Friday, March 29, 2013

The beauty of it all

I love this picture. This defines, in many ways, how a true D/s relationship can be such a damn beautiful thing. It really isn't about what the Dom can take or what the Dom has the power to take, but, rather, it is about what the sub wants to give. And what she wants to give is herself..body, mind heart, and soul; tits, ass and cunt -- she wants to give that all to another to own and control, possess and have, with a degree of trust that is so intense it is fucking electrifying.

This is what it is about, right there.

I have been working off and on with a fellow Dom who is a newcomer to the scene who has been seeking my advice on some things, and the other day we both commented on how incredibly lucky we were to have what we have.

And we are.

We are damn lucky.

I know when my pet presents herself to me in a submissive manner, head down, resting on my lap, hands behind her back, to do as I please, I am being given an incredible gift. But it is a gift that comes with a great deal of responsibility. Just as intense as the trust a sub has with her Dom is the level of responsibility that the Dom has with that trust. We have to be so mindful of our actions and our words. What we as Doms do cannot be taken lightly, cannot be done just when we feel like it, cannot be phoned in. This is the major league. Step up to the plate and do it right or don't step up at all. A woman has given her complete self to you. Do it right.

I am finally coming to terms and better understanding the responsibility I have, and still making mistakes along the way. But I like to think the mistakes are few and far between as of late. L offered her perspective in her post below on the journey she has witnessed me taking as her Master, and I concur with what she says. I do feel it now more than ever, feel Masterful, and now, more than ever, I want do this the right way and step to the plate and swing that bat stronger than ever, because, goddamit, this beautiful woman has given herself to me, and I owe it to her to do this right.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reflection from L

Well it has almost been a year since we signed the contract.  Freaks me out that the time has gone by so fast.  I still say things like, I am still learning, we are new at this, etc.  It hasn't been an easy year for sure.  Being submissive to S has been easier than I thought at first, it comes quite naturally actually....its all the other stuff in life that has been difficult.
In the beginning I was poring over blogs and educating myself on being the best sub I can be and that helped me feel submissive and sometimes helped me find my place....especially when I saw others having the same struggles that I was having.  Now I can say I can look to myself and find my place.....I am in that place always now.  In all the discoveries we have been making, I think one of the lessons that is important is, this is what we do.  We don't need to do what others do.....we do our own thing.  
In the past year, S had struggled many times (in the beginning).  He would say things like, I am not feeling very Masterful right now (which to a submissives like your world crashing down around you.....what you signed your name to, who you kneel before offering mind body and soul to isn't feeling it right now).  I could even sense it when he was slightly depressed and when he was there was no D/s contact and it was just sad.  Other times in the past year, S would send me horrible messages (we have both been guilty of this....) but I knew deep down that under all that, there was a truly good Masterful man.  I knew that if I just kept quiet, kept forgiving, it would all work out.  Boy has it ever.  S is so confident now.  You can tell that he is happy.  His health is better, he has put on some weight which looks really good on him.  All of this combined with us continuing to build our lives together (buying beds, etc.) has my submissiveness at an all time high.  Now I do things because I know it will please S but also because it makes me happy to do so.  I am able to go further than I ever thought possible as I am truly his to do as he wishes.  It makes my day when I can please him and make him happy....and of course about kills me if I disappoint him.  I don't need punishing often but when I do I almost beg to be punished right away so we can let it go.
S has something exciting planned for our one year anniversary and we will be in California.  So excited.  Can't top what I gave him last year (myself) but I am sure if I give him the same thing, he wouldn't complain. 

Back to the ass...


That was by far the furthest you have pushed me so far.  There were at least ten times I thought I would have to tell you to stop.  The ten minutes almost killed me to be honest....I had to dig deep to keep my posture.  Then when you were fucking me....well, you felt me finally relax.....that took all I had to let you go and then after a while it didn't hurt at all. 

L has been needing to have me fuck her in the ass.

She would not agree with that statement; would say, whoa, man, that is not something I need at all. We have only done successful anal one other time, which I wrote about in the following posting. We have tried it a couple of times since then, but even with lots of lube, it was too much for L, and I kindly stopped.

So, ok, L has not necessarily been needing to have me fuck her in the ass, but I have been needing it. It was that time of the month and not wanting to make a mess of the new bed, we opted out of fucking for three days. Which is too many days for both of us. L is required to bring me to a daily orgasm at least once a day, so when you remove regular fucking, and the fact that we're not at the point where she can swallow, we start to remove options. I also have a rule that when I come, I cannot come on myself. There is no reason for me to be coming on myself when I have this wonderful fuck toy with so many different areas to deposit my cum. Needless to say, her skin received quite the coating those three days. My favorite was forcing her to her knees on the floor and sucking me off while I sat on the bed and then at the last minute, making her jerk me off all over her tits.

