Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cock worshipping sub

I'm a big fan of the blog Cock Worshipping Subs, which, as the name applies is a blog setup for subs who worship their Master's cocks. There are a variety of contributors to the blog, and the writing is some of the hottest out there.

I like it in part because I own a cock worshipping sub of my own, and thought she will most likely balk at it, I think she should contribute to the blog someday.

As I have mentioned before, she had septum surgery a couple of weeks ago and as a result, hasn't been able to use her magnificent oral skills on me to the extent that either one of us would like. Damn shame, because she is exceptionally talented at...and she loves it as much as I do.

Because, she is, after all, a cock worshipping sub.

Last night I decided to forego any type of spanking with her, which almost never happens, and set aside spanking time for kneeling and cock worship time. I had her kneel between my legs, head down, with my cock against her bowed head. No eye contact. With her hands she began fondling me...running them up and down my shaft, massaging the head, fondling the balls, exploring every inch of me, while I ran my fingers through he hair.

What happened next was bound to happen.

She couldn't resist, and I had no desire to stop her. Her mouth was on me, taking in just the head, and not very much. Slow, sucking, licking of the tip.

For just a little bit.

She had been begging all night to simply be fucked, wanting what had been in her hands to be deep inside of her.

I instructed her to turn over with her extremely bruised ass (thank you, flogger) raised before me and I was not gentle with what happened next, not at all, because if a cock worshipping sub needs to get fucked, she gets fucked.

So I did. Slammed into her hard, turning her to the side for the deepest penetration possible. She whimpered and moaned, said it was too big, but I kept at her relentlessly. She came hard once, then twice, and I soon followed, not stopping thrusting until I had filled her with every last drop.

Such a good cock worshipping sub.

p.s. Oh, the no spanking from last night? That was a one time thing. She slipped on one of the rules today.

Monday, August 5, 2013

{no subject}

Grabbing pet's collar firmly with one hand, pulling it slightly so it is tight on her neck, so that she feels its presence, with my other hand I bring the cane down on her ass.



And again.

She whimpers and moans.

And drips.

And I continue.

All the while holding her collar. Claiming her as mine.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Return of the cunt

L had just gotten out of the bath and was lying in bed with her nightgown on. She has been bed-ridden for a few days now, recovering from septum surgery last week. We toned things down a bit...just a bit...during her recovery period. Mostly in the blow job arena. She can't do anything that might bump her nose, so that is out. For caning sessions I have had her stand against the closet door with her hands firmly against the door.

Other than that, I'm still quite the stern Master, but at the same time, pampering her and taking care of her during recovery.

So that is one thing, and not what I was going to talk about tonight. Tonight I was going to talk about her cunt.

So L was lying on the bed and talking about how good it felt to bathe and how she hated having a dirty body and dirty hair.

"And a dirty hooha," she said.

I was in the middle of undressing for my shower and turned my head around and stared at her.

I don't like the word "hooha."

I jumped on the bed with my arms on either side of her, my eyes glaring at her.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I know you don't like the word hooha."

"It's a cunt," I said. "A wet, tight cunt."

"Pussy?" she offered as an alternative.

"Cunt," I said. "Wet. Tight. Cunt."

I got up from the bed just as she started squirming underneath me.

"I need a shower," I said. "I smell like diesel and sweat."

"Don't you think you need to check?" she said. "To see if it is wet and tight?" She spread her legs apart and faced me.

"Slut." I said, getting back on the bed.

I touched a hand to her cunt. My cunt. "It is certainly warm," I said. I slowly put a finger inside. "And very wet." Then I put my entire long finger all the way inside of her. "And tight. Definitely tight."

She moaned and arched her hips against me. I pulled my finger out of her cunt quickly and licked it off in front of her.

"Please..." she said. "Check again. Just to be sure?"

Total slut.

This time I put my finger in her cunt even further. "Still the same," I said, pulling it out fast.

"I'm off to take my shower," I said.

"Please hurry," she said, almost whimpering.

"I'll see what I can do," I said.

I took my time.

My cunt wasn't going anywhere.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

What I was thinking...

L asked me in an email yesterday what I was thinking. I asked her if she really and truly wanted to know. This is what I told her along with one of the pictures.

What I am thinking...honestly and truly.

I am thinking I have an exceptionally kinky side, the extent to which I might not fully realize but plan on exploring and putting into place with you, because I own you and I can do that, and because you have a very kinky side as well.

I am thinking how much i enjoy taking picture of you sucking my cock, and how I want to take more pictures and videos like that, of you sucking me, of me spanking you, of me fucking you. I enjoy taking them and I enjoy looking at them. They make me hard and make me want to do more things to you. I like to show them to you. And I like the idea of others seeing them, of others getting aroused by pictures and videos of us. 

I am thinking of how much I enjoy these two pictures attached. I like the one with you with the tip barely in your mouth and the other one where you can see the chain being pulled. I am thinking I might put those two on my Tumblr site.

I am thinking that though it is something we just use in fantasy play and watch videos of, that I do like the idea of sharing you with another Dom, of me spreading your pussy apart for him to see during a session, to show off what a wonderfully wet little slut I own, and to share you with him like in the one video we saw where the sub is getting fucked behind by one Dom while sucking her Dom off, and I think/wonder what that would be like with you, and thought it is something we probably never will do, I am thinking about it and it arouses me.

I am thinking what that would be like for you...how would it feel to first feel my hands spanking your ass...and then another pair of hands.

And just along those lines, and this one is a given, I do think what it would be like to have another sub in a session with us, and there are a myriad of fantasies that come with that. And thinking what it would be like for us to play with another BDSM couple. 

I am thinking how fortunate I am to have you, and how much just you and you alone arouse me....your incredible sexuality, your constant wetness...your willingness and desire to do what I tell you in bed. I am thinking how much I enjoy tossing you around the bed with the leash, knocking you around, slapping your cunt...MY cunt...tasting you, spanking you, fucking you.

I am thinking that we have a wonderful life ahead both in and out of the bedroom.

I am thinking that after reading this...you might be wet. And how delicious you would taste, just like last night.

That is what I am thinking.

And now I am thinking...I need to get to work.