Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vacation Time

In just three days L and I will be embarking on a weeklong vacation to include a four day cruise to Mexico and three days in Venice Beach, one of our favorite places. To say we are excited is an understatement. It will be our first vacation together in close to two years, and our first vacation since entering the D/s relationship. Coincidentally, the vacation will correspond with the anniversary of signing our contract together, and I have been working to make that anniversary a truly special one.

It's already a special trip for L in many ways, as it will be the first trip she has ever gone on that she did not plan. I think she is perhaps nervous to some extent about not being in charge of the details, be it. I have made all of the hotel, cruise, and transportation arrangements, and have simply told her to pack and be ready to go Sunday morning, the rest is all taken care of.

Traveling as a D/s couple will be a lot different than the last time we traveled together. The packing itself is a new endeavor. What to take from the box of tricks, especially given the fact that we are going to have eight nights to ourselves, free of children, to do what we damn well please as loud as we want and for as long as we want, with apologies ahead of time to the occupants of the room next to ours. Bring your earplugs, is all I can say.

And the vacation could not come at a better time. We so need this alone time together. We have been doing well...continuing to do well in our relationship, navigating through various obstacles and whatnot. Things turned a little emotional yesterday when L questioned whether or not she was really submissive, in part, because I have been sterner than usual with mistakes she made and have been quick to get on her when the mistakes are made.

"Maybe I am just too independent" she said. "I just don't think I am good at this. You seem to always be irritated with me."

Not true, I told her. Being a submissive is who you are. I know this for sure.

"I'm glad one of us does," she said.

Such words are hard to hear as a Dom, because I suspect in the D/s world, nothing is more challenging than working with a sub who is questioning their own submissiveness. As it turned out, L's thoughts were fleeting, and a couple of hours later after dinner, she was kneeled before me in bed. "I don't know what I was thinking when I said that," she said. "Can we blame it on my period?"

Sure, I said. And if you are having a hard time finding your way, I will guide you. That's my job.

And later, in bed, I did guide her. More than half an hour of spanking, alternating between the flogger and the cane. Flogging for 100 whips, then caressing her ass, then going to the cane. Repeat. It was our longest spanking session, and I could have kept it up for more than half an hour...and she could have taken it for more than half an hour...but it was getting late, and I wanted her to get her rest. But that half an hour made a difference in the day, and took her from a place of stress and doubt and worry and immersed her into subspace, the place that she belongs and is indeed the true her.



You are a very good submissive. You took half an hour of spanking, at times very hard, without barely flinching last night. And you could have taken more. And your desire to please me is evident when I look into your eyes.

The fact that you mess up from time to time doesn't make you a bad sub, it makes you...human.

I would rather have a human than a robot as a pet....

Your loving and devoted Master

Thank you.
Needed to hear that.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The million dollar answer...

Thank you to all of you who commented on yesterday's post and offered some very insightful and frank observations, opinions and ideas on the matter. Rather than go through and reply to each comment individually, I am going to write a whole new post.

For starters, I think I probably came off a little more bullheaded and arrogant on this issue than I actually am. I would never completely shut L down on any issue or idea that she brought to the table; it's not how I operate as a Dom nor is it how we operate as a couple where open communication and conversation has made us as strong as we are today.

Also, there was an element of humor to some of what I said, as well as some of the things L told me. I certainly don't perceive this question as being a million dollar question (at best, maybe $10.73) it was just the term we had thrown out there when we were discussing it. And I certainly don't feel that L wanted to try thing on me as a form of revenge; that comment was in jest.

Having said all that, let me now say this.

You people made some damn good comments and put this in a different perspective for me. Maybe for both of us, but I will let L comment on that.

Now, I have tried some of the different instruments before using them on her, but not that often. I have used the nipple clamps on me and have sometimes smacked my leg or hand with the paddle, cane or flogger. Not that hard though. Certainly not as hard as I have used them on L. Conina, I completely understand where your husband is coming from! L has used items on me before in a playful manner.

