Tuesday, October 28, 2014


L is currently a stay at home pet, so I decided today that I need to start taking better advantage of her free time to work on a couple of items that have been in need of correction.

Email from S to L the morning of October 28, 2014:


We have waited long enough in regards to this whole issue you have with me coming in your mouth. The book I read from said it best where the sub talked about how it is an act she despises as well but the fact that she does it shows how important it is to please her Master. You are quite good at pleasing me sexually but at the same time, you derive pleasure from those actions as well. For things that you truly do not like doing, getting you to do them is something else altogether.

All that being said, I will be home at lunch. I will meet you in the bedroom. You will get on your knees. You will undo my belt, pull down my pants and underwear, take my cock out and suck on it in the wonderful way that you do. You will not stop. I will come in your mouth. You can keep tissues by your side to spit it into when you are done.

The training begins today. No more putting it off.

Afterwards, I will enjoy the lunch you prepared for me and go back to work well taken care of by my pet.

Let me know if any of this is unclear or if you have any questions.

--Your Stern Sir 

And you know what? 

That is exactly what happened.

Well, for the most part.

I had lunch first.

p.s. Both were quite good.

oh the things that we do

This weekend we had a particularly kinky weekend, which says a lot, since being kinky plays a role in mine and L's lives on a daily basis. The level of kink varies, of course. Some nights (oh so rare, those nights are) go by where we do not participate in any type of sexual activity. The cane stays in the closet, and we kiss each other good night like June and Ward Cleaver.

But it is never THAT vanilla, no siree. Even on nights where we don't do anything...did I mention those nights are exceptionally rare...there is still a degree of kink involved. L does not go to bed without her collar. L does not go to bed without kneeling before me, on my side of the bed, and asking permission to sleep in my bed with me. I always allow her, but one of these nights, when she is not expecting it, I will tell her no, that she can sleep at the foot of the bed or on the floor next to me. This would not be for a punishment, but as a reminder that sharing a bed with me is a privilege, not a right.

So, no...absence of sex does not equate to your beloved S and L falling back on vanilla times.

This weekend, in particular, was not even close to vanilla. We got a hotel room and had a deliciously kinky time, we danced with the taboo and the forbidden, turned our backs on normalcy and decency, and did...well, shit...how else to put it?

We did those things that we do.

It is a wonderful thing, what we have...and what other loving couples in this lifestyle have.

Our live's have not always been this way.

I was married prior to being with L, and with my ex-wife, had a more than two year period where there was no sex or intimacy involved. It was an exceptionally lonely time in my life. I, of course, was not aware of this side of me yet..the Dominant side, the sexually assertive side of me, that demanded control in the bedroom and other aspects of my life, that craved the kneeling and worshipping of a submissive woman. I had no clue at all. I knew I had a highly sexual side of me that was clawing inside of me, wanting to emerge from my cocoon. It was there.

My marriage ended. I moved on. I met L. We stormed through our life together on an out of control roller coaster.

The roller coaster stopped moving some time ago, came to a halt, and we emerged in great shape.

And here we are now.

We did those things that we do this weekend, but we also decorated the house for Halloween, took children to hockey practice, hosted a birthday party for  family members. To those peering in, we do appear to be like June and Ward Cleaver.

We enjoy that side of our lives, the domesticity. That part of our lives is also our true nature.

Just as much as the other side of our lives is.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Memos to my pet

Ever since L and I embarked on our D/s journey in May 2012 (has it been that long?) one of the many constant regularities has been L receiving from me a daily memo by way of email. Well, for the most part. There have been some "hiccups" along the way and there have been times there have been no memos.

But for the most part, they are quite consistent. They typically are not sent on weekends unless one of us is out of town. They are usually sent on weekdays, sent from me at work to L at work...from me not at work to L at work...from me at work to L not at work.

They always start off the same way. "Monday memo to my pet" will be the subject line for tomorrow, and so on, and so forth. For awhile there when we observed Fucktoy Friday the memo was "Friday memo to my Fucktoy." Last Monday, my first memo after I proposed to her, the memo was "Monday memo to my fiancee." On the rare occasion, L has sent the memo to me first.

Our relationship started because of emails between the two of us. It continues to thrive because of emails between the two of us. I do not know how many emails have been exchanged over the years.

My memo will typically start off by reflecting on whatever happened between us the night before and will almost always offer some declaration of love. Sometimes, if I am not pleased with what happened the night before or that morning, it will be a scolding and expectation of what is going to happen later that day.

A couple of months ago I started administering some rules over how L has to reply to my memo. I put a timeframe of having her reply within half an hour after receiving it. I gave her directives that her reply has to start off with "Sir" and end with "Your Obedient Pet."

L is almost never as verbose as I am with my memos. Some of my memos are brief, some fill up the entire screen. I am a writer. Words come to me.

Sometimes if L does not respond within the timeframe, I ask her if my words bore her...if she would prefer not to read them.

She begs forgiveness, types, and hits send.

The memos always start off with some acknowledgment of our D/s relationship, but over the course of the day they typically transcend into the day to day...who is going to pick up our youngest from day care, what bills have to be paid, what we are having for dinner. Vanilla topics, for the most part, but all under the subject line of "....... Memo to my Pet."

I think a lot about what I am going to put in my memo to L each day, type it out, and hit send. I always look forward to that reply from her, just as she looks forward to opening up her email and seeing that message from me in her inbox.

As I said, our relationship  began because of words, because of thousands of emails exchanged between two lost souls.

Those souls are no longer lost, I am happy to report.

But the words continue to flow, with a cadence and rhythm that only we understand. We type our thoughts out, our feelings of love, and hit send.

And on either end, after we hit send we do the same thing.




Saturday, October 4, 2014

She said yes

Last night at L's favorite restaurant, with the pianist playing her favorite song "Tiny Dancer" in the background, I got before her on one knee, presented her with a ring, and asked her to marry me.

She said yes.

The journey of S and L advanced to the next level.

p.s. We will be registering at stockroom.com if anyone is interested.

Thursday, October 2, 2014