Sunday, May 17, 2015

"S" is for "Submission"

From May 15, 2015


Maybe a bit of a no-brainer on this one, though there are a lot of words I could have used here.






Shove your face in the pillow while I fuck you hard from behind.


But, at the root of all of those things, is your submission to me, and quite honestly, it means everything to me. It is what I thrive on, to have you as my submissive, to have you serving me, to have you obey me, to have you surrender yourself to me, to have you desire to please me over everything else.

For giving me all of that...for taking that leap of faith in me, for having that confidence in me, for having the respect in me to do that...I truly thank you and promise to never let you down.

No one is perfect. Mistakes are made, of course.

But we learn from them and go on.

You are my everything...and I love you very much.


"R" is for "Release"

From May 14, 2015


We find release from the trials and tribulations of day to day life in TTWD. There is the release you gain from an intense session, when any worries or thoughts or concerns dissipate with every strike of the rug beater/cane/flogger, until eventually you are a gone girl, drifting away into your oh so peaceful world of subspace where nothing matters and anything can be done.

I gain similar release from those actions, my stress disappearing as well, as I enter "Dom space", which, at times, can be fairly intense, especially when the urge hits me to hit you choke you make you bruise, make you whimper, make you cry out in pain.

There is the release we gain from the sex and the release we gain from the earth-shattering orgasms that we manage to give each other. There is the release as i explode inside of you...on you...endless amounts of cum, at times. Your similar release, especially when I manage to make you gush.

But as I write this...I realize that the need for release in terms of intense sessions is not as strong as it used to be, and that is because our day to day life is void of stress and trials and tribulations for the most part.

That was not always the case, and TTWD is what kept us going and made things work. The release was vital.

It is still important, mind you. But in a somewhat different way. And it is not going anywhere; it is who we are and how we interact with each other.

It is us, plain and simple.

I love you very much.


"Q" is for "Quietness"

From May 13, 2015


Our time together is not always marked by sounds...whether it be conversations, jokes..orders and demands...moans and whimpers, cries of pleasure and pain. 

Sometimes there is just...quietness.

And that is perfectly ok.

Our quietness is not the quietness of two people who do not want to be with each other and who absolutely have nothing to say with each other. Our quietness is the quietness of two people who would not want to be anywhere else, and the silence between us is a direct reflection of the peace in our souls and hearts.

And that, in itself, says more than any words could possibly say.

I love you very much.


"P is for "Possibilities"

From May 12, 2015


Yup, no way you saw that happen.

Oh, I could have gone with "perfect" I suppose, as I know how much you enjoy that word, but that would be too easy, and not EVERYTHING is perfect. Many things are. Some things still need work. That being said, I enjoyed last night. Fulfills my visual fixation quite nicely, to go from watching me be in your mouth to taking out at the very last second (and it was at the very last second) and coating you in the manner that I did. 

"P" is for "Possibilities" because of the nature of our D/s relationship and all of the possible things I can do to you, just because I can.

Could I come home right now, order you in the bedroom, have you drop to your knees, take my cock out of my pants, suck it to hardness, and then fuck your mouth until I erupt down your throat, then call you a good girl and head back to work.

Yes, it is possible.

Could I arrange a meeting between us and an anonymous man and have him help me treat you like a total whore by filling one hole while I fill the other, passing you back and forth between us like you are object for our pleasure?

Yes, it is possible.

Could I take you out to a secluded spot in the woods, tie you to a tree, and whip away at your ass and back with a willow branch, then fuck you hard from behind...essentially raping you?

Yes, it is possible.

Could I have you kneel in the shower each and every night so I could relieve myself on you, spraying you down with my hot piss, marking my territory?

Yes, it is possible.

Could I slap you and choke you, flog you and abuse you, whenever I like? Could I grab you by the hair hard, pull you into my face, and say "You belong to me, slut."

Yes, it is possible.

Could I love you forever and ever, nurture you and care for you, hold you and tend to your needs, from now until forever?

It is more than possible.

That one,

I love you very much.


"O" is for "Obedience"

From Monday, May 11


Tough call for this one. Was between this word and orgasm.

I went with this one.

You being obedient to me is a big part of what we do, and certainly one of the main things that expect from you.

To obey and serve.

And you do.

Well, mostly. You are not a robot sub who immediately does what I ask of you or tell you to do. You hesitate at times, balk at certain requests, beg and plead to get out of others. You are not a sub who, when asked to jump, asks how high. If it is something you don't want to do, you will often try to get out of it if you can. It is in your nature to do so. Looking for ways to justify certain things that you want to do or don't want to do.

