hard, because damn! That tanktop, those breasts pushing against the fabric, and now I had the visual combined with the sensation of warm washcloth sponging off my cock..those elements combined, and I had to have her, and could not wait.

And then she was off the bed, and kneeled on the floor, and there beneath my eyes was that cleavage and the fabulous curve of her breasts from inside the tanktop, and my hand was on the top of her head guiding her forward, not giving her much of a choice really, and her mouth was on me…on my balls, on my cock…sucking…licking stroking.

It would have been so easy to finish right there, on the spot, her on the knees, pulling out of her mouth at the last second and unloading spurt after spurt of hot cum on her, dripping down her chest…in between her breasts…on her tanktop.

That did not happen, and I don’t recall how much longer it was before it happened, but then she was back on the bed, underneath me, and I was pressing against her, my hand under her tanktop, under her bra, pulling at her tits, pulling the fabric down so I could nibble and suck at them, shoving my cock against her, dry humping her while my mouth was all over her. At one point, I was in between her legs…those legs I mentioned above…and my tongue was lapping at her, in her, around her clit, my hands still up under her tanktop…and she came rather quickly.

And then… turn…I was back on top of her and moved her panties to the side so I could penetrate her, and I fucked her hard in that position, my torso pressed against her breasts still contained within her tanktop…that damn tankop! It all started there…and I fucked her hard and with deliberation, which, by the way, is pretty much how we fuck.

Tanktop or no tanktop.

I came inside her hard.

Rolling off of her, breathing rapidly, I took a moment to catch my breath.

“That was perfect,” I said.

She murmured in agreement.

“You need to buy more tanktops,” I suggested.

She murmured in agreement. 



  1. Hahahaha - "You need to buy more tank tops." Really hot story and photo!

  2. I love this story. It is funny the things that inspire lust in us, often mundane things really but then they just 'do' something and well.... as you said, more tank tops seem like a good idea


  3. I love this, I love how it shows that sometimes it's the small everyday things that are so admired by our partners.