So that was good, and I did get the orgasms that I require.

But I wanted more.

I wanted penetration.

I wanted to fuck her in the ass.

After corner time the other night, I led her to the bed and began spanking her with the coat hanger (more on spanking in another post) with the idea that after a long enough session of spanking, she would drift into subspace and make the anal sex easier. I spanked her for close to 200 times, and she started to get into the mindset. After the last one, she raised her ass up off the bed even more, as if to signify that she was ready as she could be.

I properly lubed us both up, then got behind her, my cock hard and throbbing and ready. I pressed the head against her hole and slowly penetrated her...very slowly, and very difficultly. It took about 10 minutes of slow pushing, shifting positions, and then adding more lube.

Then all of a sudden I was all the way inside her ass. All the way inside. As I have said in other postings, L has a deliciously tight pussy, but her ass...something different altogether. She loosened up more and more, and as she said above, got to a point where it no longer hurt. I positioned myself so I could watch myself slide in and out of her (I am a very visual person), my hands grasping either side of her ass I fucked her. 

"Touch yourself while I fuck you," I commanded her, and her fingers made her way to her clit.

I kept the pacing relatively slow and consistent, pulling out about halfway before pushing inside again. The sensation combined with the excitement of the act brought me to orgasm somewhat quickly, and with one last thrust I came deep inside of her...inside of her ass.

The ass that I own and control, and with that exquisite act, own and control more than ever.

Afterwards I held her and kissed her head. "I am so proud of you," I said. "You have pleased me very, very much."

The next day, L began the morning with a little bit of sass that carried through when she got to work and was almost nonchalant in a couple of texts to me. I called her on it, and she explained it to me the following way:

I am not being mouthy today or have an attitude....not at is more of an, I am proud of myself for pleasing you and being the best sub I can be for you. 

Corner Time

Coming up with punishments for L as of late has not been easy, however, fortunately, because of how far she has come along in what is almost a year of us being in a D/s relationship, she doesn't need them that often. She slips from time to time, as she should, since no sub is perfect and for that matter, no Dom is perfect either. She makes mistakes, but they are few and far between. I'm quite pleased with how far she has come, and quite proud of her. I believe she is putting in more effort than before, in part due to a reason she mentioned in an email to me yesterday:


I almost have no words for how I feel right now.  really don't.  I think I have reached a whole new level of submissiveness.

I completely concur. She has been more submissiveness than ever before, showing it in ways she hasn't in the past. Last night we were in the living room watching "This is 40" with her boys. I was sitting on the couch and she came over, handed me a drink, and sat on the floor at my feet and rested her head on my lap while we watched. It did not appear to be anything out of the normal for the young eyes in the room, just a display of affection. But she knew what it meant. I knew what it meant. And it was very good.

So things are good, but mistakes are sometimes made.

And mistakes are dealt with quickly.

The other day L neglected to deliver not once, but twice, on one of the communication rules we have in place. She is to inform me if she ever leaves her office for anything and inform me when she gets back. Like I said, she is typically quite good on following through, but the other day, her head just wasn't in the right place.

L is quick to pick up on disappointment when it happens, and just her knowing that I am disappointed in her is probably, in some ways, punishment enough for her. She HATES disappointing me, hates when I am upset with her, and I know when she makes mistakes and that happens, it gets her very anxious and eager..desperate, I be punished and forgiven so we can move on.

But as I said above, it's not easy coming up with punishments. Punishments regarding pain, such as an extensive and hard spanking, are often times not possible because of the noise and the children hearing.

So with this instance, I elected to go in the opposite direction of pain and put corner time into effect, which has only been used once in our relationship. I knew it was not one she would be fond of at all, and hoped that that lack of fondness would be encouragement to be more mindful of the rules down the road. I alerted her to what the punishment was going to be during the day, and as soon as she got home she wanted to do it to get it out of the way. But it wasn't her place to determine when she would get a punishment, and I told her she would have to wait until the children went to bed.

It wasn't very long, compared to corner time punishments I suspect other subs receive. She had to sit in the corner (that's the picture above) with her hands tied behind her back and her nose against the wall for 10 minutes. Once she was in place, I turned the volume down on the television completely, and sat on the bed in silence and read. She started fidgeting halfway in (her nose was itching, she told me afterwards) and around eight minutes was making these little sounds...almost like bleeting...that she makes when she is not happy with something.

