Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sinful Sunday: Raw

I always enjoy the more innocent erotic pictures in Sinful Sunday, the ones that one has to use some imagination to bring out the naughtiness; to imagine what is contained behind an article of clothing, a bedroom door, or what a facial expression is really saying.

This is not one of those pictures.

Friday, March 25, 2016


Typically I am the biggest violator of creating the wet spot in our bed, but last night...holy fuck, last night!...with L's legs up and on my shoulders as I thrust inside her, hard and pounding and hitting that PERFECT spot and she came with an intensity that I have not seen in quite some time, an orgasm that would have resulted in screams did we not have children in the house...and that orgasm was followed by a warm gushing of liquid that I felt splash up against me, and I didn't let her recover from that orgasm but rather kept pounding away, her wetness coating my thighs...and I brought out her second orgasm, and a second gushing...

This coming from the pet who used to claim that female ejaculation was a myth.

Our sheets tell a much different story. It might be difficult to tell from the above picture, but this is a significant portion of the sheets that she managed to drench.

I'm hoping to create the same effect this weekend, but this time, with my face being the recipient of her wetness as my tongue works away on her.

And just like the wet spot I usually create, she had to sleep in it.

24 hour notice

"I'm going to fuck you in the ass tomorrow night," I told L the other evening.

It was the courteous thing to do, I suppose, to give her 24 hours notice before I violated her anally. This particular act is a rarity in our sex life, probably in the single digits, going back to the very first time almost four years ago. L is not a fan of it at all, claiming my size makes it too uncomfortable for her, which I suppose is flattering but truth be told, I don't think that I am sporting anything down there that can't be handled with the proper amount of lube.

So it is an uncommon act, and generally when we have done it, as was the case with this one, it is during that time of the month. Lately during that time of the month we have taken to L pleasuring me orally with the outcome of my pleasure ending up all of her. Marking my territory, so to speak. We both know though that her ass is there for me to use whenever I like, I just choose not to usually because, hey! Kind Dom.

But this last week the urge struck me, because as wonderfully tight as she keeps her cunt (thank you, Kegel exercises) it doesn't compare to the exquisite tightness of entering her from behind. Not to mention the visual. Not to mention the brutality that comes with the whole notion of ass fucking.

She had a 24 hour notice.

Excerpt from my memo to L on 3/21/2016:

Thoughts today of the head of my cock pressed against your ass before I ever so slowly, and with plenty of lube, slide on in. Do you suppose that you will whimper in pain when I do so, and will there be a part of you that will be turned on by the sensation of being properly fiilled up by your Sir?

She didn't try to talk her way out of it, but instead asked if we could do it on our sides, with her spooning against me. We had never tried it in that position, instead I have always opted for the classical doggie style position. Girl on the Net, one of my favorite sex bloggers out there, wrote a column once praising this position, so I was intrigued by it. After all, it's not about the position. It's about the ass. And fucking it.

That night in bed we embarked on a fairly intense session, I think in part because of the act to come I was feeling extra Dominant and she was feeling extra submissive. I wanted to plunge her into the fuzzy world of subspace, so I was quite rough. Delivering punches to her ass (one of her favorite acts now), choking her, slaps across the nipple, shoving my cock down her throat. Calling her names.

20 minutes into this, she uttered the words I didn't think she would ever say.

"Please fuck me up the ass Sir."

I shoved her over to her side and she tucked her legs up to her chest, while I grabbed the lube out of my drawer and applied a generous amount to my cock. I then pressed myself against her, my cock nestled in between the crack of her ass. An adjustment here. An adjustment there. She reached down with her hand and guided it into her opening and pushed back against me. First my head, and then, inch by inch, the rest of me.

And fuck if Girl on the Net wasn't right, this position worked MUCH better than the previous attempts from behind, the ease of which I was able to fully be inside her was much better, and once I was fully inside her, I pulled out, and pushed back again, my hands firmly grabbing her hips.

Pulled out...

Then back in.

You know.

I fucked her up the ass.

She whimpered, a combination of pain and some unexpected pleasure, and asked me to please not take long, to please come soon, so I then pushed her back over so she was face down, my cock still deep inside her, and took her that way, my thrusts becoming more forceful, and before long...not long at all, actually, I came HARD inside her, leaving my cock fully inserted in her ass as spurt after spurt filled her up. I then pulled out, a trail of my cum following, and I grabbed her panties from the bed and used them to wipe out the cum dripping out of her ass as well as the cum still dribbling out of my cock.


I praised her that evening, told her what a good job she did and how proud I was of her. Which is what she wanted to hear.

She did do a great job, but then again...she did have 24 hours notice.

The next time she might not be so lucky.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Q & A Month

Little did I know that March is apparently Q & A month, and an anonymous reader asked if I/we would be participating.

Sure. Why not?

The door has been open. Ask away in the comments section below, and you can direct questions to either one of us.

No topic is off limits. We're all family here. A very twisted, kinky family but family, nonetheless.