So after taking in all of the comments last night, running them through my mind, I threw it out to L that perhaps this evening I should grant her some time to try some of the things on me.

Here's the thing.

She didn't want to.

Would be too odd, she said. And right now since she has been slipping from her submissive mindset, it might be the wrong thing to do.

In most cases when we have talked about her trying things on me, it has been in a joking manner. She has an ongoing joke, for instance, about pegging me. We joke a lot in our relationship. Part of TTWD. Part of that ongoing joke...and I think there is an element of seriousness to that L might really really like it if she was given control for a bit. Keep in mind what I say in the intro. to this blog, going into our D/s relationship we were switching from her being the aggressor to me.

Do I think that underneath my timid little sub there is a whip cracking, cock caging Domina wanting to come out?

No, I don't.

However, I will say that my timid little, meek as a mouse sub is one damn physically strong woman. And she could do quite well in that role...if it was her true nature.

But it's not.

Last night in bed we had a prolonged session with the cane, her slipping deep into subspace where she almost stopped reacting altogether as the cane came down, harder and faster, lashing across her ass.

This time I did something different. After every 50 or so, I hit myself on the leg with it a few times, at the same intensity I was hitting her.

I am not sure how she does it.

That motherfucker STINGS.

Have a great weekend everybody.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The million dollar question..

L and I were lying in bed this afternoon after a very good, hardcore pounding session where we were as loud as we wanted to be. The flogger was lying on the bed next to her and she picked it up and whipped it a few times across my bare leg.

"I think you need to feel the same things I do so you are more aware of what I am going through when you do it to me," she said.

She has brought this up before. I have always disagreed.

A Dom doesn't need to feel the same things his sub does in a session because that is why the roles are clearly defined. The Dom delivers, the sub receives. Were there switching involved then there would be efforts to balance the feelings and sensations, but in a strict D/s relationship, it is not needed. I gauge how these actions make L feel by her reaction to them, whether it be the sounds she makes or the marks it leave on her.

I could just tell L that is how it is, end of discussion, but she is curious to her what others think, particularly other Doms who might be doing exactly what she is suggesting, allowing their sub to try various spanking implements on him so he knows exactly what she is feeling.

So I am honoring her request and throwing it out there to blog world.

Thoughts on this?

Add your comments below, or simply respond to the survey on the right.

Personally, I think this has a little more to do with L wanting me to experience what she is experiencing. I think that after a year of being beaten, flogged and spanked, my dear sweet submissive pet is secretly wanting to be handed the cane, even for just a few minutes, for a little bit of payback...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Always thinking. Always innovating.

As I reflect on the last year, I can honestly say that as of late I have never put as much effort into anything as I have my D/s relationship. What I have learned is a good Dom can never rest upon his laurels, he has to be keen and observant at almost all times, paying attention to his sub's overall mindset and reactions.

I had some frustration with my sub late last week as she was making little mistakes here and there, forgetting things she normally wouldn't forget, acting a little sassier than usual. What frustrated me about it was that in my mind I have been more masterful than ever, mindful of her ever action and quick to admonish her when errors were made. And, in my mind, I was also quick to praise to her when she was a good pet.

One night last week...I believe it was Friday night...things in bed weren't going as I wanted them to, L was trying to back away from her responsibilities, so I snapped at her out of impatience. This resulted in her breaking down in tears and saying that she didn't feel like she could do anything right anymore. I held her through her tears..despite her resistance to be consoled...and told her that is not true, she does plenty of things right that I love and appreciate, but when she does things wrong, I cannot let them slide and need to deal with it accordingly.

She confessed to me yesterday that she sometimes loses her way as a submissive, encouraging me to read more blogs by subs because that is a common occurence. My reaction to that could have been, well, you damn well better find your way, but the truth is...that isn't her responsibility. It's MY responsibility as her Dom to help find her way, to guide her back into that submissive mindset.