Ten minutes passed, and I went over and untied her and held her.

"Next time it's 20," I told her.

"I didn't like that," she said quietly.

"That's the point," I said, as I led her over to the bed and we commenced to do that thing we do...which will be the subject of my next post...

Friday, March 22, 2013

L on the New Bed

My thoughts on the new bed.......
I absolutely love love love it. 
Not just the bed but the entire room.  I worked very hard on it....painted until my hands were like claws holding the roller.  I had scraps and scratches all over, it was hell to stand up after all the climbing up and down.  I also love the fact that the old bed is gone and along with it.....horrible memories.  If you are a blog follower of ours, then you know I had a rough road in my marriage.  My ex once broke in while we were at the movies and dumped water on the bed (we of course did not know it was water and that was his intention).  It was the bed that had to go....should have gone a long time before this.
You saw the picture....the bed is huge and beautiful....and all ours.  The room is all ours.  A lot of my time prepping the room to paint was organizing.  Putting boxes of pictures away....putting pictures away that my children may want someday...throwing mountains of stuff away.  Making it ours.  Ours it is.
I absolutely love love love it

Fucktoy Friday

We have officially declared every Friday Fucktoy Friday, and what happens on Fucktoy Friday varies from week to week. There have been a few things put into place that remain the same week to week:

1. Before Fucktoy goes to work, I write "Fuck Toy" using a facepaint crayon across her stomach.
2. Fucktoy must perform one minute of Kegel exercises at the top of every hour and when done, text me a message that says "I have exercised your pussy for you Sir."
3. Fucktoy must get permission from me prior to using the bathroom.

I am hoping to get to a point where Fucktoy wears her butt plug while at work but the butt plug has not been working so far as it keeps falling out, so more time needs to be spent getting acclimated to it.

Today I threw in something new and this morning over my cup of coffee at the kitchen counter, I created a Fucktoy Friday Survey on Surveymonkey for her to fill out. I didn't spend as much time on it as I would have liked as I wanted to get it quickly done before I took the three year old to preschool.

Fucktoy just completed it about an hour ago, and I actually found her responses to be informative. I also realized that this could be a pretty good communication tool to get candid responses from her in the future...granted, she has to give me candid answers no matter how I communicate to her (verbally, text, etc) but I think this method is even better.

You can check out the survey here:

I plan on, in the next few days, to create a separate survey for followers of this for subs and one for get feedback on your lifestyle. I'm an inquisitive person like that.

More to come....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The new bed: At last

Here it is.

The new bed.

It arrived yesterday, mid morning, along with the rest of the bedroom set to include a dresser and two night stands. We had talked about this day for quite some time now, looking at it as a Christmas for us of sorts. If you read the posts below, you know why this moment was so damn significant for us. An important step towards us building a life...and creating a home...that was truly ours.

The plan was that once it had arrived and been setup, I would call L and she would come home from work to help make the bed before I went to work later that night. As it turned out, L was home sick that day with a stomach flu and she slept in the downstairs bedroom while the bed and furniture was being assembled. She felt well enough by the time they had gone to get out of bed and help me make it with the new sheets and comforter.

She also felt well enough for what we did next.

We were in that bed before we knew it, underneath the covers, clothes off, our hands all over each other. Maybe this was a moment that called for spanking, for collaring, hair pulling and all of TTWD, but at that time, the only thing I could think about was how badly I wanted to be inside of her.

And then I was on top of her, cock resting against her cunt, ready to penetrate her.

"I'm going to fuck you on MY bed," I growled, and she gasped at those words. Or maybe the gasp was because i was sliding inside of her, and fuck we did, and I filled her up with my hardness, my hands under her ass, pulling her up against me as I slammed inside of her, noticing the difference that the new firm mattress made. We both came rather quickly.

Later that afternoon, we fucked again, this time after an extensive spanking session. With the house to ourself, we could make as much noise as we needed, so I used my hand in the spanking. I spanked her hard and repeatedly, taking breaks every 50 spanks or so to rub her ass and cunt. It didn't take many spanks before she drifted off into sub space, and I spanked her longer and harder than I had before, more than 500 with my hand. After that, we fucked again, with even more intensity than before.

L was home sick again today, so we spent most of today in bed with more sessions thrown in.

