Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Moving Right Along...

Sorry for the delay in an update on the world of S and L, it's been pretty busy around here, going from my return back to L having a birthday, to me starting my new job and working my night job, a weekend of summer activities.

Anyway, we're back and getting settled back into our own world of TTWD..this time, without any commercial interruptions.

I'll be honest, though, there was a bit of a transition to make once I got back from my trip, but it was just a bit, and it didn't take long to get things back in order in our household. The first weekend back had some rough spots, as I thought they would, with L coming fresh off of the heels of three weeks of independence without me around, her on the road, making decisions. And she was not pleasing me to the extent that she should have been. I suspected that would be the case though she didn't think it was going to happen, but I was also quite prepared to steer the ship in the right direction.

"Am I off the hook tonight?" is L's favorite catch phrase as of late, as is "Nothing is needed." She will say it almost every night, implying that there is no need for the cane, that she is perfectly fine, no need to take her into her submissive state as she is already there. In her mind.

Which is utter nonsense, and she knows it as much as I do. "No, you are not off the hook tonight, and I will be the one to determine what is needed," I chastise her, and then I instruct her to turnover. A nightgown is raised, panties are pulled down, the cane is taken out of the closet...and the dance begins. After 200 strokes or so, the young lady next to me who just minutes ago was claiming that nothing was needed is drifting off to subspace. She's gone down hard a couple of times since I have been back, and with her going down hard, the cane has come down hard and more frequently.

Nothing is needed, she claims, but I know her better than she knows herself, and I know that everything is needed.

Last night was one of those nights where everything was needed, but this time for me. It was a particularly stressful day, and thankfully, it was a night where I had the evening off from my second job. It also happened to be smack dab in the middle of a visit from Aunt Flow for L, never a pleasant time, especially now as she knows when that time comes, we are going to most likely have anal sex at some point...not her favorite activity with me, but I think she prefers that over having to swallow.

I needed everything last night, and I needed it with her. Once we were doing watching television she assumed the position without me asking her anything (in fact, halfway through our show she got her collar out and handed it to me with her head resting on my lap) and I went to the closet and got out more toys than usual...the leather cuffs, the chains that strapped them together, the ball gag, and the blindfold. Within minutes I had her completely restrained..gagged..blindfolded, a delicious canvas awaiting before me.

Normally the cane is my tool of choice, but tonight was one of those flogger nights, and I got it out and started off slowly lashing it across her ass...her back...the back of her legs. She took it very well...what choice did she have? And 100 floggings turned into 200 which turned into 300...I kneeled next to her, my hard cock pressed into the small of her back and she reached out with her cuffed hand to stroke the tip.

Out came the ball gag, replaced with my cock, and I began fucking her mouth, my hand holding tight on to her hair as I thrust inside of her. "This is what I do to my fucktoy," I said. "I fuck her in the mouth. And you know you like it."

She managed to mumble out something that resembled a yes.

"Suck my cock," I ordered her. "Show me how much you worship it." That command accelerated things on her end, and she devoured it even more. (One thing that has changed since we have gotten back is that L's blowjobs have gotten more...intense. Thank god for her I am a gentleman and don't do the aforementioned act that she loathes..)

She knew what was coming next, I had told her it was going to happen. I needed, after all of that...I needed...I needed penetration. I needed to fill her up, to be inside of her, to take her and claim her like my fucktoy, and that meant her ass. The lube came out, I got her ready, I got me ready...and slowly started to slide inside of her.

She didn't think she was going to be able to do it at first, tried to hold me off, but then slowly got into it as I let her back into me as opposed to me sliding inside of her. The head got in, then a couple of inches. I slowly started sliding in and out of her, getting a little more in, and it was a damn exquisite sensation. It's a combination of a few different senses...the thought of the act itself, the visual part...and of course, the physical part.

I never put it all the way in, just enough, and as I picked up the pace, L begged me to come and it didn't take much before I came inside of her. Hard.

