Friday, November 28, 2014

Going Down Under

Thanksgiving has come and gone, with lots of time spent with family. We hosted Thanksgiving at our house and had a very nice time, albeit with all of the prepping, cleaning and cooking that goes into hosting. We have developed, over the last couple of years, a real good rhythm of hosting big dinners at our house. There really aren't any D/s dynamics that guide what we do in those instances; L is not obeying my every command and direction. We just do it, well, as a functioning team. I like to handle a majority of the cooking, and as that responsibility has always fallen on L in the past, she is more than happy to give me the reigns. Our growth as a couple has occurred in so many ways. We are just good together.

In just three days we will be off to Australia and New Zealand for close to two weeks. I'm going for work, and L is coming along. As neither of us has been there before, and because we are in the depths of our winter while they are heating up, we are looking forward to the sun and surf and having new adventures together. We are great travel almost all of the same things and are quite patient. However, that patience will be tested with the incredible amount of hours of flying we have to do to get to our destination.

That's fine though.

And, of course, with being anonymous in another country, comes the opportunity to play. To shed inhibitions. There is a pretty kinky mindset with the Australians, and in Melbourne and Sydney I have located some opportunities for us to explore in public. Nothing set in stone yet, and L, of course, will follow my lead and go along with whatever I decide for us.

I promise to share what that is after it happens.

G'day mate.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Toy Story

Keep meaning to post about this. About two weeks ago I ordered another collection for the toy box from appropriately called "rug beater" which consists of a steel cable encased in a plastic loop and attached to a heavy metal grip.

It has been a great addition to the variety of toys I have at my disposal to use on L's ass as often as I can. This one has a great impact on her ass, creating a red mark almost instantaneously. We were certain that this was the one that would lead to those bruises that I keep striving for, but believe it or not...even after a lengthy session she wakes up with her ass looking as pristine and unused as ever.

Pretty sure there is some dark magic involved with her ass.

It's particularly useful because it isn't that loud, and for us, a main criteria for which toy gets used at night is how quiet it is. Such is BDSM in Mayberry, where sessions are conducted not in accordance to the needs of the Dominant, but, rather, in accordance with the ears of the children who don't need to be traumatized by knowing what I gleefully do to their mother.

Before I came home at lunch time today I instructed L to be waiting for me in the bedroom with an implement of her choosing from the ever expanding toy box. Imagine my surprise when I came in the bedroom, and she was looking especially beautiful kneeled on the floor with a dress on and no panties. I grabbed at her hair and pulled at it.

"So what did you choose?" I asked her.

"Your hand," she said. "We have the house to ourself."

Choosing my hand wasn't one of the options, but only because I didn't even think of it.

I went with it.

That was today though, when there were no kids, and we could make some noise. It's late at night now, kids are in bed, so the hand isn't an option.

Thank goodness though for other options.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I think about fucking you a lot

Email from S to L the morning of November 13


I think about fucking you a lot.

Probably more than I should in all honesty. It's a distraction at times. I think that my constant sexual thoughts of you borderline obsession. I think that, but I don't worry about it. Hard to find any type of fault of being sexually obsessed with the woman you deeply love. 

I don't always act upon those feelings. Yesterday afternoon, for instance, when I was pressed against you rock hard. Right now, for instance, I could get in the car and come home and fuck you and go back to work.

Practicality and my workload gets in the way of living out those obsessions. Kids at night...sometimes being too tired...

But I think about fucking you a lot.

And not just fucking..but EVERYTHING that we do. The sucking and the caning, the flogging and the choking, the hair pulling and the kissing..touching you...tasting you...your wetness, my hardness, the feeling of erupting inside of you...your riding me...your fucking back against me while I am on top of you...the words you sometimes say...the cock worshipping (btw, your Sir is in need of a serious cockworshipping session from you)..EVERYTHING...

Your cunt...your ass...your mouth...

All of which I own.

I think about fucking you a lot.

I think that I might just have to fuck being practical at some point today, and simply come home and fuck you.


Reply to above email from L:


Please do it now!

Your obedient pet

Reply from S to L:

I'll be there at 11:30.

Two hours later I was sitting in a meeting, and I could still sense L's presence on my cock...the stickiness...the wetness..still there.

And before I knew it..

I was thinking of fucking her once again.