Wednesday, February 26, 2014

She was gone eight days.

My beloved pet came home this afternoon. I met her at the airport with a half dozen roses and welcomed her into my arms in front of baggage claim with a fully embracing hug and a deep kiss. She loved the flowers. "I've never gotten flowers at the airport before," she said. But then again, her relationship with me...and mine with her....has been full of firsts, left and right.

She was only gone eight days. We wondered how long it would take after she got home before we would find ourselves in bed. Surprisingly, we showed some restraint. Not a lot. She had bought me some new clothes that she wanted to show me so we did that. But it wasn't long after that that the bedroom door was locked and she had taken me out of my pants, and then into her mouth, and it was, in a word EXQUISITE. Warm, wet mouth, lips wrapped around my hardness as she sucked on me. I was still fully dressed, shirt and tie on from work.

I have great will power, but she was gone eight days. We quickly moved on to what we both needed, what we said was going to happen as soon as she got home. Her pants were pulled down. Mine just enough. Shirt and tie still on. I'm on top. I'm pushing inside of her, aching to penetrate the cunt that I own, and she, in her usual insatiable desires that so draw me to her, was pushing up against me, wanting that connection. Needing. Craving.

I forced myself insider her. She was gone eight days. She tightened up a little over those eight days. She said, ahead of time, it would most likely not take her long to come, and that had let to a conversation of whether or not i could make her come without any penetration, just by having my cock in front of her, using my words.

We will try that sometime, but this was not the time. She was gone eight days. She was right. It did not take her long to come. 30 seconds, I believe. I saw no reason to continue having will power. She was gone eight days. I came quickly afterwards, a nonstop series of eruptions filling her up as she fucked back against me.

It probably only lasted a minute for both of us, but we both got what we needed, at that moment, at that time. It was mid-afternoon.  We just needed....THAT.

She has already gone to sleep for the night, fell asleep early as she had been traveling since early that morning. She was told that other things were going to happen tonight, with the fucking out of the way, it was time to be reunited with the cane and flogger, to be collared and leashed. But she's fast asleep and exhausted, and I just might let her continue sleeping. Maybe the cane and flogger will have to wait until tomorrow night.


She was gone eight days.

But we will be together forever.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Revisiting the cunt

Three things L and I cannot completely agree on, though, in all three instances, they can happen if I say they are to happen:

1. L taking it up the ass, which I have blogged about here and here
2. L swallowing, which I have blogged about here and she has commented on here
3. L saying the word "cunt", which both of us talked about here.

Despite her completely whorish ways with me, L seems to prefer to refer to our anatomy as "doodle" and "hoohah" which I find somewhat offensive. She will sometimes throw out a "pussy" from time to time when it comes to describing her deliciousness.

For me, it's all about "cunt" and "cock." L has a wet, tight cunt that I own, I have a hard, throbbing cock that is used to fuck said cunt. Those words perfectly describe our respective parts. I should know. I am a words man. L was drawn to me because of words, so there is some irony that two of my favorite words are ones that Ms. Goodie Two Shoes tries to avoid, even when she is on her knees begging to have my aforementioned cock stuffed inside of her aforementioned cunt.

Cock. Cunt. Cock. Cunt. Cock. Cunt. Fuck. Throb. Wet. Come. Come. Come. Cum.

Maybe in my next life I will be a writer of erotica. L says I should, but then again, she gets all blushy when I pull out the hard core ammo. She gets all blushy, but underneath her panties, I think my use of such choice words makes her cunt tingle. Makes her want to spread it open. For a cock. For my cock. In her cunt.

That's all I've got.

p.s. Night six of no L in bed next to me. When she returns in three nights, I am going to fuck that cunt I own into tomorrow.

Something's missing here...

Sunday morning, and I am awake much earlier than I typically am on a Sunday morning. I am up at a Monday morning time, but what can I say...I woke up, realized I was not going to be able to go back to sleep, so went out, got my cup of coffee, and crawled back into bed with my laptop.

Every thing now. Something is not right. Something is missing.

What can it be...what can it be...

(glances to his left at the vast empty space in the bed next to him)

Oh, yes. SHE is missing.

Just made it through my fifth night with L not in bed next to me as she is out of state for work and for a small vacation. Three more sleeps! and she will return.