I told her how proud of her I was afterwards, as we turned the light off and got ready to go to sleep. She said she wanted nothing more than to please me tonight, she knew my day was stressful and wanted to take it away in whatever way I chose and wanted. Needed.

She knew what I needed.

I know what she needs.

Perfection. Defined.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Two ships passing in the night...

So L got home last Sunday, five hours earlier than expected, which worked out quite nicely. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when I saw her at the airport and gave her a welcome home kiss. About half an hour later we found our way into the bedroom so she could take a nap as she had been up for a long time and had been flying for a long time. The nap never came...but we did.

I had thought in the back of my mind that our bedroom reunion would involve a lot of TTWD, but that first encounter we just needed each other so badly that the best we could get to was pants around the ankle fucking. We just needed that connection with each other, like oxygen.

Later that night....

L didn't think she could be spanked. Really didn't. Was concerned she would be too sensitive after an 11 day hiatus, that she couldn't take it, but I knew better...knew her better, and later that night, I started off slowly with the cane, little love taps at first, eventually increasing with force, and L started slipping into sub space quite easily, and the caning went on for awhile. 100 canes turned into 200 and turned into 300.

I then reached between her thighs and started fingering her, and the unruly little sub tried to push her legs together because it was too sensitive, and I forced them apart, commanded her to leave them apart. "This is MY pussy," I told her. "And I want to touch it."

And I did touch it, and it was, oh so wet. And the touching turned to slapping, a smack here, a smack there. And the smacks caused her to react in the way I thought she would, with moans and pushing her ass up to my hand. And the smacks continued, and she begged me to let her come, and as I continued to smack away at the pussy that had been absent from my touch for 11 days, she came.


And then we fucked again.

And we slept the best we had in 11 days.

Then morning came. Early, early morning. Hours later, really. I got up and showered and went back to bed and held her and kissed her and told her goodbye, because now it was my turn to leave for the week.

Like two ships passing in the night.

My ship departed Monday morning, and it is now Wednesday night, and as you can imagine, we are quite eager for this nonsense to end, as two people like us shouldn't be apart, and the fact of the matter is, neither one of us is at full strength when we are apart from each other.

Two more sleeps.

I get back Friday night...late, late Friday night..and we can get back to normal, or at least, normal as it exists for the two of us. We are both eager to get back to a schedule and routine.

Two more sleeps.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

BDSM in Mayberry (revisited)

I spent the day today cleaning and working on the yard for L's return home tomorrow night. I have always had this philosophy that when someone comes home from a trip, home should be made to feel as much as...home...as possible.

We live in a nice suburban neighborhood. Both of us have always joked about living in Mayberry...wanting to live in Mayberry. Nice picket fence, folks waving to their neighbors, pies cooling in the window, yada yada.

Well, it's not quite like that where we live, but close. Drive by the house on any given night in the summer and it looks pretty gosh darn normal. Kids playing on the trampoline, a friendly man (me) grilling on the bbq, relatives stopping by to say hello. We get a lot of traffic where we live as we live close to a busy road and are on the corner of a road going into one of the nicer neighborhoods in our town. So there is an image to maintain, of sorts. L has always wanted that in this house with her previous marriage, and didn't quite get there. I know how much she wants that, so I try and do my best to present that. Because I like it also. I am at heart a family man...a Dad...a Ward Cleaver of sorts. I love the feeling of that, the thought of that...coming home to a wife and kids, in a scene that Norman Rockwell could have painted.

I want that.

But I want something more with it.

TEXT EXCHANGE BETWEEN S AND L ON SATURDAY, JUNE 8 (after S had planted flowers and sent L a picture)

L: Wow.

S: We live in Mayberry and have an image to maintain.

S: Mayberry on the outside.

S: Ball gagged fucktoy on the inside.

S: That is how I want it and that is how it shall be.

L: Love you.

