Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Is this how you want me to be?"

L had a tooth removed Friday afternoon, and with that knowledge in my mind, I went into the three day weekend thinking that it might be relatively vanilla, at least for the first couple of nights while L healed. I find it difficult to bring myself able to conduct much of a session when L is under the weather for any reason, and figured that a tooth removal would have her in a great deal of pain and I would do what I normally do when she is laid up in bed, which is to take good care of her.

I went into the weekend with that knowledge in my mind. Where the weekend has gone (one day left still!) was, in so many ways, quite the contrary.

Early Friday evening while L was resting in bed I ran to the grocery store to shop for the weekend. While there, I got the following series of texts from L:

 I am home quite ready to be bruised. I want it all, rough, but not around my mouth so much.



This put into motion an evening and a weekend harder and rougher than any weekend we have had in a long time. It was long overdue. The last few weeks L had been going through the motions in terms of her submissiveness, though she was still doing everything that she was required. But as I explained to her at one point, her attitude wasn’t there.

L’s total submissiveness returned from its sabbatical on Friday night. It did not crawl into bed purring like an innocent kitten, it pounced on the bed, roaring like a lion, craving, demanding, wanting….everything.

So what did we do? It seemed, everything. And new things. I have lost track of how many times over the weekend L was lying on the bed, naked, with her ass raised, as blow after blow I tended to her ass with as many implements as I could find. And with each time that I stopped, she arched her back up, and in a voice muffled by the pillow she would whimper….”more, please….”

She got more, and more again. On Friday night I attempted to fist her for the first time. We got pretty far, surprising given the size of my hand and the tightness of her cunt. She spent most of the weekend a soaking wet miss, kneeled in front of me, wanting more, and more again. Last night I went down on her and her orgasm was so ferocious she soaked a large patch of the sheet when she gushed (this has been a new experience the last few months, L no longer considers the female ejaculate a myth or being nothing more than piss).

L’s submissiveness roared like a lion, and I returned the favor with a new level of Dominance, and the two met and collided, resulting in a flurry of emotions and sensations. Our bed and room smells like sex. We smell like sex. L grimaces when she sits down. Her ass is properly branded.

We still have another weekend night, thanks to tomorrow’s holiday. I whispered to L this morning the things that were going to be done tonight, that I was going to make her feel like a total whore and make her do whorish things to me…and I will.

At some point Friday night, as L floated around in the world of subspace, kneeled before me, she asked:

“It this how you want me to be?”

The answer, of course, was:


Monday, May 19, 2014

Afternoon delight

Last Friday I had L meet me at home at lunchtime. It was one of our last opportunities (opportunities we didn’t take advantage of enough during the school year) to go home for a session while the kids were still in school.

We didn’t have much time at all. A matter of minutes, actually.

She met me there.

We went in the room.

Locking the door, L got on her knees in front of me, undid my belt, unzipped my pants, and took my cock out. I was already semi-hard. She went to work immediately, sucking away in that magnificent way that she does, and as she did, she looked up at me the while time, wide open eyes seeking my approval. Seeking to see if I was pleased.

Which I was.

We didn’t have much time at all. A matter of minutes, actually. I wanted to unload right there, grab the back of her head and pull it into me as I came in her mouth, keeping my cock in there as she sucked out every last drop.

It was Fuck Toy Friday, after all.

But I didn’t. I am a kind Dom, after all. I ordered her to the bed and had her pull her pants and panties down. I was still fully dressed in my suit. I fucked her from behind in that manner, me fully dressed, L’s face pushed down into the bed as I slammed inside of her.

She made sounds that she normally can’t make when others are in the house.

We didn’t have much time at all. A matter of minutes, actually. At the last minute I pulled out and with a few additional strokes, I came all over her ass. Grabbing a sock off the floor, I gave a half-ass attempt to clean her up, wanting to leave a majority of it drying on her to remind her of me the rest of the day.

Marking my territory, so to speak.

No quicker had I finished up then I zipped myself back up and gave my freshly fucked pet a kiss on the lips.

“I have to go back to work,” I said, and left.

We didn’t have much time at all. A matter of minutes, actually.

We made damn good use of them.

