Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sharing: A love story

Over the course of the past year I have shared L with five different men.

I have written about the experience both here and here. It has been, for both of us, very enjoyable acts and the comfort level has grown, even though each man has been different. I suppose it has been part of TTWD, one of the many acts that define our kinky side. Like all of those other acts, it required a tremendous amount of trust and love for it to be successful.

There are couples out there who engage in threesomes and swinging and are not a D/s couple, just as there are D/s couples who do not engage in threesomes and swinging. I think the fact that we are a D/s couple is what makes it work so well for us. L is able to be at complete ease with doing it without any hang-ups or worries because, after all, she is simply doing as told and knows that it pleases me. What she won't readily admit to is how much SHE enjoys doing it and finds it to be a complete turn-on. As I have told her, it is easy to do as told when you enjoy doing what you are told to do.

I am a rather possessive Sir; I will be the first to admit. I don't tolerate L flirting with other men and have rules in the contract that stipulate how she is to be around other men. I require her to act at all times like a woman who is owned. She's done much better over the last year in that area; not easy given that she is a bit of a natural flirt.

So it would be somewhat surprising given my possessive side that I would have no problem with watching her on her hands and knees, sucking away on another man's cock. That I would have no problem watching her have an orgasm from another man pounding her from behind while I fucked her face. And that when the session is over, and the anonymous man has left our hotel room, we seem to be just a little bit closer.

The D/s makes a different here as well. Everything is done, for the most part, under my control. I decide when it takes place, who it will be with, what the rules will be. A half hour or so before the man joins us, I spend some time working her over, getting her into her subspace, so that it is even easier for her to do what she is being told to do.

It is also a matter of pride for me. I enjoy sharing her, because I am proud of her, and I like to show off my possession. I know how exceptional of a cocksucker she is; how amazing it feels to try and penetrate the tightness that is her pussy; how oh so wet she gets, and more. Each of the five men have lavished praise on her when all was said and done, complimenting her on those areas that i just mentioned as well as talking about what a good pet I had.

So what's not to love?

Five different men, but each situation had its similarities. I found each man on Craigslist, a bit of a risk sometimes, but I am careful with the screenings and make sure they understand what the rules are. Condoms are required and they are not allowed to come in her mouth (I forgot to mention that to #3 which led to a slightly awkward moment that i can't really blame him for). L, who wants the situation to be as anonymous as possible, is blindfolded the entire time, though with #5 she took the blindfold off towards the end.

We don't meet ahead of time for drinks or anything. Once I find someone I am comfortable with, they simply meet up with us in our hotel room. There is no meeting up afterwards, or further communication.

We have yet to try a DP, though came close to it while in New Orleans but L managed to get out of it (which is why I said earlier that I am in control for the most part, L still manages to find a way from time to time to have a say in what happens...). It usually starts with her taking turns sucking us off, while we pass her back and forth with the leash attached to her collar. In the bed it is a combination of taking turns fucking her or her being fucked by one of us while she sucks on the other.

It is an exceptionally intimate and kinky act, and I think a big part of the enjoyment is the fact that it is so kinky. And it most certainly helps that we love each other so much and are so comfortable and confident in our sexuality.

That being said, I think it will take a little more time before we build up to a MFF threesome. It will happen. I don't push that one because I know that L's discomfort has some to do with her past, and, also, it's not as easy to find an anonymous female as it is a male.

That's fine. As I tell L, we have a lifetime to learn and grow and discover our kinkiness together...occasionally bringing others along for the ride.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Week Memo to my Pet: Thursday


In the beginning there was no knowledge or understanding of D/s.

But there is now.

It is hard to believe that it will have been close to three years now since you first signed the contract and the first time I put a collar around your neck. Three years! It has not exactly been the smoothest journey...(fyi, I have blogged about it) but it has certainly been a journey, and the amount of growth that we have had as individuals and as a couple is pretty remarkable. As we have said before, entering the D/s relationship gave a structure that we didn't quite have, and it has really been a rock for us to ground ourselves to.

Your submission means everything to me. It really does. Well, as I write that, there are so many things about you that mean everything to me, but that is certainly at the top of the list. I wish I could describe the rush of having you kneeled before me; I think that act in itself is the one that does it for me the most. Then there is the BDSM...the things that we do in bed. The rush of energy when you first lie across my lap and I slide your panties down, your ass exposed and slightly raised for my flogger. Bringing it down across your ass..and then again..and again...the redness appearing, the whimpers emerging, the wetness dripping. Then, when the quietness begins and you start drifting off into subspace, and the realization that I have put you in a place where anything and everything is possible.

I have had many favorite moments with you since this all began. Intense as fuck sessions...the rape reenactment at my old place, the time I tied you up to a chair in a hotel room and cut away at your clothes. The first experimentation with the knife blade, drawing it across your back, leaving a criss cross of marks that lasted for days.

I like to hurt you. I suppose that should be wrong but I do not really care. I like to hurt you because of the pleasure I know it gives you and the pleasure it gives me. Choking you..holy fuck.

This is one of those topics I could write about on and many different aspects of it that mean so much to me. 

What I have said above is, of course, just the physical aspect of it.

There is the bigger part, and that is the emotional side. The trust trusting me to put yourself in my hand in such a vulnerable state. Your strong desire to please me. The fact that I did not claim you so much as you gave yourself to me.

I know I am not a perfect Dom. I probably spend more time thinking how about I can make myself better over how I can make you better, because without me being the best I can be, I cannot easily expect that of you. I wish more than anything for more time for such things..more times for self-improvement, more time for sessions. This will continue to be something we learn from as we move ahead.

