Thursday, November 3, 2016

How many is too many?

A few nights ago L and I were in bed watching the movie "Nymphomaniac Volume I" on Netflix when it got to the scene where Stacy Martin's character challengers her friend to a "fucking competition" of sorts to see who can fuck the most men on a train ride. The movie itself, by the way, is one of the more explicit ones you will find on Netflix and that particular scene contains one of the best oral sex scenes of any movie I have seen when Martin seduces a reluctant married man who is on his way home to try and impregnate his wife by sucking him off in a train car, and the scene leaves you no doubts that it is indeed real, to include the cum that runs out of her mouth and back down on his cock in the end....that wasn't necessarily what made the scene such an enjoyable one, I think it also has to do admiration of her seduction and the power she had over him.

Anyway, I digress somewhat. As the two women were tallying up their score, L made some comment on whether or not they had cleaned up in between fucks, and then looked at me and said "You would probably like that though, wouldn't you?"

"To a certain extent, I would," I said.

I do not mind fucking L after she has been used by another, to clarify, after I have made her be used by another. It has happened several times. When we have out threesomes with other men, I will typically let the other man fuck her before I do, and depending on what else we are doing to her, we will take turns, L on her back on the bed with her legs spread and her cunt dripping as one cock enters her, pulls out, and is replaced by another cock. Typically, her mouth is occupied by whatever cock isn't inside her cunt. Her being used is a turn on to me, to fill her after she has been filled by another is a turn on to me. Her cunt has been filled by the cum of myself and another man on one occasion. I view none of it as being something so crude as "sloppy seconds"; I view it as her ultimate submission to me, to allow me to share her as a sex object, a fuck slut. My willing and dripping slut.

I do not mind fucking her after she has being used by another, but would there be a limit to that?

We talk, jokingly, about gang bangs, about me taking her out in the woods somewhere and tying her naked to a tree as one man after the other fucks her. We talk joking about those things, but those discussions of such fantasies turn us both on and we usually end up fucking.

But how would that be in reality?

How many cocks fucking her would be too many, were I to follow how I normally do it and let the other..and in this instance, it would be many would be too many? When it is just one another man, I can still slide inside her after wiping her out and she is still incredibly tight, but how many cocks would it take before she wasn't tight, before her cunt truly did feel used? How many men coming inside her, coming on her, would be too many? The spunk of several men running out of her cunt, drying on her tits, on her face, in her hair, her pussy raw and many would be too many?

How many?

I'm not sure.

But wouldn't it be fun to try out?