Sky rockets in flight.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cock worshipping slut, part II

My work life has been crazy the last three days and I have not had a chance to write anything. I have had ideas in my head, just not the time to write about them. For that matter, I have not had the time to give L the attention with the cane that she needs.

Sooo....I feel like I should offer something up, lest our followers find this blog stale.

I don't have the words right now, so I will simply offer this image up of L doing what she does best. I prefer words, in all honesty. Failing words, let's rely on the images.

Especially when it is images like this.

Words to come. Shortly.

After I come.


Monday, May 12, 2014

Cock worshipping slut

Lest I give the impression of L being a total lady at all times, I post this picture I had on the blog a few months ago of her in her natural state, in bed with me at night....worshipping my cock like the good little slut she is.

MY slut. That I own.

Good night.


I think one of the joys of a D/s relationship is the tremendous amount of freedom it allows for.

It would be easy to think/say that the Dom is the only one who gets the freedom. After all, the world is his oyster. He gets to pick and choose what he wants his sub to do, use her in any manner that he sees fit. He is free to do with her as he pleases.

But subs have their freedom as well, and maybe even more so. Yes, being able to do whatever you want has an aspect of freedom to it, but then again, so does having to do whatever you are told to do. Lack of choice…or, rather, not worrying about having to choose can be just as liberating as the one calling the shots. This of course is why balance is such an essential structure of a healthy D/s relationship.

The most significant freedom for a sub, though, is the freedom of absolute and complete sexuality. Here’s what I mean. There are certain things I do with L that she would never ask me to do. Things she would never confess to enjoying. I do things to her, in her words, that ladies are not supposed to want to have done to them or enjoy doing them. By giving me the decision-making when it comes to all sexual matters, I have given her freedom from those concerns. She does not have to worry if what she is doing/craving would be considered “lady like” because she simply has no say in the matter, she does what is my bidding and that is that.

I suppose in some ways it is a double bonus. She gets the knowledge that she is pleasing me, and if what we do makes her drip (as it usually does), then, you know, winning!

I don’t believe I have ever managed to get her to confess to a fantasy of any kind, though I have relayed many of them and a good number of them we have worked on. Others will be worked on when the moment presents itself.  Do these fantasies I have mirror ones that L has? Maybe. She won’t admit though, just bow her head and say “Whatever you want, Sir” while, down below, there is a good likelihood that a wet spot is forming on the front of her panties in anticipation of what I want.

Because maybe, just maybe, Miss Pristine wants it as well.

There are times I want to grab the back of her hair, bring her to her knees, and command her to tell me. To bring out her darkest fantasies. Maybe she is already living then, but maybe there are others.  I want to make her confess to things she wants to do..with me…perhaps with others. I want her to speak of cocks and cunts, of cum and come, of pain and pleasure. Bring it all out of her, let it all roll out her mouth befoe my desire from her words overcomes me, and then no more words come out of her mouth…they won’t be able, because I will be fucking it.

I could do those things, of course. Make her tell me…everything. I have started a new ritual on Thursday called “Tell All Thursday” where she has to answer any question.

I could do all of those things.

But then again, why take her freedom away from her?

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Sometimes I wonder if I think about all of these...things...too much.

Today is one of those days. I have an exceptionally busy day at work, crisis issues to deal with, reporters to call, plenty of things to do and that should command 100 percent of my attention, and I am getting those things done, and well, but in the back of my mind I seem to constantly be thinking about....things.

You know what I mean.

Things with L, like fucking and caning, choking and flogging. L on her knees while I fuck her mouth. L bent over the bed, her ass raised for me, and I slam inside of her hard, grabbing her hair while I fuck her mercilessly.

I'm thinking also about...ropes. I would like to do more with ropes with L. The other night I used some rope around her breasts for the first time, and in looking at some of the fabulous BDSM photos on Tumblr, there are so many techniques I would like to do with rope and L.

I'm thinking there is a yardstick in the house that I saw the other day and that it would make a marvelous spanking implement.

I'm thinking that I am thinking about these things a little too much today.