I have a list of items L is expected to fulfill at the end of the night, and that was one of those areas she was faltering in. So I decided to simplify things a bit. Make it more systematic so there was no room for errors. I developed a checklist, clear and concise, of her responsibilities, and printed several copies and placed them in a Trapper Keeper on her side of the bed. All she had to do was follow the items on the list and check them off accordingly each night. The bottom of the list had space for both of us to sign, and once the list was completed, I would place a star on it. (Yes, my work as a college professor came into play here!)

Last night went quite well, and this morning after the list was checked off and I placed the star sticker on it, I could tell it meant a lot to her. A couple of hours ago I received the following email from her:

I am in a really good place right now. Not sure what you did, but it worked.

I was quite pleased to hear that. The ability of L to please me is directly correlated to her being in that good place---that place of submissiveness--where her main purpose is to please me. If she is outside of that good place, then we are going to have problems. And as I said before, I need to take it upon myself to solve that problem.

Perhaps it wasn't the checklist alone that did this, but rather, the fact that I did the checklist and took the time to peruse the aisles of the local store to find star stickers (not as easy as it sounds, believe it or not) and assembled it all on the bed for her. It demonstrated to her my commitment to our lifestyle, to our relationship, and to taking the time to think through problems when they occur, look at the big picture, and develop and implement strategies to correct those problems.

Is it a lot of work? Damn right it is. But when L kneels before me, collar attached, her submissiveness at the forefront of all that she is right then, that work is more than worth it.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Responsible Dom

So yesterday was one of those days where by midafternoon I was feeling particularly horny, which is something that happens to me on days that end with the letter "y." Never mind the fact that after L's morning spanking I had her ride me, I was ready and eager for more. I wanted her, my drug, wanted her here in bed with me to do as I pleased.

It's true. You subs out there aren't the only ones who have feelings of addiction over all of this. We Doms want more of everything also.

L was going to get off work at 5 and I was going to pick her up and then go to work myself, so under that scenario, it was going to not be until later in the evening.

But it didn't have to be that way.

I'm a Dom, so I can have what I want when I want. I could have texted L at work and said that she is getting off at four so that I can get off at four, bring her home for a little session before I went to work myself. Relieve the buildup, the craving I had for her. I could have brought her home and done anything, even as simple as forcing her to her knees and sucking me off to completion. I could have done so many, many things.

Here's the thing.

I didn't.

Just because a Dom has the power to do anything he wants, doesn't mean that he SHOULD do anything he wants. There is an enormous sense of responsibility that comes with having this type of power. With the above situation, L would have been quite happy to be forced to leave work early, quite happy for a midafternoon session, quite happy to know she pleased me.

However, she would have caught flack from her boss for leaving work early (she was already coming to work late that day because of the morning session). She would have had to have taken that time off and it would have impacted her paycheck.

It just wouldn't have been the responsible thing to do. And when we Doms make decisions pertaining to our pet, we have to look beyond our own carnal cravings and survey the landscape, look at the big picture, and make decisions that are going to be good for our subs as well.

For instance,  L and I tend to stay up late at night on the evenings that I work so we can get in our quality bedroom time. Often times I want to keep going later, and L (usually) wants to keep going later, but pets need their rest so they can be healthy and better able to serve us, so I will sometimes end things sooner and tell her to get some sleep.

So yesterday afternoon I just shifted my erection in my pants, and decided to wait. Sure, I could have taken care of the situation myself, but I am not fond of doing that anymore. If I am not coming on or in my pet, then I don't want to come at all. I picked up the three year old, picked up L, dropped them both off at home, and went to work myself.

It was worth the wait later that night when we started doing TTWD. The look on L's face when I plunged deep inside her with a raging erection that had been craving release all day, the sounds she made as I took her relentlessly from behind, slamming against her ass, made the wait worth it.

For both of us.


Now my mind is thinking back to how good last night was, and the rest of me is wanting more. Unfortunately, it's not even 9a.m. yet and L just got to work a little under an hour ago. Hours to wait, once again.