It's interesting, but having the room be ours, to be sleeping in a bed that I paid for, has had an interesting effect on me psychologically. I am feeling even more in control than before, feeling like the Master of my domain because now I feel this really is MY domain. In the above picture, that's my space on the left. I spent some time this evening organizing my side of my closet, setting up my nightstand, setting thing up as I wanted them to be in MY domain.

L could feel that change was afoot..


S: Going to step things up now.

L: I am ready.

And so am I.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Side by Side: A Real Time Posting

I'm doing something completely new here; I am writing an entry to the blog while L is lying next to me in bed, perusing her blogroll on her Nook and glancing over from time to time at me to see what I am doing on my laptop as my fingers make their way across the keyboard. It's about an hour or so until the children are tucked into bed and asleep; at which time the fingers making their way across the keyboard will be making her way across her; "return" to be replaced with her nipple, space bar replaced with her clit...clickety clack, clickety clack, I will type my way across her frontside and then over to her back....

It's been a week since the last posting and things are coming along quite nicely. We had a brief, four day separation last week that was once again difficult for both of us, more so for L because of what she had to do, but we remained strong through all of it because that is the thing we do now. Days of falling apart are behind us. We are Superman strong now, giddy with desire for each other, moving along in our respective D/s roles. Oh, it is not always oh so sassy sub continues to be oh so sassy, and it is part of who she is and I love her (plus, I love the challenge!) and I am quick to reminder her of her place and she is quick to accept it.

She's gotten off the bed now, pink nightgown hanging over her black yoga pants. Children are still awake so she is tending to them. As I watch her get off to the bed, out the bedroom and into the kitchen, I have this urge to stop her in her tracks, lock the door while I press against her and then pull her hair back HARD while I lift her nightgown, yank down her yoga pants and panties, and slap my hand across her ass, over and over...

That will have to wait. My fingers on he will have to wait. For now they go clickety clack, clickety clack, across this keyboard...

Did I say things were good? Oh, they are damn good. We spent this weekend remodeling what used to be her bedroom into OUR Bedroom, finally, once and for all. The new furniture comes on Wednesday..the new bed...OUR king bed will be in the room. We play to break it in properly. Of course.

In the bedroom project, I relinquished control to L. She knew what to do better. I read on some blog that L provided to me where it talked about how a Dominant does not always have to be in control of EVERYTHING, that if there is something a sub is really good at it, better than the Dom is, then let her have ownership of that, whether it be household finances or remodeling a bedroom. What happened though is after spending the weekend being in control of the bedroom project, I noticed L taking that control to other areas; being a little sassier than usual, and even joking about how she could manipulate her way out of a spanking.

L just got off the bed to go take a shower then put the young child to bed. Clickety clack, clickety clack, I continue typing. My fingers want to be somewhere else. If we were not in the presence of children, I would be in the shower with her, grabbing her hair and forcing her to her knees in the tub to take my cock in her mouth and fuck her face while the hot water streams down over the two of us.

Clickety clack, I type away instead.

She will get out of the shower and put the youngest to bed. I will go and take a shower myself then join her to bed. As I shower, she will be reading this blog...these very words...that I type right now.

These words right now.

Hello dear L.

In just a short time I am going to be in bed next to you, the door will be locked, the tv on some channel that doesn't matter because we just want the sound to drown out whatever noises are made by us...a crop across your ass, your moans of pleasure and pain, the sound when I do fuck you and I pound into you from behind. You know...THOSE sounds.

In just a short time I am going to be in bed next to you, grabbing your hair, kissing you hard, my hand cupping your pussy, spanking it, hands running up your body, twisting your nipples...and I am kissing you all over, your neck, your tits...tongue running down your body, to your thighs, back up again, to your cunt...let me correct that, MY cunt...the cunt that I own...and I lick away and you ask for permission to come, and I let you come, and you come HARD and goose bumps run across your whole body, just as the did last night.

In just a short time that will be happening. And much more.

Are you ready L?

Clickety clack.

I'm done typing now.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Because sometimes, Bob Marley says it best...

Wax on, wax off

Part of the beauty of a D/s relationship, for me, is helping me discover those things that turn me on sexually about L that I have full control over and can make happen.  It’s like Christmas every day, and if I want a certain present to be given to me to be unwrapped and enjoyed, well, it’s my call.

Since entering the D/s relationship with L, one of the requirements I have had of her is to keep her pussy tidy and clean. I have never demanded completely shaved, and have also never gone as far as to demand for regular inspections to see if the pussy is groomed to my specific liking. I know that detailed pussy inspections are common of some Doms, but going that far…well, I don’t know. I have other things I want to do when I am up close and personal with L’s pussy, and will leave the scientific/medical style inspection to her OB/GYN.

