Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The best of 2013

As I said in yesterday's post, 2013 was quite the year for us. I offer now, in no particular order, some of my favorite postings/moments from the last year.

We certainly had some great ones....with more to come in 2014.

1. The First Time, in which L and I pretend like we are two virgin high schoolers worried about getting caught by her mom.

2.Captive, in which L and I take things to another level during an overnight stay in a hotel room, and she experiences sub space for the first time as she talks about in her posting about the night.

3. The New Bed, in which L and I make our first and most significant purchase in our relationship, and L's posting about it here.

4. Happy Birthday to Me, in which L presents me with a couple of gifts that fall into the category of the gift that keeps on giving....

5. More of Everything, which nicely summarizes what the two of us want in this relationship.

6. Wet, in which I talk about one of the many things I love about L and the pussy that I own.

7. Rape Scene, a fairly intense session, which resulted in L discovering subdrop for the first time.

8. Pussy Spanking, a brief homage to one of my favorite activities (interestingly enough, one we did last night that made L come...)

9. Update from L: Coming Down Shit Mountain, one of my favorite postings from L.

10. 3, in which I share L with another man for the first (but not the last, my pet) time.

Monday, December 30, 2013

A very (not) vanilla Christmas

Here in the Far North we are coming out of almost a week of much needed hibernation, stretching our arms, and getting ready to tackle the world outside of our home and, the place where we spent a lot of our Christmas break, our bedroom. It was a great Christmas --- the first Christmas L and I spent together and our first in our new family mode. It’s a time of peace for us in many ways, and I think the underlying word that defines all that is us right now is content as we close off 2013 in a better place than we entered it, and where 2014 and beyond holds promises that we are probably not even fully aware of yet.

Lying in bed the other day L half kiddingly said “This has been a pretty vanilla break.” She was half kidding because the reality is, there wasn’t much vanilla at all about the things we did behind our closed and locked bedroom door. The only day there was no type of BDSM activity was on Christmas night, not because we felt the day was too sacred and holy for such activities, but because when we did finally crawl into bed, we were both simply too exhausted to do anything.

But the rest of the break was business as usual. The cane made it’s nightly appearance, L was restrained on more than one occasion. The flogger came out of the closet, panties were ripped off of L and shoved in her mouth to keep her quiet, she was fucked hard with a dildo, she was collared and leashed and ordered to suck on me on several occasions --- these are hardly the activities of a June and Ward Cleaver! On the evening of the day she made that comment, she was caned for one hour straight – our longest session yet.

What is happening here is that once again we are realizing we have not yet reached the thresholds of our limits --- for her, or for me.  The activities we engage in in bed are by no means vanilla, rather, it is more a factor that it is not enough. The only thing that kept one hour of caning going into two hours of caning was the late hour of the night. The fact that we have family and a little child who knocks on the bedroom door at random times keeps us at bay as well. There are things I want to do to L that exist, for now, in the dark recesses of what she calls my twisted mind. I’ve made some discoveries about her --- and about myself --- and subsequently, about us as a couple --- this last year, that excite me. That arouse me. And what excites me and arouses me the most is the fact that it has the same effect on L.

We go into 2014 a different couple than the ones that went into 2013. That difference is not limited to just the bedroom, it also encompasses the world around us, the family that we have created, and the trials and difficulties that we have overcome.

2014 will be a lot of things for us.

But the one thing it won’t be?

It won’t be vanilla.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


So I suspect that followers to this blog are wondering how our experience went on Friday night. I appreciate your patience. There are a lot of different aspects of that experience to write about, not only just with how it went, but the effect it has had on us afterwards (which is quite positive). There really is nothing causal about something like this…for a couple to open their sexual door to another and to allow someone in to take part in an incredibly intimate and personal act. The possibilities for things to go wrong, either on an emotional or physical level, are quite high. For it to work, there has to be a deep understanding and connect between the couple as well as bringing in the right person.

I’m pleased to say that our session went well. It was not perfect, and there are things I would have certainly changed and will do so for the next time (because there will be a next time). But all in all…it was good.

So let’s talk details. Isn’t that what you want?

We rented a hotel for the evening and after having a few drinks and dinner in the bar, we went upstairs around 9:30p.m. to prepare. I had instructed my friend to arrive at 11:30 as I wanted some time alone with L to get her into subspace so that she would be in that fuzzy place that would allow her to experience the whole situation better. Being that it was Friday and the end of a busy work week, we were both exhausted, and L’s first reaction when we got upstairs was to take a nap, which I allowed her to do.

Around 10:30 I woke her up.

“You need to go take a shower,” I said.

“Just a little bit more,,,please…” she muffled.

I allowed her 15 more minutes.