Sometimes being responsible is for the birds.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Hardy Boys and the Case of the Unbruised Ass

Frank and Joe Hardy were no stranger to difficult mysteries, having solved a great many of them in their hometown of Bayport. From car thieves to museum heists, the two brothers, along with their friends Chet and Biff, were always up for a great challenge, something they learned from their detective father.

But this one would be their biggest mystery yet.

"I can't figure it out," said the Master, as the three of them sat in his living room drinking soda pops. "Every night my pet and I have a rambunctious session where I beat, whip and spank her ass with a variety of instruments, sometimes for longer than half an hour. I've used a flogger, a cane, a belt, her name it."

Joe Hardy raised his hand.

"Yes?" said the Master.

"What's a flogger?" said Joe.

The Master grabbed the flogger off of the couch next to him and tossed it to the young detective who caught it and looked at the metal tips at the end with wide eyed astonishment. He whipped it through the air for effect to see what it felt, accidentally hitting his brother on the ear.

"Gosh Joe, that smarts!" said Frank, rubbing his ear.

"Sorry Frank," Joe said, setting the flogger down, continuing to stare at it.

"Anyway, at the end of a session her ass is red and bruised and very, very sore. Here's a picture to prove it," said the Master, showing the brothers a picture of his pet's beaten ass. The brothers faces turned redder than his pet's ass.

"Sure is warm in here, mister," said Frank, stammering.

The Master took the picture back and looked at it for a few seconds in silence. "Lovely, isn't it?" he said.

"Doesn't that really hurt her though?" said Frank. "I didn't think men were supposed to hit women."

The Master chuckled at the young sleuth's naiveness. "I suppose it hurts at first, but then she slips into subspace and I could do anything and everything to her that I wanted and she wouldn't feel a thing."

Joe wrote down "subspace" on his notepad.

"Anyway, we usually finish our session and then pet is, of course, always soaking wet. Wettest cunt you boys can imagine. From there we move on to all of the other things we do, grabbing her hair while she sucks my cock, shoving her face into the pillow while I fuck her hard from behind. You guys know what I'm talking about right?"

"Oh sure, yeah!" said Joe, nervously.

"Is there a bathroom I could use?" said a very fidgety Frank.

"Let me finish," said the Master. "So all that happens, and we go to sleep, and we get up the next morning. And the first thing I always do is inspect her ass. And do you know what I find?"

"A baby?" said Joe.

"No," said the Master. "I find..nothing. No bruise. No mark. No sign of what happened the night before at all. She's not even sore. Her ass is completely free of blemishes. And neither one of us can figure it out."

"Maybe she has some kinda magic behind?" offered up Frank, nervous at the mention of a ladies derriere.

"Could be," said the Master, thoughtfully. "Would make sense as she has a magic pussy. I kid you not. Tight beyond belief. Just squeezes at my cock when I penetrate her. Amazing feeling, I tell you what."

Joe fell out of his chair with a loud crash and Frank leaned over to help him back up.

"So I don't know what to do, or what you boys can do. You guys did such a good job with that whole tower treasure mystery, thought maybe you could lend your expertise to this one."

Frank raised his hand.

"Go ahead Fred," said the Master.

"It's Frank," said Frank.

"You can speak frankly with me, I don't mind Fred," said the Master.

"Uh, ok. Well, maybe you should just hit her harder," said Frank.

The Master looked at him thoughtfully for a minute. "I'm close to that already," he said. "Last night was the heaviest session, was close to giving her all of it with the flogger, I mean, I wailed on her ass."

"I bet she got really wet, huh sir?" said Joe, all excitedly. Frank hit his brother in the shoulder.

"You boys have no clue," said the Master.

Silence filled the room.

"Alright then! This has been helpful," said the Master, standing up, with the brothers following suit. "I will try that for starters, starting tonight. That's what ball gags are for, am I right or am I right?"

"I guess you are right mister," said Joe.

"Glad we could be of help," said Frank. "And thank you for the soda pops."

"You're welcome boys," said the Master, showing them the door.

The boys drove away in silence, mulling over their latest mystery.

"Where to next Frank?" asked Joe.

