Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On matters pertaining to sex

Please find above, for your viewing pleasure, what L and I believe is a rather lovely picture of me getting ready to penetrate her. You have to admit in terms of pre-penetration pictures, this one is pretty good. Some might say it is fucking hot. We both like it, and so we will share so that those of you who visit this blog seeking arousal through the written word will have a visual component to add to your pleasure. I have no concern that such a graphic image might offend some of you, because truthfully, you ought not to have been on this blog in the first place if you are an easily offended person.

It seems that Doms who write blogs about their lifestyle rarely go into graphic sexual detail about their D/s relationship, tending instead to focus on the philosophy of the D/s dynamics, leaving the delicious details to be revealed by the many subs out there who write so damn well. I'm talking about you, Conina! And that's all well and good, because I admire those Doms and what they have to say, and often times look to their blogs for guidance and suggestion. They helped me become the Dom I am today, and I tip my hat to them.

Every now and then I go down that road in my postings, more so in the beginning then I do now. As of late, if I feel inspired to sit down and write something, it is going to be on matters pertaining to sex. I draw inspiration to blog from the things that L and I do in the bedroom, wonderfully kinky things that are guided by our D/s relationship, and I suppose that maybe I have become more of a sex blogger than anything else.

What can I say? I'm a highly sexual person, and L is too. On my side, I didn't really come to terms or realize the full extent of my sexuality until I met L, and especially when we went down this road. I was in a sexless marriage for many years prior to meeting L --- at one time, a drought that lasted more than two years. It is quite the jump to go from that to what L and I have where it is very, very rare if we ever go a day without having sex. She bowed before me and handed me a key to unlock what she calls my "twisted mind", and when that door opened, I sure as hell wasn't going to close it. It is delicious. It completes me. It

But it is me because of L. It's much more than what you see in the above picture (again, what a nice picture!) and the fucking and the sucking and the Dominating and the submitting, it is because of the love I have for her as well. It is because of where we have been and where we are now. I don't just look forward to crawling into bed with her each and every night because I collar her and command her to do whatever I tell her to do based upon how I am feeling, I look forward to it because of what happens after that, when she falls asleep next to me, and I follow, and her warm body is next to mine, and I wake up to that wonderful feeling each and every morning.

And yes, the sex. Good lord almighty, the sex! Sex, I might add, with an absolutely perfect partner. Yes, you heard me. Perfect. A lovely woman, the most sexual woman I have ever met, eager to please and to be pleased, a naughty nympho not shy about admitting her love of sucking cock, a panty soaked pet ready to raise her ass to me at any time for a good old fashioned knock the pictures off of the wall, pounding from behind.

The sex. Good lord. The sex.

Which is why I write what I write.

Which is why I posted the picture above.


Permission to touch yourself granted.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

safe & secure (from L)

S has given me a writing assignment for today....the first in a long long time.   Here it is: So I think it is time for you to contribute to the blog again, been ages since I have had you write anything. Time for a little introspective on how you feel things are right now with us and our dynamics. Where do you think you are as my submissive right now. Take a look back at what you wrote around this time last year for ideas of what you did then  (it was quite good). I would like this done sometime today.
Last year at this time I believe I said that we resided at the top of Shit Mountain.  We kinda were.  S was between jobs, the restaurant where he worked nights was closed for a month.  We had just had my ex here for Christmas which was a bit of a hell on earth for the most part.  We were struggling with money....with us....with him....with life.  You know, Shit Mountain.
I had been living in fear for a long long time.  Even before my ex was diagnosed with the cancer, I was scared.  I stayed with him for years because I was afraid of what would happen if I didn't.  Then after he was told he would die, that brought a whole new fear of him taking me with him.  One day when he was here.....after being diagnosed.....he was using my car and had picked me up at work.  I had ran an errand that day and he knew about it and refused to believe that it was work related (now mind you, we were not even together and had not been for two years) and drove the car like a mad he would crash with me in it. 
After that last visit at Christmas, S moved his things in for the last time.  I still took the boys to see their dad as much as possible but never allowed him back in the house.  He died two months ago today.  It was a horrible way to go.  He never changed one bit....I honestly thought he would towards the end.  My boys are fine for the most part.  Things did not change in their lives and I have always taken care of them.
So I guess one of the biggest changes in my life right now is I no longer live in fear.  One of the things threats I always had was he would burn the house down (with us in it, I have clue) but the threat would keep me up at nights listening if I heard something.  If you have ever lived in constant fear, you would know that it is HUGE when it is gone.  I feel safe, secure....taken care of and no fear.
S of course went right to work at a good job and just today it was announced in the local paper his even better job.  We had a really great holidays and filled our home with family, friends and loads of food.  We shopped together, decorated our tree.....and we have blended into a really good family unit.  My children love S and he them.  Things are just really really good.
As for behind closed doors....that is really really good as well. 
As for Shit Mountain.....that's just a place I used to know.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Survey says!