I expressed my horniness to my pet, and she offered to come pick me up at work, and we could probably drive over to some secluded place and she could suck me off. That would be possible, and I could certainly command that or anything else. I could command L to take the rest of the afternoon off and meet me at home in bed. I have the power to do any of these things, really, and a willing and eager sub who would do them.

But then there are these phone calls to make, and this report to finish up, so I think, for now, I will do that, and if I have to get up from my desk to go out and talk to someone, I, ahem, "adjust" myself accordingly and go do so.

In some ways, these almost constant sexual feelings energize me throughout the day. It's like caffeine.  It fuels me during the day, really, with the knowledge that those things I want to do will soon be here at the end of the day.

Fortunately, today is a day I get off at a decent hour (been working until 9, 10, or so the last three nights) so when I get home from work I'm taking L into the bedroom, we will lock the door, turn the tv up, and I will take whatever items of clothing off of her I have to allow me access inside of the cunt that I own. I'm thinking (once again) of just pulling pants down, and sliding her panties off to the side. Just enough to do what I need to. Just enough to penetrate her.

We will do that, reassemble ourselves, and go about our evening.

But something tells me that it won't be long after that that I will start thinking about...things...once again.

Good girl

I don't know if it was because of some of the comments to my last posting, or the fact that we had had a few, or if I just got out of the shower, or if she knew it would really please me, but last night L rimmed me in an exceptionally fine manner.

Ahh. It's good to be king!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

On rimming and other taboo matters

In yesterday’s post on the Wheel of Misfortune I lightly touched upon the subject of rimming as something I enjoy L doing with me. We’ve done it a few times, nothing really extensively, and each time has been after a night out on the town and both of our inhibitions are significantly lowered (odd to even say that, since, if you read our blog, we clearly lack in any kind of inhibitions with each other!)

I enjoy it. I’ve also enjoyed the times we have tried experimenting with L massaging my prostate, and we have never quite gotten there, at least not to the level that I have read about where men have described in having some highly explosive orgasms as a result.

Not only do I enjoy it, I have no issue with the fact that I enjoy it, which seems to be a sticking point for hetero men who think it is wrong to get enjoyment in that taboo part of their body. I no more worry about the taboo of that particular act then I do of the taboos of everything else I do with L. Last night I allowed her to touch herself while I put my hand under her collar. As she touched herself, I would pull the collar tight and completely cut off her breath. Then release. I kept doing this, and managed to time the final one right before she came, pulling it as tight as I could, then releasing just as she released, a combination of orgasm and gasping for air.

That’s pretty taboo. Some people might take issue with that particular act, but quite frankly, I don’t care.

I’m secure and confident in all that I do with L, my lovely little sub who unlocked my twisted mind. If one concerns themselves with any type of concept of norms, they ought not to be in a D/s relationship. D/s relationships and the world of BDSM rewrite the definition of norms, we throw them out the window and we create our own that suit our lifestyle, our desires, and our needs.

So back to rimming.

Are there others out there who engage in it? I am curious to know what some of my readers have to say and what their experience is.

I find it a rather Dominant act, to be honest. There is the sensation of it that I enjoy, but also in the significance of the act itself, to have my pet’s head and tongue down there, doing something that I enjoy, while with one hand she strokes me. Or I stroke myself to leave her at the task at hand.

I like the rawness of the act.

I like raw with L.

I let L off the hook the other night when the Wheel of Misfortune chose rimming me as her activity. Yes, it would be the polite thing to do to completely shower ahead of time. As far as it falling into the category of things she really dislikes (the L trifecta of dislikes which includes swallowing, being fucked up the ass, and rimming her Sir), well, as D commented below, “rules are rules.” Last night when I got home I grabbed the contract and reminded L of the following item:

a)    The submissive will always respond to the sexual needs of the Dominant at any time in any manner that he sees fit, unless responding to His needs violates any other aspect of this contract. This includes engaging in sexual activities with the Dominant that might be outside of her comfort zone but she will do them as they please her Sir.

We are still working on some things, clearly, two years later. It’s fine I enjoy the pushing and pulling I have to do with L to get out of her all of the things that I pleasure and desire, with the freedom that no matter what those things are, I could care less about what the rest of the world might think.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wheel of Misfortune

I suppose, if anything, I am a creative person. My job requires that I have a certain amount of creativity to it, so it is natural that that particular skill would carry over to my personal life, and, in particular, my D/s relationship with L.