At 10:45 she went in to take a shower to prepare herself for our guest. When she got out, I instructed her to lie down, face down on the bed, as I started to work her over. First with the hands…it had been awhile since I had given her an actual spanking, simply because it is just too damn loud in a house filled with kids. From there I used the cane and flogger, working her over, stopping every now and then to rub her ass.

At 11:20 my phone rang.

Our guest had arrived.

L asked for just a bit longer, so I worked her over an additional 10 minutes. I then blindfolded her and whispered in her ear “I’m going down to get him now.”

She let out a bit of a whimper. Suffice to say, she was nervous.

I went down to the lobby and got my friend and brought him up to the room, where L lay in bed, blindfolded and waiting for us.  I directed my friend to sit in the chair facing the bed as I wanted to work on L some more to get her ready. He sat and watched quietly while I continued to spank her. Occasionally I would stop and spread her pussy wide open for him to see.

When I thought she had found her place (more on this later, because as it turns out, she hadn’t) I turned to my friend and said “Come over and help me.”

He came over to the other side of the bed and removed all of his clothes and positioned himself next to L.

“Go ahead and spank her,” I said. “She likes it.”

He started spanking her much in the same manner that I did, bringing his hand down across her rather red ass.

“Check her pussy,” I ordered. “She reacts quite nicely to spanking.” He did as directed, sliding his hand underneath her and discovering the moistness that I am familiar with on a daily basis.

“Are you doing ok?” I whispered in L’s ear. Yes, she said breathlessly. I would do that from time to time during the session, just to make sure she was handling it ok.

“Let’s alternate spanking her,” I told my friend, and we did, first me striking her ass, then him, then back and forth we went, the two of us spanking L.

“I think it’s time for her to please us,” I said. I went over and got L’s leash and attached it to her collar, then pulled her head up so it was over in my lap where she started to suck on my cock while my friend grabbed the back of her head, forcing her down on me.

After a couple of minutes, I told her “Now it’s my friends turn.” Using the leash I guided her up from my cock and positioned her mouth over to the other man’s cock. Without hesitation, she took it in her mouth, and there…right in front of me and under my command…my precious little pet was sucking on another man’s cock.
From there….well, from there. We took turns having her suck on our cocks. We had her up on her knees and she a hand on each one of us, stroking us, while we were on either side of her fondling and squeezing at her tits. Then the fucking started. First me fucking her from behind while she sucked on the other man. Then she was on her back and he entered her while I positioned myself over her face and started fucking her mouth. We alternated this for a while, and at every step along the way, L was experiencing two cocks at the same time…and if I may add, looking very lovely while doing so.

My rules for the other man going into this was that he could not come in her mouth, and that there would be no anal sex. Entering the home stretch, so to speak, I told him “We are going to come on her.”

He was to her left, I was to her right, both of us positioned slightly above her. She took his cock with her left hand, and mine with her right, and stroked the two of us. She wasn’t able to get the right friction from the angle she was at, so we took matters in our own hands, both of us stroking ourselves with our cocks aimed towards my pet. I came first, and then he came, unloading himself on her breast and then rubbing it in.

Silence, at first. I went in the bathroom and got a washcloth and cleaned pet up, which is the decent thing to do after two men have come on her. The other man, as I had requested him earlier, got over and got dressed. His work was done. He was only needed for one thing..as an anonymous cock and set of hands. L had remained blindfolded during the whole time, so never saw him, and he barely spoke, so in terms of anonymity, he was anonymous.

I went over to shake his hand and thank him before he left.

“You’ve done a great job with her,” he said quietly.

And then he was gone.

L was already close to sleep. I crawled in bed next to her and held her tight, kissing he back of her neck and telling her how proud I was of her.

And I was proud. Exceptionally proud.

That is what happened.

I will write more later about how this has affected things now for us, and as I said earlier, it has all been quite positive.

And so the taming of L, a process started on May 3, 2012, continues. In a whole new direction.

Friday, December 13, 2013

2 + 1

This will be a somewhat brief post...a teasing of sorts. After discussing it several times, and talking about it here in this blog, L and I are going to allow a third to join us tonight.

He's a local Dom that I met online that met all of the criteria of what I was looking for when doing this. He understands and respects the D/s dynamics, knows what his role is to be, is discrete, does not bring any issues to the table, and will essentially be an anonymous person from L's perspective.

We have a hotel room. I will prepare her ahead of time, restraining her to the bed and putting her into subspace. When she is slightly under, he will come in the room and join us. She will be blindfolded. He will not speak. Everything that occurs will be at my direction and command. For L, it will simply be...another set of hands to spank her...another mouth to taste her...

Another cock to fill her.