I'm always looking for new and innovative ways to push L within the context of our D/s relationship, and fortunately, I have a highly creative  side to me and suffice to say, things are never boring for us.

I used my academic background to give pet a report card on her performance before, and another tool I enjoy using that helps provide some quantitative research into our relationship (again, the academic side coming to life here!) by randomly sending her a survey via Survey Monkey for her to fill out.

I posted the link to the one I sent her earlier in 2013 to fill out, and a number of other subs out there filled it out as well. For Doms looking for similar ideas, the link to the survey is here, or if you are a sub and would like to take it, be my guest!

On the day of our session with a third, I sent her the following survey to get a sense of her experience prior to being with me in this area:

She balks at taking them...too personal! she says, in the case of the last one. But it's fun for me to pull such information from her, and given that she always answers yes to the last question I ask her: "Are you wet after taking this survey?" she enjoys it more than she lets on.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

In appreciation of women who love to fuck

I got the above text from my pet around 11 this morning. She is still on break for the holidays and was at home just getting up while I was in my office. Doing what she was asking of me was the furthest thing from my mind at the time as
 I had just finished up a big job interview with another company and was weeding through the many emails that had piled up after a one-week hiatus.

She was wanting to fuck. Not later tonight, but right then and there. She didn’t want to make love, she didn’t want me to come cuddle with her and whisper sweet nothings in her ear, she wanted to FUCK. Hard, fast, and brutal.

I contemplated the situation. I did have a lot of work to do, with meetings coming up around the corner. The Dom in me wanted to scold her, call her a little cum slut who would have to sit around in wet panties until I got home. But then I looked at her text, and I pictured her waiting for me, and I felt a stirring in my pants, and minutes later, I was out the door. Maybe she was topping from the bottom a bit here, but I didn’t care, because fucking her seemed like a damn fine idea.

I got home and went into our bedroom and locked the door. She was lying on the bed, already getting in the position to be fucked from behind. I, however, was in need of some attention first, so I positioned myself at the side of the bed and took my cock out for her to suck on. I was still fully dressed, with shirt and tie on, while she eagerly took me in her mouth and quickly brought me to a full erection. Once hard, I flipped her over and entered her from behind and gave her just what she was asking for. Within seconds --- seriously, it was that fast --- she was asking for permission to come. I granted her permission, and her orgasm hit her hard and fast as I continued pounding away inside of her.

I am not only the owner of a submissive woman, my own personal pet that I can do anything with, I also happen to be a loving companion for life with a woman who loves to fuck.

It’s a great feeling. I don’t think there is anything sexier that a woman who truly loves to fuck. A woman who is confident and comfortable with her own sexuality, and has no problems expressing it with her partner. A woman who will unabashedly admit that she enjoys cock. A woman who not only expresses her love for fucking in the words she says or in the way she moves (the way you move ain’t fair, you know), but in the way her body reacts. You know what I mean. I’m talking about the oh so lovely wet spot that forms on the front of panties, the dripping that spreads down onto thighs, that soaks the sheets, that coats the face when you go down on her, that leaves your cock glistening when you pull out of her. I’m talking about Rick James’ super freak of a girl, the kind you don’t take home to mother; I’m talking about Prince’s darling Nikki, the sex fiend in a hotel lobby masturbating in a magazine.

But I’m just not talking about any woman who loves to fuck; I’m talking about the woman who loves to fuck who is not supposed to be the woman who loves to fuck. The suburban mom who volunteers for her son’s sport team, who lives in a nice house in Mayberry with kids and a dog and a cat and a swingset in the front yard. June Cleaver with a lust for cock; Carol Brady putting a show on for Mike with her Hitachi Magic Wand; Donna Reed with a ball gag in her mouth and a flogger striking her ass and loving every minute of it.

You know. A woman like my woman. The one that I own.

She loves to fuck.

So men of the blogosphere, let us now gather in our respective man caves and pour ourselves a Maker’s Mark on the rocks, and let us toast to the women that we love who love to fuck. Let us cheer their desires, their lustiness, their horniness; let us applaud the sounds they make when we first penetrate them and the way they beg us to fuck them hard; let us appreciate their willingness for us to whisper things in their ears while fucking them, things their mom’s don’t want to hear, like calling them cum sluts, cock whores, and fuck toys. Let us applaud our good fortune together, and shake each other’s hands, for we are lucky men indeed, because we have in our possession women who love to fuck.

A toast, good sirs, to the lovely ladies who enjoy the sensation of living in a penetration nation.


And now you will excuse me as I have a woman who loves to fuck, and she wants it right now.