Sometimes I will agree. Last night, for instance, when I got the rug beater out and intended to use it on you, but truth be told, I was just way too tired and it wouldn't have been effective.

I think that some of the balking, is, in part, you testing me to see if you CAN get out of certain things. I know you no longer view me as the wishy-washy Dominant that I once was, and I believe I have proven to you otherwise, time and time again, that I will stand my ground with you, whether it be to put you through a session or fuck you up the ass.

I think part of me needs you to challenge me, to try and get out of things, though there are certain times when it irritates me and I want to do nothing more than turn you over, shove your face into the pillow, and work you over like there is no tomorrow by pounding you into subspace, first with the rug beater, and then with my cock, shoved into your cunt without hesitation and taking you like the whore you are.

Of course, you like the sound of that, don't you?

I know you want to obey me because you want to please me. It is what you live for, right? But far be it for you to be completely obedient, because while being submissive is your true self, so is being sassy. Though you have gotten so much better over the years. If you acted with me like you acted, say, over three years ago, you would be spending a lot of time on the punishment end of the D/s spectrum.

And I know you don't like that. Not at all.

Your obedience feeds me, but, so does your challenging. It is a balance, a dance of sorts between the two of us.

"O" is for "Obedience" but I almost made it for "Orgasm"

Obedience works.

Because when obedience does work, and you are a good girl, then the reward you get is an orgasm. Obedience might not always come easy for you, but the other "O" word certainly does.

I love you very much.


"N" is for "Need"

From Friday, May 8


At times, I am somewhat overwhelmed at the extend and intensity of my need for you and all that you particular, all that you are to me.

And it is there on so many levels.

I need your absolute submission, that is for certain. I do not function well when I feel it is not there or when there is a struggle. I need everything that goes along with the submission; the kneeling and servitude, the controlling and the power exchange...Every. Single. Aspect. Of. It. And I know for that to be there, at the level that I want and NEED it, my Dominance of you has to be in full strength as well. Neither one of them can exist without the other; my Dominance feeds off of your submissiveness; and you submissiveness off of my Dominance. There is a sharing of needs, a give and take, a respect for what we bring to the table.

I need you sexually, that much is for certain as well. And I need you to be sexual. They are also one and the same. I need your whorish and slutty in bed, I need you begging to be fucked, I need you to soak your panties from my words, I need you to touch yourself, I need you to go along with all that I desire, not just because you are a good girl who does as told, but also because, though you don't like to admit it, you enjoy it just as much as I do. I need my twisted desires to be matched by yours, our kinks to be one and the same. And so on. And so forth.

But mostly, I just need you. I need you by my side in the morning when I wake up and naked (and hopefully satisfied) next to me when I got to sleep. I need you as my travel companion, my dining partner, my companion for life. I need all that defines you, even those things that I sometimes appear irritated by.

I need what we have.

And I am glad I have it.

I love you very much.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

"M" is for "Masturbation"

From May 7,  2015


I love the fact that you masturbate in front of me.

It is quite the turn on, of course. How could it not be? Even when I am not watching you and we are just lying in bed together, and you are touching yourself after asking permission (of course). It could be there, in the dark, and I am aware of your movements...your hand, under the covers, between your legs, on your pussy...whether it be using the moisture from your mouth or your own wetness to do so...rubbing circles around your clit, the sound of your breathing getting heavier, your motions getting faster, and those lovely sounds you make when you come, especially when you come hard.

I think listening and feeling the motion, sight unseen, is just as arousing as actually watching...but being the visual man I am, I, of course, enjoy watching as well. You spread out before me, cunt spread open, being able to see your wetness, watch your hand stimulating yourself...your eyes closed, your hips slightly is a beautiful thing to watch, and I love you for it, not for the act itself but for how comfortable you are around me sexually to do those things...and many more.

I don't masturbate hardly at all anymore. When we are apart. Why do I need to? I have you to take care of my needs. That being said, I enjoy doing it in front of you as well. I like you watching me. I like being before you, stroking myself while you watch. Wanting you to watch. Wanting you to want what I have in my hands, craving each inch of it, wanting it in your mouth...your cunt. And me not giving it to you, continuing to stroke it, until I need that amazing sensation that only your tight, wet cunt can offer.

That being said.

Finishing off on you is quite enjoyable as well. You pressing your tits together, your body a perfect canvas to spray with my hot cum. 