L does have a quite lovely pussy, of which I have bragged about before on this blog.

Anyhow, I digress slightly. The topic of waxing…which L has never done before…came up a couple of weeks ago, and I told L I would like her to get it done and I would pay for it. (Note to Doms: If you are going to require your sub to wear certain clothes, groom in a certain manner, work out, etc. it is our responsibility to cough up the money to make it happen..that’s my opinion). The idea of things being completely smooth down there seemed VERY appealing to me, and I assured her that having to put up with that ordeal would be rewarded with extensive visits from my tongue.

So she got it done on Monday, and was quite nervous about doing so. I told her I wanted a little bit left, a little landing strip of sorts…but very little. The smoother, the better. I dropped her off a the local salon and went and did some errands until she called me to pick her back up about 40 minutes later.

After I paid for it and we got in the car, she immediately apologized because due to the shortness of some of her hairs, she wasn’t able to have as much taken off as I wanted. Also, she did not want her ass exposed to the waxer in anyway because her cheeks were quite bruised after a weekend of spanking.  As this was her first time being waxed, I was willing to grant her some leeway, and she already had an appointment made for the next time where she would go for even smoother.

We went out for an early dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, had a couple of glasses of wine, before going home so I could eagerly inspect things. Even though it wasn’t as short as either one of us wanted it still looked…and felt…very nice. So nice that within minutes show and tell turned into lick and fuck.

Afterwards, we went to go see “Silver Linings Playbook” but I still wanted to have some play time with my pets clean cunt, so I had her cut a hole in her nylons and leave the panties off. We chose the very back row of the movie theatre so I could play with her without catching the attention of our fellow patrons, though we did stop whenever one of the ushers came through the theatre to check for funny business (since I am sure what we were doing fit into the category of “funny business.”). I alternated between fingering her and rubbing her clit, and at one point I took a Junior Mint, inserted it inside her pussy, then looked directly at her while I popped it in my mouth.

Back home in bed later that night I ripped the rest of her crotchless nylons off of her, then used them to hogtie her on the bed while I fucked her ass with anal beads and alternated between fingering and tasting her pussy.

So while the shaving did not go as clean as we wanted, it was a nice start, and L is quite eager to have it all removed for me. She’s enjoying the smoothness just as much as me, and last night while watching TV, I caught her with her hand down her panties, not playing with herself, but just checking things out.

Oh, and given that spanking is now a twice a day occurrence for us, she is just going to have just grin and bear it if the waxer asks her any questions about her bruised ass.

Friday, March 1, 2013

"Cum explosion"

Here is L's perspective on what happened last night...

My perspective on last night:  Ugh....I tried....I really did.  If the dynamics of our relationship were different, I wouldn't have done it.  I would have been like, fuck no man.  But they aren't so I had no choice (which makes it ten times easier actually).  I was dead tired, normally am around Thursday or Friday after a week of only sleeping 5 to 6 hours a night.  Had cooked dinner, made dessert, mopped the floor and gave a child a bath.  Gave a half ass effort to talk Sir out of it but knew it was useless....did as I was told and instructed.  I wish I could be one of those people who gulp it down and then stare up at their Master with doe eyes.  Nope, not even close.  It was forceful and very plentiful.  It went all over like a cum explosion (I always tease S that he should be a porn star as he has the money shot for sure....oh, and I have called him "Buckets" from day one as in...he could fill one).  I gagged a couple of times and immediately felt awful how I handled things.  I could tell S was not happy as I cleaned it up and promised to do better next time....all the while thinking that there is no way.  I have done it quite nicely a few times before but had help from my dear friend vodka or another such acquaintance.  I think a lot has to do with mindset and my mindset wasn't quite there last night to be honest.  It may help to move the spanking time to before instead of after (who knows?) so I am in the right mindset.  I am also afraid of it shooting out my nose....before you shake your head, it is a legitimate concern I promise.  So I definitely need to work on this and just get over my hang ups, get onto my knees and worship what I am damn lucky to have. 

Work in progress

Email sent to L yesterday while she was at work:


I want to start by saying that I am pleased with the intensity of your submission lately, it appears to be stronger than before.

But as we both know, there are some things to work on.

Tonight when I come home is going to be all about my pleasure...about you worshipping my cock. Showing me that you are a cock worshipping sub. I would like for you, when the time is ready, to begin by cleaning my cock and balls off with a warm, soapy washcloth..take your time and do it gently. Afterwards, you will show me how much you enjoy my cock with your hand..cupping my balls, running your fingers along the shaft, stroking know what to do.