More time...that is what I want more than anything. But then I realize that we are in this for life...and we have so many years ahead, so for that matter, there is all the time in the world.

On this Valentine's Week, I thank you for giving me the greatest gift ever. You gave me yourself --- in every sense of the word -- and I love you more than anything for that.

--Your Devoted Sir

Valentine's Week Memo to my Pet: Wednesday


In the beginning there were words.

Moreso than what I said yesterday about the much fucking! really has been, from the very beginning about words.

And not just my words.

I know a lot of it has had to do with my words...I know it was my words that won you over and it is my words that you look forward to each and everyday. I know it is my words that you cling to, that you cherish each and every syllable, that you read over and over again...words that lift you up, words that make you swoon, make you laugh, make you drip..make you love me.

My words are for you. Yes, I have always been a writer, but not in the way that I write to you. You are my inspiration, my muse. 

What you might not fully realize is this: How much YOUR words mean to ME.

They always have, always will. Do you know how man times over the years I have hit refresh on my computer, waiting for an email from you? Do you know how I still get excited when I see your name show up on my in box, when my phone dings and I look down and it is a text from you?

Our words to each other...dictated through what must be thousands and thousands of emails...have made us who we are, in some ways. They have built us, made us stronger, helped us open up to each other. They have not always been good. There are times the words have been very bad.

That was, of course a long time ago.

I cannot ever see a point and time when our need for each others words ever goes away.Our daily love notes to each other will continue on and on. I certainly never have any intention of stopping..

And with that, my everything, I hit "Send"...

And then...




--Your Devoted Sir

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Week Memo to my Pet: Tuesday


In the beginning we fucked.

That is, of course, a big part of how we came to be.


And why not? We are both very sexual people, and I still think in some ways we are still discovering with each other just how sexual. 

So it makes sense that we connected through fucking...oh, fine, there were words, of course...words from you that I liked and words from me that you liked...and without those words, there probably would have never been fucking.

But there was fucking.

And it created a connection right away, the second you first discovered me, commenting on what a big boy I was, and me finding out right away that it was no easy task to penetrate that tight pussy of yours, but I did...and we fucked...and you moaned that you had not been fucked like that in years.

I remember everything.

Especially when it comes to fucking you.

No need to get Polyanna on me and blush and say that fucking has little to do with how we came to be; you're no Polyanna for starters which is good, because I don't want Polyanna...I want a girl who loves to fuck.

Glad I have one, and then some.

 Fucking does play a big part of how we came to be and it is a big part of who we are now. Thank god we are so compatible in that area...perfect for each other. I am so glad I can be who I really am with you, and that kinky/sexual side of me is a big part of who I am. 

Of course, our fucking has taken quite the turn since that first fuck in the Holiday Inn Express.

We have fucked in a hot springs in New Mexico, in front of other people in New Orleans, on a patio in Burleigh Heads, in my car in the Wendy's parking lot. I have flogged you, caned you, cut you, choked you, pissed on you, fucked you in the ass, came on your face, gagged you with my cock, slapped your pussy, fisted you, raped you, came in your mouth. I've fucked you while you were on your period, pulling my cock out in the end and having to wipe all of the blood off it, and enjoying that, because it was so primal, and I just loved the dirtiness of it.

I have called you a slut...a whore...fucktoy...I have considered you to be nothing more than an object, a cum depository. I've made you beg for my cock. I have turned you into a soaking wet mess of a whore...which I know these words are doing to you right now.

I have seen you suck the cocks of five different men, have seen five different men...strangers to you...fuck the cunt that I own. I have seen you come from other men, and seen you make other men come. I have proudly shared you, offering up your mouth and cunt to men of my choosing, and I have really enjoyed I know you have...and there will obviously be more of that to come.

It is Valentine's Week, so social norms state that I should be heaping words of love to you...roses are red, yada yada....but how dull is that. 

I didn't want to write about that today.

I wanted to write about fucking you.

Because the best words are produced when the writer knows and loves what he is talking about.

Enjoy the rest of your wet afternoon.

--Your Devoted Sir

Valentine's Week Memo to my Pet: Monday


In the beginning there was boredom and two lost and drifting souls reaching out to each other in the dark.

What happened...well, what happened....was something that neither one of them ever, ever thought would happen.

Here we are five years later...but it doesn't seem like seems like a lifetime to be honest. Those two lost souls in the dark bare little resemblance to the two people we are the couple that we are the family that we are now.

Pretty crazy, when you stop and think about it.

It's Monday, February 9...I'm here at work, about ready to go into a meeting, and as is usually the case, my thoughts drift to you.

It's Valentine's Week, and I plan to acknowledge how much your love means to me this week in a variety of little ways. 

Not sure where I would be without you or what I would be without you. I suspect I would still be that lost and drifting soul reaching out aimlessly in the dark, grabbing things that I shouldn't be grabbing on to.

Not so lost anymore. Not so aimless. I do reach out in the dark, but when I do, it is to touch you as you lie next to me sleeping in our bed.

I love you very much.

--Your Devoted Sir

p.s. Good maintenance session last night. You can expect more of those this week as well....

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Today L and I were lying on our bed together having a lazy day together (they seem rare, as of late) and I felt the need for a nap coming on, so I turned over to L, rested my head on her lap and took a nap.

It is usually the opposite with L's head on my lap, while I run my fingers through her hair, sometimes giving it a slight tug.

Today I put my head on my pet's lap and took a nap. It wasn't a Dominant act on my end, nor a submissive act on her end, it just....was. I put my head on her lap and took a nap, while she watched some show about someone on Bravo, and as my eyelids sank and the nap over took me, I cared not if I was Dominant or if she was submissive, but rather, because it was the most wonderful place to be.