And it is how I want it. I am more than happy to present vanilla to the outside world, but behind the bedroom door, I want it to be TTWD. More than that. We are 24/7 D/s, so there are guidelines that have to be established in day to day life. If we are having people over for a friendly backyard bbq, L knows she has to behave a certain way around me, even if it is unknown to others. She mouths off to me, or does something she knows she is not supposed to, I can give her The Look, and she knows her ass is in for it later.

People come over, and we have this little dog named Missy that everyone loves, and Missy wears a collar, but wouldn't people be surprised to know that Missy is not the only pet in the house who wears a collar? There is a garden, and there are bamboo sticks that support some of the flowers, and little do people know of the bamboo stick in our closet that I use to punish L with. People ooh and aah over our nicely renovated bedroom, but little do they know of what goes on in there, and if they were to look behind the headboard they would find ropes attached to the underside of the bed.

God help us if they look into the closet and pull out my box of tricks.

I like having this "dark" side, of secrets, of things that L and I do that bring us to much pleasure, that define us and our relationship in a world that only the two of us know about. Oh, and the rest of you reading this blog, but you are just as kinky as we are, so hey, don't judge bitches.

I suspect we are not alone in Mayberry.

As I worked on the lawn today, Missy trotting behind me with every step of the mower, me waving to cars as they drove by, I couldn't help but wonder what other secrets existed behind closed doors in our Mayberry.

Because they are out there, and just as no one would expect that L and I do what we do, there are others doing things that we would not guess. There are marriages in Mayberry where there is infidelity, spouses having repressed feelings. Hidden addictions. Abuse. There are evil secrets. There are good secrets.

There are secrets.

There are husbands, I suspect, who would love to give their wife a golden shower but would never in a million years bring it up. There are wives reading "50 Shades of Grey" while their husband snores next to them, wishing he were Christian Grey, and wondering what it would be like to be bound and spanked. There are men who masturbate to gay porn while their wife sleeps, wives who hide credit cards debt, there are children who sneak outside to do drugs, and so on and so forth.

There are secrets in Mayberry just as there is anywhere else in the world, because people are people, and people have secrets and demons that they deal with, from pastors to teachers, presidents to homeless people. Men and women alike. Because secrets and demons care less about gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status.

Here, in the Mayberry of L and I, there are no secrets between the two of us, just the secret that we have between us and keep to ourselves.

(Oh, yeah, and the rest of you. Are you still reading? Good lord, there must be something good on tv...)

And I like that.

I like our world.

It is us, living and breathing, growing and expanding, our adrenaline shot, our earth shattering orgasms, our existence.

And it is just us.

P.s. Aunt Bea was a total fucking Domme who pegged Barney Fife on a regular basis. While Opie watched.

Friday, June 7, 2013


I don't like it when L travels and is gone for an amount of time. I really don't. Yes, missing her is part of it, but the other part is that often times, in the past, when she has come back from a trip it has knocked us back a couple of steps in terms of our D/s dynamics. When she is on her own, she takes on a lot of independence and she comes back with that independent spirit still with her, acting as a decision maker and being in control. And not being much of a submissive.

So with her being gone for 11 days, you can bet I had those concerns again. What would I have in my on my hands when she did return?

Well, as I thought, it turns out I am going to have a woman on my hands different than the one who left.

But not in the way I expected.

According to her, she is feeling more submissive than ever, and it is because of the time apart.


L: This long trip did me some good.

S: With us?

L: Yup.

L: For me...finding my sub self even more.

We've talked a lot the last few days about how things are going to be different. How she is going to be even more submissive. How she WANTS to be even more submissive. More wearing of her collar. More kneeling before me. More doing the things that pleases me (read: Swallowing.).

On my hand, I want to be even more Dominant than I have been. More Masterly. Sterner. I have had some good news on my end with a new career presented to me that begins when pet gets back, and being a man of the male gender, having a career is part of how I define myself and gives me confidence. When I suffered career lost back in September, it did take a part of me away, part of what it means, in my mind, to be a man and good provider. The beginning of a new career is a testosterone shot of sorts for me.

