Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Fuck Toy Friday!

This morning before L left for work, after she had put on her thong panties that i enjoy so much on her, I instructed her to lie down on the bed, face first, as I wanted to do something to her to remind her of her being owned by me. She knew this moment was coming, that I had something planned, but had no clue at all what it might be. Pretty sure she was worried it was going to involve inserting something.

Which isn't a bad idea.

As she trembled nervously, I reached into my nightstand drawer and pulled out a red face paint marker I had purchased at the store last night. I wrote the words "Fuck Toy" across her ass, with "Fuck" on one cheek and "Toy" on the other. L was relieved that it was something as simple as that, and went into the bathroom to look in the mirror and see what I had written.

Once she had gotten to work, I sent her the following email.

Happy Fuck Toy Friday, everyone.....


Written across your ass are the words "Fuck Toy" because it is the
best way to describe who you are to me today. You are my fuck toy,
plain and simple. Think about that, while you are at work. Remember
that every part of your body, your ass, cunt, tits, face..all of
it...belongs to me. I own it and control it and will do what I like
with it...when I like it. Think about that as you go around, working,
joking with your co-workers, keep that in the back of your mind all
day. Repeat that to yourself quietly.

"I am Sir's fuck toy."

"I am Sir's fuck toy."

When you go to the bathroom today, think about that as the piss
streams out of that beautifully shaved pussy, that you shaved so
carefully for my pleasure. That cunt you are pissing out of does not
belong to you. It's my possession, a hole for me to fill my cum with.
To play with, lick, taste, spank, finger, pound, and fuck. I could
instruct you to lie down in the bathtub, spread those pussy lips
apart, and I could stand over you and piss all over that cunt, if I
wanted to.

And what could you do about that? What could the sassy, assertive,
bold and take charge love of my life do about that?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You would have to lie there and take all
of it...pain and the fuck toy that you are.

Today is not a day of kindness and sweet romantic gestures, of
cuddling and gentleness. Today is Fuck Toy Friday, and I plan on
treating you in that manner. Using you in that manner. Brings pleasure
to me. And isn't that the most important thing here? My pleasure and

Throughout the day today you will be me fuck toy mentally. I will send
you emails and text messages, sometimes with instructions, that will
remind you of your fuck toy status. Tonight, when I close and lock the
bedroom door, you will be my fuck toy physically. After a long day of
mental build up and anticipation, I trust we will both be more than

Whisper it to yourself right now.

"I am Sir's fuck toy."

I hope that this email find you exceptionally wet. Fuck toy.


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