"We're going to the Castle toystore," said Frank. "I'm going to buy one of those floggers. I have been meaning to collar my fucktoy Callie Shaw for sometime now, and tonight is going to be the night."

Monday, April 8, 2013

More of everything!

It seems that everyday I am discovering something new about the D/s dynamics between L and I; perhaps the greatest discovery (if this makes sense) is discovering that there is so much more to discover. This is especially true when it comes to finding what L's limits are.

When is it too much? What is L's stopping point, when does the spanking need to cease, when does the flogger need to be set down, the sensations need to cease, when do we reach that point of enough already?

I don't think that exists right now. Because what L needs more than anything right now is...MORE.

I'm reminded of a Seinfeld episode where Jerry is flying first class and getting above and beyond royal treatment from the flight attendants, and at one point the flight attendant asks Jerry "More of anything?" to which Jerry replies "More of everything!"

That's what L wants. More of everything.

More spanking, fucking and hair pulling. More restraining, forcing, touching, sucking, and licking. More commanding, disciplining, teaching. More Dominating. More submitting.

More of everything.

We had some really, really good sessions this weekend. Yesterday in particular we received a gift in the form of a relative who came by in the morning to take the three year old for the day and we had the house pretty much to ourselves for the afternoon.

We took advantage of that, of course. At one point I spanked L nonstop with my new cane for more than 20 minutes, sending her deep into subspace. She was collared with her hands behind her back, and it was good. I also gave her a very arousing lesson in self control. She was on her back with her legs and pussy spread with my finger resting on her clit where I gently rubbed it in just the right way. In no time she was starting to go into a frenzy, wanting to come right away and at the same time, wanting me to stop because the sensitivity was too much.

No, I told her, stop right now. Breathe deeply. Find your place. You are not going to come yet and my finger is not going to go anywhere.

I dipped a finger deep insider her soaking wet pussy and used her lubrication to massage her clit, her hips writhing underneath me. She as both aching for more and wanting it to stop at the same time, would try to squeeze her legs together but I would just force them back apart again. Rubbing, rubbing, rubbing, and then she started begging and pleading to come, and I told her to come, go ahead and come for her Master, and she did, my finger staying on her clit the whole time and rubbing it even harder as she came.

I'm not sure what happened quite after that. I know there was fucking at some point. A couple of times. More spanking.

It wasn't enough though.

She could have used more of everything...

I know at some point I got up to take a shower and go to work, and many hours later, we were back in bed again, and the flogger was in my hands and her ass was raised...more of everything!...and I was whipping the flogger across her ass, harder than I had before, more times that I had before. It wasn't just what she wanted...more of everything!...but what she needed.

This morning before she got out of bed my hand was on her ass, which, surprisingly, was not sore or bruised from the day before (this befuddles the both of us. L bruises easily on all parts of her body but no matter how brutal of a session I have with her ass, the marks don't last long) and I gave her her 100 morning spanks to prepare her for the day. I stopped at 100 because she had to get up and get ready, but she could have taken more. More of everything!

I am sure L has limits, but damn if we have come close to reaching them yet.

She's not alone though.

Because this lovely little insatiable sub that I own and command, my dripping wet fucktoy who wants more of everything also has a Master who wants more of everything....

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A wild and crazy Fucktoy Friday night

Last night was one of those nights where I didn't have to work, and it was Fucktoy Friday, so as you can imagine, L and I had a wonderful opportunity to get our freak on in the bedroom, take advantage of the fact that I was home and we could sleep in in the morning.

You can only imagine what wild things we did. Keep in mind she had already been taken to task and forced to apologize to me for her infraction earlier in the day.

You can only imagine what toys I pulled out of my box of tricks. The new flogger, the cane, the ball gag, the butt plug, the dildo, the ropes....

You can only imagine what things I did to her. The sounds I pulled out of her, the marks I left, the orgasms that rippled through her body.

You want to know what we did. In graphic detail.

Are you ready?

Ok, this is what we did.

Get ready.

We slept.

