Sunday, July 16, 2017

The new bed: Revisited

The new bed is not so new anymore. This thought occurred to me as I was stripping the bed yesterday after a Saturday morning fuck with L. It certainly wasn't an anticipated fuck; we were lying in bed drinking coffee and my thoughts were more focused on what the day's activities were to include. Before I knew it, L was draping her naked body across me (it's rare she sleeps nude, this was one of those moments) and made some type of remark on how she thought it would be a good idea for me to fuck her.

After a little prompting with her mouth as she sucked my soft cock into full hardness, I did just that. An on the top of the covers fuck, the morning sun shining in through the curtains, the sound of the tv in the living room where children were watching which helped drown out the sounds L were making.

The bed is a little over four years old now, and it still is a very comfortable bed; it's our solace, our happy place...and thought it has somewhat wavered in the last few months or so, the place where wonderful kinky things occur, things that no one in our close circles of family and friends would ever suspect.

What's remarkable is not necessarily what has happened in the bed over the last four years, but what has taken place outside of the bed and the changes in our relationship. The S and L that occupy the once new bed today are quite different than the S and L who broke in said new bed in February 2013.

Very little drama has unfolded in that bed over the years. There have been maybe, at best, a handful of arguments that have resulted in one of us sleeping in the bed and the other in some other location in the house. There have been times when L has been the sole occupant of the bed due to my travels. The bed has only been occupied by the two of us...we create fantasies, sometimes, of the bed being big enough for one more...but when those fantasies are acted upon it is in the safer location of a hotel room in some other city.

The once new bed has been home to hundreds of fucks...lazy weekend fucks, fast and furious lunchtime fucks where I barely bother to pull my pants down. Late at night fucks where we can take our time.

What's the life span on a bed? When does one start thinking about getting a new one? I suppose it is determined by level of activity. A bed in which its inhabitants are dormant probably lasts a lot longer than one where there is a lot of ... movement. Ours is still comfortable enough, but we can tell its been used a little.

Just a little.

It works though. It's our bed, after all. And I wouldn't want to be any other place.

I finished stripping the bed of our sheets, smelling strongly of our sex, and went out to the kitchen where my freshly fucked wife was happily making me breakfast.


  1. When is it time to think about a new bed? when the one you have feels a little worse for wear i expect .You'll know when that happens :)