In the meantime, we stay connected. Lots of sexting, emails, a few phone calls. I control her while she is gone, she is to inform me of her whereabouts at all time and start every morning with "Good morning Sir" and end the evening with "Good night Sir." She has a hard time, sometimes, with regular checkins as she is used to being quite independent when she travels and approaches those trips with a devil may care attitude, but not so this time because the devil (me) DOES care.


It is Sunday morning and I am awake much earlier than I typically am on a Sunday morning, and I have my laptop, my coffee, and CNN headline news on, and there is this vast empty space in the bed next to me that I wish weren't empty at all. I wish that vast empty space was occupied by my pet, her collar still on from the night before (she is required to wear her collar all night) and that I could reach over and grab that collar, and wake her up, and guide her over to me, guide her over to my cock to take me in her mouth like in this picture here. ---------->

In my last posting I wrote about how I enjoy squeezing L's throat, controlling her breathing. But the truth is, her absence is akin to having my oxygen taken away from me, so at times, when she is not in this bed next to me, I, too, have a hard time being able to


Friday, February 21, 2014


As of late, I have taken great pleasure in introducing breath play into my sessions with L. This is particularly true when my desire to be forceful with her is at its strongest; when my testosterone level is up to the Nigel Tufnel level of 11.

Sometimes...sometimes everything else just isn't enough. Sometimes it isn't enough to flog her, to cane her, to restrain her....sometimes I need more. Sometimes I need to take away her ability to


So I do. I wrap my hand around her neck, and it takes her by surprise. Always. And I squeeze. Tight. I have big hands. L is sexually drawn to them. She will sometimes stare at them. Stare at pictures of them. She is fascinated by the size of my hands, because she also knows that there is a direct correlation between the size of my hands and the size of something else. But when that large hand is squeezed tight around her neck, she is not thinking of anything, except wondering when I will allow her to


Because at that time she cannot. I have controlled her last very bit of essence, her ability to live. I control her cunt, her mind, her soul, her heart...and at that moment...hands squeezing her, her face turning red, I am controlling her ability to


It does not last long enough to become anywhere close to dangerous. It does not enter the zone where a safety word is needed. She does not have one anyway. She trusts me. It lasts long enough to remind her of how incredibly owned she is. It reminds her that at this moment, in that place, I am the one who will tell her when she can


And then I release my large hand from her neck, the large hand that caresses her, loves her, spanks her, controls her. And then...just like that...I have given her permission to


Which she needs to do. It is then, no longer about large hand. It is about something else that is large. And that something else that is large is inside of her, quickly and forcefully, pounding her...fucking her wetness, hard and fast, and it is a good thing she can


Because she needs that breath for words, for her words, and those words are, as they tremble from her lips...

"Please Sir, may I come?"


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Working Dom

I don't see a lot of discussion out here in regards to how a Dominant male interacts in the real world, in particular, the 9-5 world that he calls his job or career. Taking it further, is a Dominant lifestyle restricted to his relationship with his sub, or, if it is truly who he is, are traces of his Dominance found in all that he does?

I've been pondering this as of late as I have settled into my new job, a rather demanding, high profile position that has me in charge of public relations for an organization with more than 2,000 employees and 34 locations. It's an enormous responsibility, one that I have not had in a few years in my professional career, and I think it has been an adjustment for L more so for me. Her past relationships have been with blue collar men, which, for some odd reason, when I first got with her many years ago I found intimidating because I didn't think I fit the profile of being her type. This was also during my "BC" years, which translates to "Before Confidence." Anyway, it's a transition for her, I think, going from that to someone who leaves work in a suit in the morning, is a public figure who is faithful to attending his weekly chamber of commerce luncheons, and who is interviewed by local media on a regular basis.

I have had high profile leadership positions before, and while I was good at them and respected for my work, I did not have the same approach as I do now in my "AC" phase of life, with AC being, of course "After Confidence." I have approached this job much differently than any other job I have had before, and with barely a month in, have made more strides than I did in previous positions after a series of months.