Yup, that's it. We slept. We did go out for some drinks for a couple of hours then spent the rest of the evening at home, teaching the three year old how to play hide and seek. Around 9:30 we were lying in bed watching tv, L's head on my lap, and she fell asleep and I did immediately afterwards, while the three year old stayed in the room with us playing with the dog and watching tv.

I woke up around 11, extremely groggy, and went to put the three year old to bed then went back to the room where L was putting on her nightgown. Nothing had done in terms of the regular night time washing of my cock, no water brought my bedside...

I crawled in bed next to her and put my arms around her.

"So I made a decision about tonight," I told her.

"What is it?" she said, no doubt expecting the worst.

"We're just going to go to sleep," I said. "That's it. Don't worry about anything else. We're both exhausted, so let's just go to sleep."

"Thank you," she said. "You are so kind to me."

"I love you," I told her.

"I love you too," she told me back. "You know me so well."

And with that, we slept. Side by side, Master and pet, Dominant and sub. Lovers, best friends, and more.

p.s. I fucked her this morning.

Friday, April 5, 2013

A public Friday memo to my pet


Well, today is Fucktoy Friday, where we take that thing we do and turn it up a notch. We began this morning with a spanking session (here is the picture I took last night, look how nicely my large hand covers your ass) with my hand, which we haven't been able to do in awhile because of the sound it makes, but you and I both enjoy it because it so much more intimate than any flogger, cane, or belt. After the spanking session I gave you a good hard fucking from behind. Your new toy didn't quite work for you to wear for the day, so I wrote "Fuck toy" on your stomach and "My slut" on your side. And with that, I sent you on your way, fully expecting you would not forget to follow through on the things I require of you on Fucktoy Friday.

But guess what.

You did forget. Right away.

At the top of every hour you are supposed to perform your Kegel exercises for one minute then text me as soon as you are done with the message "I have exercised your pussy for you Sir." I even reminded you once you got to the office.

So imagine my surprise when the first hour passed and I had not gotten anything. Must be busy with people in her office, I thought. Five minutes. Then 10. 15. At almost 20 minutes in I texted you "Clock's ticking..." and you responded in a panic.

Given the amount of time I spent on you this morning to put you in the Fucktoy mindset, I am really surprised you forgot your assignment, and you know we have to deal with this.

So I am taking your punishment public. And your apology public. Please offer up an apology in the form of a reply to this posting, along with telling me how you are going to work on making sure this is not going to happen, how you want to be a good pet, etc. Write something up for me to read and all of our faithful followers. We may continue the discussion on the blog if I choose to.

Write your apology.



Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy birthday to me

Well, today is my birthday, the big 44...L had told me that she was going to have both public and private gifts for me, which I was very intrigued by. With the exception of the ball gag I made her buy on a recent trip, she has never contributed to my box of tricks.

Last night after I got off work and was in bed with L, she asked me to open the private gift then. We were just about to start a session, so I presumed what she had to give me was for that. It was 11:45...15 minutes until midnight and my *actual* birthday.

So I opened my gift, which was in a long narrow box wrapped in blue wrapping paper. My only clue from L was that they were "really wicked" and "top sellers."

She did very well.

Here is the first gift, an exceptionally thin fiberglass cane that sounds damn near frightening when you whip it in the air. But it sounded even better lashing across L's ass.

This one is my favorite. A flogger with pointed metal tips. Leaves nice little welts.

I spent about half an hour on L, trying them out (results in the photo above), along with a pair of nipple clamps (photo tomorrow). Both devices were far better than any other spanking instrument, and both were/ L said...wicked. And even better, they are both relatively quiet, so can be used without worrying about young ears hearing us. Which is good, because we were starting to break the plastic coat hangers...

I suppose it's hard to tell who the present was for, because L did not exactly shy away from them being used, and was a total puddle when all was said and done.

I love my presents. I love my sub.  She's on her way home from work now to continue the birthday celebration.

Oh, and I have to say that though I am going to enjoy using both of these on her time and time again, ultimately, my favorite item to spank her with of all time is the one below.