Some commenter on our blog said that eventually a lot of BDSM and D/s relationships go in this direction. Not all of them, but some do. Going in this direction in a D/s context is a lot different than what vanilla couples do when they decide to venture into inviting others into the bedroom. The D/s context clearly sets the boundaries over what is going to happen.

My reason for doing this has a lot to do with pride. I am proud of my pet. I want to show her off, to display her to another man. I want him to see what a good girl she is, how talented she is with her mouth, how tight and wet she is.

L wants to do this because her first and foremost desire is to please me, and she knows such an activity would please me. She wants to make me proud.

These are the things she says if asked why she wants to do it.

I believe they are true. But there are other reasons she wants to do it.

We have talked about this in bed, during sessions. I have whispered in her ear "Imagine your Sir's cock fucking your pussy while another man's cock is in your mouth." I whisper these things, and then I reach down between her legs and explore her with my fingers, where I find total and complete wetness.

More to come. Literally...and figuratively.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Report Card

The other night pet and I were lying in bed and she was watching me work on my laptop grading papers.

"Give them all A's" she smiled, mostly because she wanted me to hurry up and finish so I would play with her.

I glanced over at her.

"I think I need to grade you," I said. "I'll send you a report card tomorrow."

Here is what I sent her. And like a good teacher, I allowed her the opportunity to comment.

(she was irritated by the use of the word dormant, which was not the best choice of words, because my pet can move in bed...take that, Miley Cyrus! What I meant by dormant was I like her to use her hands more often to grab, squeeze, and scratch at me...)


sub does sexually please me every time I desire and knows what I like and how to make me come, such as fucking back against me while I am on top or riding me. Too often, though, sub attempts to top from the bottom and tries to jump right to fucking (more because she wants it than anything) and will stop sucking on me when I am not ready for her to stop. sub needs to remember to use her hands more when sucking on me, and really needs to move towards having her Dom come in her mouth. As of late, she has done a better job of using her hands while being fucked, such as clawing at her Dom’s back and grabbing him, which he prefers over her lying there dormant. sub has the most amazing pussy the Dom has ever experienced, and he is proud to own it and can’t wait to share it with someone else.

sub's comments:

Lying there dormant???  Hmmm, not sure how to take that.

Will work on the topping…..and the swallowing.


Probably the area the sub needs to improve on the most. sub comes close to excelling on this at night in the bedroom, but falters too often during the day. sub tends to lose sight of her role in the relationship and needs to remember her place and that her first and foremost goal should be focused on doing things that please her Dom. 

sub's comments:
I find it hard to transition at times between work and home.  Am aware and will work on this.


Probably the area the sub needs to improve on the most. sub comes close to excelling on this at night in the bedroom, but falters too often during the day. sub tends to lose sight of her role in the relationship and needs to remember her place and that her first and foremost goal should be focused on doing things that please her Dom.

sub's comments:
Yay…..what was it?  I get $50 for each A+, $40 for an A, $30 for a B and so forth?   


It is clear that the sub does want to learn how to do better and sincerely wants to do better.  Dom encourages sub to go back to reading blogs and learning from others, as well as making contact online with other subs for advice.

sub's comments:
I have not read a blog in a long while (since you quit your evening job really).  I will do some catch up this week.


Very good when it is working, sub makes a good domestic servant and does many things to please her Dom such as cooking, bringing him coffee in the morning and water at night. An inconsistent area though, as sub tends to let laziness trump her role and will let things slide.

sub's comments:
I was supposed to do the dishes last night and it was so comfy lying on your leg.  I think this is another area I could do better in and agree with your grade.


Many times there is a long delay in sub replying to her Dom’s text or email and often time does not even answer questions directed towards her. sub needs to remember that her focus should be on her Dom, even when he is not in her presence.

sub's comments:
Sorry!!  I will work on this one also.  I am so used to being in charge and putting my children first.


Correcting the items above will elevate the sub to receiving an overall grade of an A. It should be noted that the sub needs her Dom to be stricter with her to help her along the way, and he is aware of his role as her teacher.  It should also be noted that there have been a lot of significant life changing events, as well as some faults of the Dom, that have derailed the dynamics at time. These things shall pass and we shall move on, stronger and better.

When the sub is at her submissive best, it is an amazing thing, and the Dom is quite pleased with her and proud of her during those moments. He loves his sub very much, and wants to do a better job as a Dom to help her grow in her role.

He looks forward to spending the rest of his life with her --- collared, leashed, and ready to serve and please.

sub's comments
I do want to be the best for you.  I also think that we weathered the storm and came out of it strong.  A good weekend all alone where you could do as you please would help about now (although, when we do travel or are alone, things are pretty mild).