And what better place to get creative than in matters pertaining to sex? I’ve had some very satisfying times in this arena with L. It’s a grand time to be able to think outside of the box for things that I want to do inside of L’s box.

Sorry. I could not resist.

Last night we tried out a new idea of mine. At my job I was looking for a web program that would allow me to enter in a bunch of names into a “wheel” that would be spun so that a name could be selected randomly. It was for the purpose of an employee contest.

The first time I tried it, I realized that this had potential.

So I created the “Wheel of Misfortune” (though as it turned out for L, there was really no misfortune) where I entered in a list of sexual activities. The list included caning for a certain number of times, L sucking on me, me using the Hitachi for L, my choice, L’s choice…to name a few. There were around 15 total.

We tried it out last night. I ordered L naked and collared and I got on the bed with her, naked as well. I set the laptop up on the bed, opened the program up, and commanded L to give the wheel of misfortune a spin.

Round and round and round…

With the first spin it landed on “Rimming Sir for five minutes.” I don’t think I have really touched upon this subject before on the blog, it is an activity we don’t do that often but one I enjoy. It’s not one that L enjoys. So when it landed on it, she immediately started begging her way out of it. Saying she couldn’t do it unless she had a few drinks first, or unless I had gotten out of the shower. She begged and pleaded, so I smacked her on the side of the head, gave her one pass, and said fine, spin again.

Round and round and round…

This time it landed on “Pussy spanking for five minutes.” Which was fine by me. Not so much by her, but she of course obliged. L opened her legs and I started off with patting her sex, then worked it up until it was a little harder. It wasn’t long into it until what I was spanking was wet and L was moaning and squirming underneath me. I reminded her that she was not allowed to come during any of these activities that the wheel chose, the exception being  the rather specific “Pet comes.”

She made it through the five minutes without coming.

Just barely.

Spin again, I told her.

Round and round and round…

“Pet masturbates on AFF for five minutes” was the next one, which meant L had to masturbate on webcam for Adult Friend Finder. She tried to protest, but knew that after the first one, she wasn’t going to get away with anything. I opened up the laptop, logged into our profile, situated the camera on the laptop so it was facing L’s cunt, and started the broadcast.

“Do it.” I said. “Touch yourself.”

And she did, getting her fingers wet with her mouth (which drives me insane) and then applying it to her clit, running around it in a circular fashion. I watched the action on the computer screen, and then the number of viewers started popping up, along with some comments over the action they were watching.

L said she was going to have a hard time doing that without coming, so again I reminded her of what she had to do. I let her ease off of the masturbation a bit and instructed her to spread herself open, and then moved the camera even closer so others could admire the soaking wet pussy that I owned.

L was a mess by the end of that five minutes.

Spin again, I told her.

Round and round and round…

“Pet Comes.”

Lucky girl.

It was at my choosing what would be done to make L come, and after the aforementioned scene, I was quite eager to taste what I had just observed. So I got in between her legs, spread her open, and darted in with my tongue, making direct contact with her clit.

“It’s not going to take me long,” she said, in a moaning whisper.

She was right. Two to three well placed licks later, she came hard against my face.

I got up from her.

“Spin again,” I said.

That spinning resulted in the cane for 50 strikes, which then led to me using the Hitachi on her for five minutes without coming. Then…lucky girl! was “Pet’s choice” and she chose to use the Hitachi some more while she sucked on me.

Spinning was done after that, this whole delicious affair had me rock hard, and so I fucked her and came hard myself. Lying next to each other after that, we caught our breath, and then…I was ready again. (this doesn’t happen that often, especially given that it was almost midnight after a long work day). So I fucked her again, having her do most of the work in grinding against me. This was followed by allowing my insatiable little slut touch herself, which was followed by….passing out from both of us. Satisfied from a very fun and sexy night.

Eat your heart out, Pat Sajak.

p.s. The web program can be found here.
If your create you own, let me know what activities you use to populate your wheel.