Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"Z" is for "Zipping..."

From May 28:


And so it comes to an end.

26 letters. 26 words. 26 memos.

"Z" is the hardest by far.

"Zen" was a possibility, but you thought of it as well, and I would prefer to challenge myself and come up with words that you are not expecting.

I actually thought of "Zero", as in "Zero" is the number of days I can handle being apart from you, it is the number of minutes during the day when you do not cross my mind, it is how much tolerance I have with you acting out or not doing as told...

Yes, that was a possibility.

But I am going with zipping...

As in...zipping up your dress.

That might sound silly, so let me explain.

I enjoy that simple act of zipping up your dress for you, somewhat erotic (I can find erotic in the simplest of things, actually) as I pull the zipper up, your bare backside revealed to me..your bra strap...bringing the zipper all the way up, perhaps running my fingers along your spine...the back of your neck. 

It is tied into the fact that you are wearing a dress, and looking nice to please me, and good lord, do you ever look nice in your dresses...those amazing legs revealed, cleavage accentuated, and dresses allow for easy access to the parts below....

It's just nice.

But not as nice as the reverse.

Zipping up is one thing. 

Zipping down is another.

Pulling the zipper down, backside and bra strap revealed again...zipper all the way down, you stepping out of your dress...more of you exposed, milky white skin that I want to taste every part of..then...no dress. You close to naked, looking ever so fuckable..unzipped dress on the floor, you on the bed, legs slightly spread..me standing before you.

Your hand finding my own zipper. Pulling it down. Unsnapping the pants. Taking my cock out of my pants, your mouth finding it...sucking on it, as you look up at me with my hand firmly grasping the back of your head...

From there...

Many other things happen.

So many things happen.

But it all begins zipping...

I love you very much.


"Y" is for "You"

From May 27:


Who do I love more than I have ever loved anyone?

Who do I need like oxygen?

Who is my everything?

Who thrills me, excites me, makes me laugh, makes my heart beat?

Who makes me want to crawl in bed with her and never climb out?

Who arouses me, turns me on, stirs up cravings I did not know I had?

The answer to that is really quite simple.


Always and forever.


"X" is for "X-rated"

From May 26:


Were there to be a movie about our life, the producers would have no choice but to give it an X rating.

We live a somewhat pornographic life, going back to our first sexual encounter in the hotel room where we undressed and I got in bed with you, and you reached down and discovered me, and said those words I will always remember: "You're a big boy, aren't you?" And I slide inside of you, penetrated that magic pussy of yours, and we fucked for the very first time.

Weeks after that...not sure when it was...we made love for the first time.

But there has been a lot of fucking.

Fucking at my place; on the couch and in the bed. Fucking in many, many hotel rooms, both here and afar. Fucking in my car in the parking lot of Wendy's, in a hot springs in Albuquerque, in front of others in New Orleans, in threesomes a total of six times, where I have shared you and watched you take another man's cock in your mouth and cunt.

Fucking in our room, in our bed. Quickies, long sessions...morning, afternoon, and night. Fucking completely naked, fucking where just my pants are pulled down just enough to have my cock fully out, your panties moved off to the side to allow for the penetration I need. 

Our sex life is not that of a PG or R movie, it is X-rated, raw and hardcore, often times extreme and often times taboo.

I would not want it any other way.

I could not have it any other way.

A censored life in the bedroom is not the life for me; a life where we do not do certain things because they fit outside of social norms is not the life for me. It is not the life for us. You are my X-rated lover/fiancee/pet/future wife, and I would not want you any other way. I want you sprawled on the bed, naked and wet, hand between your legs, fingers rubbing your clit, your mouth hanging over the side of the bed, wide open, tongue slightly out, ready for my cock to fuck your face. I want you unabashedly whorish in bed, fuck hungry and insatiable.

I want to live out the X-rated images and ideas that flood my mind with you, kinks and twistedness and lewdness combined. You simply have no idea how you do it for me, how you are all that I want.

And despite what I said the other night...I don't think that will be the last time I share you. Speaking of X-rated. I actually think those sessions are good for us sexually...we did fuck four times yesterday. I feel closer to you after they happen, and I must say...you do look quite lovely with a cock in each one of your hands.

I love you very much...my own personal X-rated whore who I know is oh so wet after reading this...my lovely slut that thrills me and exhilarates me in ways that I never thought was possible. 

--Your Devoted Sir

"W" is for "Words"

From May 21:


Of course that would be the word.

Our relationship began with words and it continues to thrive today with my words.

Of all of the ways I control you, my words remain my most effective tool. You know that. Imagine a day with no memos, none of my words...two days? three days? I know that just the thought of that alone makes you sad and would be a horrible yet effective punishment.

I have no idea how many written words have been exchanged between the two of us, if we were to take every single email and text over the years and dump them all in to a Word document and do a word count, what would the total be? If all of our words were combined into a book, how big would that book be?

It's not all about MY words though. Your words are quite effective as well. I still get a thrill out of seeing an email reply from you, a text notification, etc.

I can do so many things to you with my words. I can construct sentences with just the right words, just the right meaning, just the right way, and they will make you drip. Literally. My words can make you touch yourself, make you crave my cock, make you lust for my Domination. 

My words can bring you to your knees to service me, but they can also bring you to your knees to beg for forgiveness.

My words to you speak volumes.

No words to you at all speak an even louder volume.

Fortunately for you, you never have to worry about it.

As long as you are a good girl, of course.

I love you very much.


"V" is for "Very...."


As in

I am proud to own you.

Very much.

I thoroughly enjoy fucking you.

Very much.

Very hard.

Very often.

I enjoy flogging you..spanking you...inflicting pain on you.

Very much.

Very often.

You are all I have ever wanted and then some.

Very true.

And I absolutely love you.



Very much.


"U" is for "Uncertainties"

From May 19:


This might seem an odd choice of words, as all of the words in this list have centered around things that exist in our relationship.

This word, however, is one that simply does not.

There are no uncertainties, no doubts, no question if we are doing the right thing...no such words exist in the definition of our relationship.

Our relationship is as solid as they come. Our commitment to each other is beyond strong. The world of S and L as it is now, and all aspects of it, from family to TTWD, is, without question, steeped in absolute certainty.

I love you with all my heart, now and forever.


"T" is for "Three"

From May 18:


We have embarked on many kinky adventures since this all began, and as you know...it has not always been just the two of us.

Sometimes there has been three of us.

I have been surprised by how much I have enjoyed many of the things we have discovered, this one is certainly at the top of the list. I am a rather possessive Master when it comes to my pet, you know how I have no tolerance for flirting or anything along those lines with other men...one of the reasons I am glad you are no longer at TCC, by the way.

Given that, why would I enjoy seeing you come rather intensely with another man's cock buried inside of you? To watch you ride another man in the same manner you ride me?

It has everything to do with the circumstances of course, all of it being under my control and my rules, that no matter how you are being fucked or how expertly you are taking another man in your mouth, it is all by my wish and command. There is also the pride I have in sharing you, in showing off the tightness that is your cunt, your amazing cock sucking skills..the way you move...the way you drip...

How could I not be proud?

It makes for a very intense session, no question there. For both of us. I know you enjoy it and that it turns you on, and I know you cannot bring yourself to readily admit to it. So much easier for you to remove your obvious pleasure and focus on pleasing me and being a good girl. That's fine. I will allow you to do that, and let the wetness that soaks our friend for the night tell the other side of the story.

There are many, many things that comprise TTWD...this being one of them.

And with an extra long weekend coming up, I do believe it is time to do it again.

I love you very much...and I love all of the things that we do.