Confidence makes all the difference in the world, and I developed my confidence because of my D/s relationship with L. What started off as being assertive and in control in bed is starting to trickle out to all other aspects of my life. As I write this, I chuckle as I think of all of the self help books and motivational speakers that people turn to to gain confidence in their lives. I am sure that they help, but I am pretty damn confident (once again) that the way I gained my confidence was much, much more fun. Books are one thing, but collaring and leashing a woman you love and ordering her to her knees while you fuck her mouth and she drips with wetness because she wants it...that, my friend is something that Tony Robbins simply cannot deliver. (Nor, quite frankly, would I want him to deliver!)

There are different levels of confidence of course, and sometimes it is not a good thing, because someone who is overly confident can also be cocky and arrogant. Those with a Dominant trait do not bring that to the table with their confidence; their confidence comes from a different place. They are sure of themselves, confident of their decisions, but at the same time, there is a sense of compassion and caring, whether that be with their sub or within their workplace.

I think that describes me at work. I do believe I have already established myself along those lines of being a confident leader, having already made changes and put into places new endeavors that no one has been willing to try before (as my assistant has said on more than one occasion, "We are entering new territory with you.") but along the way I seriously doubt that anyone would describe me as arrogant or cocky in what I am doing. Today my boss and I had a candid conversation with me about many things, and one of the things he said was "You are steps ahead of me on many things, and I appreciate that." I've talked to others along the way, solicited feedback, but at the end of the day, have made the final decision on what to do because I felt confident it was the right thing to do.

Same thing in the bed with L. As I put into place the guidelines of our D/s relationship, I did not do so in a cocky or aggressive manner, this is what separates dominating from Dominant. I researched. I thought about what was best for both of us, and made a final decision, and put that into place. In the beginning, I faltered, and was sometimes wishy washy in anymore, but I am sure L would attest to this...not anymore. I am clear in what I want, confident in what is needed, and that is how it is.

I like myself these days. This is a big change for me. I did not always like myself. I would sometimes look in the mirror and loathe the person staring back at me, and if you have ever been there, you know that is a horrible place to be. Is this all because of the D/s? I don't know, in all honesty, but suffice to say, a majority of it is because of that. I know that whenever our D/s relationship is in full swing, as it usually is these days, everything else falls into place, and whenever our D/s relationship is not working and we are at odds, the darkness settles in. There are aspects of that that frighten me sometimes, the intensity of it...the fact that so much of who I am as a man is directly related to my relationship with one woman. But there is, at the same time, a beauty to all of that, and undeniably confirming that the woman I am with is my soulmate for my life...collared, leashed, and deeply loved.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sub's choice

It would be easy to say that subs have no choice in their D/s relationship but that is far from the truth. Not that I ever thought that, but L summarized it up quite nicely the other night from the comfort of our hotel room bed after a session. "You have no choice," I said to her. Or something along those lines.

"I choose to not have a choice," she said. Or something along those lines. (I knew I should have written it down at the time!)

Even it is paraphrased, that is pretty damn accurate. True sub's willingly give themselves to their Dom, they happily and without hesitation kneel before their Dom, hands stretched out before her, head down -- her entire body saying "I am yours, Sir."

I. Am. Yours.

She does this because she chooses to do so. She makes a not have a choice.

A powerful choice indeed.

Valentine's week....

...came and went. I say Valentine's Week as I celebrated the entire week with pet, placing a single rose on her pillow every day, leaving a card in her car every morning for her to get on her way to work, and having lunch delivered to her office. And at night, well, you know what we do at night, why bore you with the details?

L left the day before Valentine's Day with the boys for a hockey tournament our middle son was playing in. She drove down, and I flew down to meet them the next day on Valentine's Day. Originally we thought we were going to be sharing a room with the boys and her mom, but we lucked out, and got our own room to ourselves...which we made good use of.

The day before Valentine's Day, as she was in her car making the trip down the road, I sent her the following memo of the day. She asked me if I would post it to the blog as she didn't want to lose it, so that is what I am doing.

On another note, I don't post as often as I would like. The new job has been exceptionally busy with 12 hour days most days. The silence has nothing to do with anything not happening on our end. Things on our end are very good.

L leaves on a work trip tomorrow morning, making it a week that she will be gone. A full week! My caning hand is getting twitchy already...



Poor girl. Feeling a bit neglected that I wouldn't send you a memo today? Of course I wouldn't forget that. No sense in sending it to you while you were driving, and I wanted to give you something to read (and respond to) when you got to your hotel room.