I like to watch you masturbate, and I like you to watch me masturbate.

"M" is for "Masturbation" and it is the word of the day. It is also the act of the day, and I expect you to do it before I come home. There is a Hitachi plugged in to my side of the bed. Find yourself a comfortable position, think of whatever you want to think of that makes you aroused, and use the Hitachi on yourself. Keep your panties on and shove the head of the Hitachi up against your pussy. Turn it on. 

Come for me.

And then keep going and come one more time.

I am sure you can do it.

Whatever panties you use while doing this, present them to me when I get home. I suspect you will get them quite wet...maybe even gush into them...and I want to inhale your aroma off of them after work.

Thus concludes your memo of the day.

They can't all be love and roses. Because sometimes I just want to treat you like a slut.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"K" is for "Kneeling"

From May 4, 2015:


This might have been one of the more obvious ones, though "Kinky" was up there as well.

But kneeling...such a big part of what we do, such a wonderfully submissive act that does so much for me, especially when it is coming from your true submissive self; that you are doing it not because I tell you, but because you WANT to...because you desire to present yourself to me, to kneel before me, slave before her Master, pet before her Sir...that you want to demonstrate in one of the most physical ways possible (well, there are many, aren't there?) that you are owned by me.

It certainly works for me, gets a stir out of me especially those moments where I am not expecting it; when I come in the bedroom and there you are, naked, collared, and kneeled before me. And I come in and grab the back of your hair and pull you up, and you are oh so conveniently staring directly at my crotch; and like the good little girl you take me out and suck on me and look up, making eye kneeled whore pleasing her Master in one of the best ways you know how.

It was why I had you kneel before I left the house this morning, and why I want to bring it back on a more regular basis. 

I feed off of your submission.

Kneeling. It is where you belong, at my feet, my large hand on your head, comforting you, letting you know that though you are owned, you are without question, deeply loved.


"J" is for "Just Because"

From May 4, 2015:


Three years ago today..this evening, signed a contract giving yourself to me. I put a collar around your neck, attached a leash to it, and we proceeded to have mind-blowing sex with a rawness I had never experienced on my couch in my house up in the woods.

Why did we take that big step in our relationship that day?

Just because it was needed.

Since then, the journey of S and L began (there is a blog on it, you should read it sometime) and it was one fuck of a rollercoaster ride for quite some time there, and there were days that were wonderful, and there were days that weren't so wonderful, and through the darkness and the bad times, we climbed back out, found each other again..found us  again..and kept going and going.

Just because we, together, was what was needed.

I will be coming home to you at lunchtime, and will do those things to you that I enjoy doing so much. I will remind you of what you agreed to when you did sign that contract. We will use this special day, this three-year anniversary, to bring it all back home; me reminding you of my Dominance over your and you showing me..reminding me...why you live to please me and that the place you want to be on this earth more than any other place is kneeled and collared before me, ready to give your body, cunt and ass to me, to use as I wish, you dripping every slap of the way.

Just because, that is the way it is.

I also give to you, on this day, a reaffirmation of my never faltering love and devotion for you, and that celebrating three years in this relationship pales in comparison to the number of years it will continue.

Just because, well, you know...I love you very much.

Happy anniversary pet. Thank you for giving yourself to me.


"I" is for "Intimacy"

From May 1, 2015:


For starters, there are not that many "I" words when it comes down to it.

But this one works very nicely.

We have, for so long now, had a very intimate connection between us, often times, and more often than not, at a very intense level (that was my other choice for "I" words, btw)

We have varying degrees of intimacy between us, all special in their own way. There is intimacy in the purest sense, the kind that happens between a man and a woman who love each other without question. There is the intimacy that connects us when we hold hands while driving down the road, through the special gifts and surprises that we give each other, through those amazing deep, long kisses that we do not do nearly enough, and even through the silence, when we are just lying in bed watching TV. All of those things, intimate in their own way.

It is because of that level of intimacy that allows us to experience the intimacy at the other level; at a level when romance is replaced with rawness, and my whisperings of sweet nothings make way for stern remarks of what a cock-sucking slut you are; hands that hold and caress become hands that slap and twist and spank; and gentle love making is out of the question when what is needed is forceful fucking.

All of those things, the gentle and the hard, the sweetness and the harshness, are woven together into one intimate package that defines and molds us, S and L, Sir and pet, into a relationship that defies definition and is about as close to perfect in so many ways...because it is so unique to us, and us alone.

I love you very much.