From there you will worship me with your mouth and tongue. All over. Take my balls in your mouth and suck on them gently. Lick underneath the balls, around my ass. When you take me in your mouth, start with the head before you take my entire length in. Suck slowly at first, use a combination of your mouth and hand...the way I like it. I will let you know when to increase the speed. I will let you know when I am about to come so you are prepared for me to fill your slut mouth with it.

Here is the good part for you. As I consider this a work in progress, you will not have to swallow. However, I will have instructions for you on where you will spit it.

Let me know if any of this is unclear or if you have any questions.


Part of this exercise was to help L become better accustomed and used to taking my cum in her mouth. She has only swallowed on a couple of occasions, and other times when I have come in her mouth (which I don't very often at all) she has spit it out. L is not a swallower, the big reason being, well, I tend to be rather copious. "It's just too much for me," she will whine, and I will be the kind Sir that I am in most cases and at the last minute pull out and coat her body with it. I am fine with that, rather enjoy it. Last week I was stroking myself while I hovered over her and she squeezed her breasts together, thinking that was going to be my depository, so to speak, but at the last minute I grabbed her by the back of her hair and came on her face.

My main criteria with her is that I do not come on myself. I should not need to. I have a whole fucktoy at my disposal, with holes and body that belong to me and make for a perfect place for me to come.

But pet's need to appreciate all that their Master has to offer, and I wanted to help pet get to the point where my coming in her mouth was recognized as a gift, and, more importantly, it was an act that I find enjoyable.

It was rather late when I got off work (I work nights) so L was quite tired and at first tried to puppy dog eye her way out of it. I told her she did not have a choice. We lie in bed for awhile, watching television after the kids had gone to bed, and then I gave her her instruction.

"Go get the washcloth," I said.

She went in the bathroom and came back with face wipes and a warm washcloth. and started doing as instructed, first using the wipes to cleanse shaft, balls, under the balls....then using the warm wash cloth. In no time at all I had a nice firm erection, which responded well to her careful touch. 

I was hard.

I was throbbing.

And I think we both was going to be a gusher.

L then proceeded to give me the best blow job she has ever given me, taking her time at first as I had instructed by licking me everywhere with her tongue; tantalizingly working her tongue up and down my shaft, around the head, little sucks here, little sucks there. I have been coaching her on her technique and telling her to use her hands more often as she is sucking me as I like the dual sensation of suck and stroke.

When she took my length in her mouth, I grabbed the back of her hair and controlled her motions, thrusting my hips upwards at times to meet her downward suck. It was damn good. Wanting to prolong the sensation, I held off on my orgasm, using my soon to be patented Vulcan cock control. 

L was getting nervous, though, I could tell as there were occasional whimpers coming from her stuffed mouth. "I will tell you when I am going to come," I said. I rarely have pre-cum, so when I do come, it is instantaneous and very rapid.

Sucking and stroking, sucking and stroking..I watched her as she kept going, my hand still tightly pulling her hair, and then it got to the point where holding back was no longer an option so I told her "I am going to come" and then I did, and I grabbed the back of her hair even harder and held her head tightly as I thrust my hips up one more time and came HARD in her mouth. 

After the last spurt L jerked her head up and said "Oh god, I can't do it" and before I could hand her the glass I wanted her to spit into (for a show and tell between us to see just how much it actually was) the cum came back out of her mouth, back down on my cock and belly, down the front of her nightgown, as she grabbed a tissue to wipe off.

"I am so sorry..I am so sorry..." she said, as she started to clean me up, as I gave her a firm stare (somewhat firm, as I was still coming down from a mind blowing orgasm).

"I tried, I really tried," she whimpered. She as then curled up next to me in a submissive position, begging for forgiveness, and I briefly pondered the situation. Do I quickly and without hesitation punish her for failing to complete the task as instructed, or do I recognize the fact that she truly did try, and that this was, as I stated to her in the email a "work in progress."

Oh, and did I mention the galaxy shifting orgasm?

I let her know I was disappointed with what happened at the end (expressing disappointment to a sub is punishment alone), that I was pleased with all that she did leading up to that point, and that this is something we will work on. From there I had her turnover for her nightly spanking (new and improved with a plastic coat hanger!) and then used her silver bullet vibrator on her to bring her to orgasm.

So yes, a work in progress.

And the training will be quite fun.