So like I said this morning, I am having one of those moments where I feel a bit overwhelmed by how strong my feelings are for you, how much I love you, how I can't imagine my life without you. You truly are my everything, and that feeling seems to be growing on a regular basis. I love the strength that this relationship has, I love that we overcame some huge odds to be together, odds that your average couple simply would not be able to overcome, and that we somehow managed to not only do it but come out of it on the other end better than ever.

And like you said...we knew things would be good but didn't realize how good. I think back to our early days together, the domestic fantasies we would have. I remember verbatim, word for word, emails you would send about how you wish we were going home together to eat dinner, give the babies a bath, and crawl into bed together. I remember you saying how you just wanted us to be able to live together, day to day, vacation under the sheets. That there would ever be such a day back then seemed almost impossible. That there were those days now seem like an eternity. 

I could not imagine us having anything close to that anymore. We have checks with our names on them. It is just way, way, way different now. Better. 

It also seems an eternity (though it was not that long ago) when I was battling my internal demons that got in the way of our relationship. I do not even feel like the same person anymore. I was in a bad place for a long time, and that I managed to escape that bad place and get to this point, makes me very happy. I know that you not being married anymore, and despite the reason that is, makes a huge difference for me. 

So that is most of it, really. I truly do love you and can not imagine being without you. You are it times infinity. 

Then, there is of course, the nature of our relationship, just as important now as it was in the beginning. I also can't imagine not having that as the foundation our relationship is built on. It is just so natural anymore.

I will miss you tonight, but will really miss you next week when you are gone. I am glad you will be able to get out and get your sun fix and see your dad and brother, and will take good care of the boys while you are gone.

Happy valentine's week, my love.


Monday, February 3, 2014


From time to time I will see posted in the kinky blogosphere postings from subs or Doms reflecting on whether or not certain sexual activities are "less-Dom" than others. The big one always seems to be when a sub rides her Dom, and by virtue of the fact that in that position she is the one on top, does that constitute as a "non-Dom" sexual position?

I tend not to worry about such things. For me, having L ride me is one of my favorite sexual positions, especially when I am tired. Why should I have to do all of the work to bring out my orgasm when I have a lovely little fucktoy to do it for me? It's a great position both physically and visually. And my pet knows how to move. Does it for me all the time. From the very beginning when she positions herself over me, my cock hard and erect and pointing up straight at her, throbbing...ready for her to lower herself down. She lowers, and my cock disappears deep inside of her, and then she starts moving, hands squeezing breasts, raising my hips up slightly. She picks up the tempo, riding me hard now, room is filled with the sounds of fucking and wetness, of moans and groans, and since she is a good pet, she can tell when I am about to come, and she rides even harder and then I explode deep inside of her while she milks out every last drop of me, then rolls over off of me, tired, as I run out of her, down her thigh and onto the sheets. Those sheets that should probably be changed every night.

Sub on top. Dom on top. Sub in a box. Dom in a box. Do you like green eggs and ham? None of this matters, what matters is what pleases the Dom.

With that...ride away sweet subs. Ride away.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Make up session

L asked me to pose this question to our readers to see what their thoughts were.

For starters, things have been exceptionally busy in our lives. I started a new job two weeks ago that has given me more responsibility and changed our regular routine. But things have also been exceptionally good for us. The new job was a good change for us and was a step back up the ladder of my professional career. I say a good change because it had a startlingly positive effect on my Dominance, and that has carried over into mine and L's D/s dynamics. We are both very happy, content people. And for the first time in a long time...a very long time....I have internal peace that has been sorely lacking.

Much more I could say about all of this, but we're getting ready to head out to a Super Bowl Party (Go 'Hawks!). Two nights in a row now, we have not engaged in TTWD. Two nights in a row the cane remained on the top shelf of my side of the closet, and for two nights in a row now, L's ass has gone untouched. Both nights we were just too tired to do anything (the downside of my new job), aside from regular sex Friday night and Saturday morning.

I told L last night I would make up for it before Monday with an extra hard session, and this morning she asked me to pose this to the masses. Should she really have to be put through an extra hard makeup session (which would just make her wet anyway, so why even ask) just because her Sir was too tired to do anything to her? Or should she simply get a pass, and our next session would be no more intense than they normally are?

Your thoughts?