Sunday, May 29, 2016

And so we were wed

And just like that, it happened. Years of wanting this moment to happen, at times thinking it would never happen, it happened. We got married. S and L. In an actual church, with a pastor, in front of more than 100 friends and relatives, we proclaimed our never ending love for each other in the most traditional of manners, albeit with some light moments. We got married, the two of us, and then we had a fantastic reception with an abundance of food and alcohol and a killer 12-piece 70's style funk band, and thanks to them, our typical non-dancing legs were sore for days. We got married, and we celebrated, and we loved every second of it.

And then we had our wedding night, back in our hotel suite, and this, dear reader, is where you are waiting for details of the deliciously kinky things that transpired.

And then this is where we disappoint you.

Because for the most part, ever since we done got hitched a week ago, things have been relatively vanilla in the world of S and L.

Well, for the most part. Keep in mind that on our wedding night, it was close to 1:30a.m. before we checked into our hotel and our day started around 7a.m., so we were pretty damn exhausted, but not so exhausted that I couldn't present L with her new collar, to replace the one I put on her more than four years ago when we embarked on this journey. And we did consummate our marriage, of course, with L riding me in the hot tub in our suite.

And just like that, we were married, more than a week ago, and we still have not had what would be defined as a hardcore session since then, surprisingly enough. Two days after our wedding we were still hosting out of town relatives, and once they left, we were too exhausted to do much of anything other than stare adoringly at each other in ways that others probably found annoying, and just enjoying the fact that we were married. We went out of our way to call each other "husband" and "wife", were always finding ways to be close to each other, holding hands, kissing, and acting like the newlyweds we were.

And we fucked. We fucked at night and we fucked in the morning. We fucked hard and intense. I spread my wife's legs apart and rubbed the head of my cock up and up down her wet slit as she begged me to fuck her, tried to reach down with her hand and force myself inside her and I would have to smack her hand away, and then I would slide inside, not gentle, not soft, not careful but FAST and HARD and IMMEDIATE, and this sex wife...cried out when I did so, when the full length of my hardness was deep inside her, and she dug her nails into he back of her husband.

We fucked and we loved and we enjoyed the moment in its entirety.

But the D/s?

It hasn't necessarily been there. Not yet. We're just too damn silly romantic right now, not to mention that we are both staying up way too late at night to get in a proper, bonafide session.

But we can sense it coming.

We can sense it coming, and there will be that moment when I attach a spreader bar to my wife for the first time and violate her ass with an anal hook; there will be that moment when I blindfold and ball gag her as I fuck her cunt with an exceptionally large dildo; there will be that moment when she kneels before me in the shower and I mark my territory with my hot piss; there will be that moment when we are in  a hotel room in some city somewhere in the world and I drag her over, collared and leashed, to some anonymous stranger sitting naked in a chair and command her to suck his cock and suck it proper.

It's coming.

It is there.

L knows it. I know it.

But for now it is just





Monday, May 16, 2016

"Wedding? What wedding?"

You'll have to forgive us for lack of postings as of late but preparing for a major wedding will that do to you. With five days left until the big event and a guest list that keeps growing each day...we have now topped the 200 has been an all consuming affair, stressful in some areas, exceptionally exciting in other areas.

Five days until S and L become Mr. and Mrs.

The collared L becomes the ringed L.

It is only going to escalate over the next few days as family comes to town and we start the final preparations. We have done our best to stay connected, to not let the nervousness overwhelm us, to reach out and communicate to each other, to support each other, to revel in the excitement of it all like two teenagers preparing for prom. The D/s aspects of our relationship have hovered in the background of all of it, not necessarily guiding us so much as being there as a reminder of why we were together...and what the future held for us.

Hovering in the background, that is, until last night when it roared to the front of the crowd.

"I need you to take my mind off of all of this," L stated as we got into bed last night and she draped herself over my lap with her bare ass raised. "Please."

So I did.

I worked her ass over with the handle of our whip and then later, with my fists, punching away at her cheeks until she came, gushing all over the sheets. I ball gagged her to keep her moans of pain and pleasure from disturbing the children. I fucked her relentlessly with a dildo, enjoying the sight of it thrusting in and out of her bare cunt that she just recently waxed in preparation for our wedding night. I fucked her face with my cock and then turned over so she could bury her tongue in my ass while she stroked me.

I put my hands over her throat and took her breath away...but not too hard...because I didn't want my beautiful bride to walk down the aisle with a bruised neck.

After I had come, and she had come again...I took the Hiatchi out of the nightstand, commanded her to spread herself, and held it tight against her clit and brought her to yet another orgasm.

"Is that better?" I asked her afterwards, as she cuddled tight up against me.

"Wedding?" she murmured. "What wedding?"