Monday, April 11, 2016

I now pronounce you Dominant and submissive

The month of May is going to be a monumental one for L and I as not only do we celebrate our 4th anniversary as a D/s couple, but, more importantly, the month will close with us being a married couple.

It is approaching quickly, and a great amount of time has been spent on the final preparations. Correction. L has spent a great amount of time on the preparations, jumping into it with tremendous energy and focus, while I have been content to help where needed and when asked. There are some things in our relationship that I don't need to be in control of, planning our wedding is one of them. What is important to me is that the day itself be one that L is truly happy with. Certain aspects of it overwhelm me almost at times, especially the growing number of attendees, which is surpassing the estimated 150 and steering closer to 200.

Anyone who has read our blog from the very beginning knows that our journey as a couple has not been an easy one; there have been times, years ago, when the idea of us getting married seemed like an unattainable fantasy. Even today, with the reality of our wedding evident throughout the house as we handle invitations and everyday seems to find a new package arriving containing something for the wedding, it seems a bit surreal, and I suspect that surrealism will hold true even up until the moment that we look into each other's eyes and profess "I do."

Though L and I have been carrying on like a married couple for a good three years now, we view this next step as being a big one, with elements of it trickling out into every aspect of our relationship. That certainly holds true in respect to our D/s relationship. Yes, L did sign a contract giving herself completely to me close to four years ago. Yes, she does consider herself to be owned by me, and we were already into this relationship until death do we part.

In my mind getting married takes the D/s relationship to a whole other level. L will not just be my pet, my submissive, my fiancee....she will be my wife, with her last name being the same as mine, and my sense of ownership of her will be escalated. We have talked about this in depth, with my saying the words "Just wait until we are married...." on a fairly regular basis. She knows that as my wife I might have different expectations of her than I did before, more so out of the bedroom than in the bedroom. To paraphrase Nigel Tufnel from "This is Spinal Tap", things will go to 11.

Typically on our D/s anniversary, I review the contract and usually make some adjustments to it, I am holding off on presenting L with a new one until after we are married. I am also planning on presenting L with a new collar on our wedding night, to replace the one that she has worn for the last four years.

We are getting married soon. Very soon. The day will bring with it a bevy of emotions, from the official ceremony in front of our family and friends, and then, later that night in our hotel room, as my wife kneels before me and I slip the new collar around her neck, and the journey of S and L...the taming of L...continues, full speed ahead.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Prepared for Sir

Taken two weeks ago. Once I had her legs firmly secured with the spreader bar, and she raised her ass for me, I do not recall if the first thing I did was get the rug beater out and work her over until she faded off into subspace, or if I kneeled behind her, spread her legs even further apart, and penetrated her wetness.

At any rate, whichever the order, both of those acts occurred.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Happy birthday to me

L and I enjoyed a hotel room to ourselves last night to celebrate my birthday. The hotel room was the icing on the cake.

Here is a photo of the cake.

And yes, I ate it up and went back for seconds.