However, it is going to make for a busy summer. I will be working my daytime career job and will be working evenings moonlighting as waiter at a local fine dining restaurant, which I have been doing for the last year, and will continue through the summer. Not what I expected to be doing at this point in my life by any means, especially as someone who used to have a high level executive job at the local university. Shit happens.  You adjust.

Anyway, it will be a busy summer with some long hours, and as I told L, I am not going to have a lot of patience for "uppity" behavior. I will have an expectation of rules that I set will be followed, guidelines that I establish to be followed, rituals that I require to happen. Deviance from them will not be tolerated.

Fortunately, we seem to be on the same page with that. She is looking to come back ready to please and serve me more than before, and as I have discovered as I have been somewhat lost the last 10 days, I need that...her..in my life...doing those things.

I want...need...to come home at the end of a very long day to find my lovely pet ready to kneel before me, collar on, ready, willing and eager to serve her Master in whatever way I dictate. I need that submission to erase the stress of the day, to set the universe in balance as it exists in my head.

 I, in turn, will provide her with that guidance that she wants and craves, will give her all of my love and caring, will do the things to her that I and only I know that she likes...the things that make her feel like a woman and take her to places she has never been.

p.s. Two more sleeps.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday memo to my pet

Four more sleeps until pet gets home and the craving continues and escalates.

Sent her the following email this morning.


I sure do need you.

I need your laughter and smile, your sass and your submission, your love and your companionship.

I need to come home at the end of the night and open the door and have you there, waiting for me, dinner and drink on the table.

I need to wake up in the morning and have you lying there next to me.

I need all that it is that we do now. I need you kneeled before me, with you collar on, ready to serve me as the good pet that you are. I need to grab you by the collar and lead you up to the bed into your position. I need your ass presented before me as I bring out the toys..the cane...the flogger...my hand...and use them all repeatedly on you, your ass raising up to indicate you want more. I need to feel you wetness on my fingers...on my tongue.

I need you restrained and helpless. 

I need you ball gagged and noiseless.

I need your mouth and hands on my cock...the cock that you worship...sucking, stroking, my hand grabbing the back of your head as you take it all in.

I need to fuck you. I need that sensation of forcing my way inside of you, first with the head, and then with the rest. I need that sound of your breath taking away when I do get it all the way inside of you. I need to fuck you while I am on top of you, forcing your legs apart. I need to fuck you from behind, my leg raised up to I can get in so much deeper and more forceful. I need you on top of me, riding me, in that wonderful way that you do.

I need my hands all over you...grabbing your hair, squeezing your neck, twisting your nipples, rubbing your clit. Spanking your pussy. I need my mouth on all that is you and all that I own...deep, passionate kisses that we don't do enough of and we never want to end.

I need to bruise you. To leave bite marks on your ass. I need to leave you with sensations that you feel for days.

I need to coat you with my cum. With my piss. To mark my territory and claim you as my fucktoy..my personal slut and whore.

I need YOU.

--Your Loving Sir

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Every time you go away...

..you take a piece of me with you.

I love that song. Hall and Oates, circa 1980. Later covered by Paul Young in 1985 and was used quite nicely in the movie "Planes, Trains and Automobiles."

Pet has now been gone for seven sleeps, and will be gone for another five sleeps until we are together again. And when we do get back together, on Sunday, June 9, it will be for a brief amount of time. Because no sooner does she get back in town that I leave town early the next morning for a work related trip and will be gone for another week.

We just don't do that well without each other. Pet is on a family vacation and as is the case with any family vacation, there is stress, and pet's best way to deal with stress these days is with submission to be in bed. For me...I don't know. I don't sleep as well when she is gone. Bed's too big without you, as another great song goes, and as I told her today. The water that I pour for myself at night and the coffee I make for myself in the morning just doesn't taste as good as what L brings to me.

Pet, Kasey Kaseem is no longer with us, but nonetheless, here's your long distance dedication.