Tuesday, August 2, 2016

In a cabin. In the woods.

I took L to a cabin in the woods, and it wasn't any woods; this cabin in the woods happened to be located in an isolated community off of the grid, above the Arctic Circle.

I took L to a cabin in the woods. The sole purpose of the trip was not to take her somewhere secluded where I could completely restrain her and work her over with a variety of implements with little to no concern to the sounds that were made. That just happened to be a nice side benefit to the trip.

In the cabin in the woods, in a small bedroom and on a double bed, I tied L's hands firmly with rope that was tied around the bed leg. I forced her legs apart and restrained them with the spreader bar.

I had not put her in such a vulnerable position since we got married, but now, here she was, my wife, helplessly spread before me, whimpering into her pillow, and more than likely a little bit wet, as I took the implements out of my backpack, one by one.

But first a punishment had to be delivered for an infraction the night before, and for that I chose my bare hand, which rarely gets used because as satisfying as the sounds of a hand smacking across a bare ass is, it also tends to resonate through the house. I punished her with my hand, smacking down hard across her ass, and she cried out loudly, but I didn't care because no one was going to hear her out in the cabin in the woods.

Soon, the punishment was over, and the toys came out. The whip was followed with the flogger which was followed with a wooden clothes hanger from the closet, and then back to the whip, but this time with the studded handle. I made marks across her bare back with the ends of the flogger. I struck the back of her thighs with the whip. I paused from time to time to inspect her cunt, to investigate her wetness, and I was never disappointed, I could feel the heat from her moisture even before I put in one finger, then two, then three, shoving them inside of her, the other hand shoving her face into the pillow. Which was not necessary. I should have let her scream in pleasure, because no one would hear her in our cabin in the woods.

I fucked her from behind on that double bed, still with hands ties and spreader bar keeping her legs spread for me. I fucked her from behind and I fucked her hard, slamming into her ass, sliding in as deep into her as I could, and by the fifth thrust she had her first orgasm, followed soon by another, and then another. On that last orgasm she came so hard she shoved my cock out of her oh-so-slick cunt, just as I was about to come myself, so I had to quickly aim my cock for the crack of her ass and her back, where I unloaded all over her.

And then, later: There in that double bed in the small bedroom in the secluded cabin in the woods, we slept quite soundly, the smell of our sex hanging in the air and on us.

We only stayed in that cabin for one night, but we certainly made good use of that night.

We are no longer there. That was last night, and now we are back home, in the middle of town, a house full of kids. We are in our bedroom, and in our king bed. There is no seclusion.

I've still got my backpack of toys in the closet, and I'm not that interested in putting them away. Yes, a cabin in the woods works marvelously for intense sessions like the one had last night. But we can't always be in a cabin in the woods. Do we have to worry about sounds? Yes, we do.

But isn't that what ball gags are for?