Thursday, July 10, 2014

no panties

L was punished when I got home today, she fucked up on a couple of rules and I really didn't want to wait until bedtime to take care of it. We went into the bedroom as soon as I got home and I took my belt off, removed her panties, hiked up the back of her dress, and punished her. She took it well.

Afterwards, she wanted to put her panties back on as she was going to the grocery store to shop. "There's no need," I said. "Leave them off. You can walk around the store with no panties on under your dress."

(it's a lovely summer dress, by the way. Mid-length. No danger, really, of a draft lifting it up and shoppers getting a nice view of her freshly waxed cunt...unfortunately)

She obeyed. Prior to leaving the house, she came over to the stool I was sitting on and straddled my knee, and my hand went under her dress and touched her wetness. I put a finger inside of her, pulled it out, and licked her wetness of of it.

Then slapped her ass and sent her on her way to the store.

"Don't drip along any of the aisles," I advised, as she headed out. "That would be embarrassing."

She is out shopping while I write this, pushing her cart down the aisles, in her lovely summer dress, where, underneath, her cunt is there and in the open. I wonder how she feels. I wonder if her cunt feels the temperature difference going down the cooler aisle.

I just texted her. I told her that when she gets in the car to hike her dress up she is fully exposed and to drive home in that manner. If at truck were to pull up beside her and if someone were to look down, they might see her. I like that.

I like controlling her in that way.

Even better?

I like how incredibly wet that control makes her.


  1. A familiar scenario in my world but so beautiful hearing it from the other side (Dom side)

  2. Did anyone see her cunt on thh way home?

  3. That's a sweet story, thanks for sharing :)