Monday, January 16, 2017

While the husband is away....

I travel a lot for my job, and sometimes L is able to travel with me which has led to some fabulous sexual adventures (threesomes in our hotel with anonymous men, sex clubs) that have been chronicled about in this blog before, that is not always the case. Sometimes she has to stay at home as was the case back in November when I was gone on an international business trip that was close to three weeks.

It is difficult to maintain the D/s dynamics in those situations, especially when a time zone difference is involved. I can be quite busy on these trips and perhaps not as responsive as L likes to me be.

So with this latest trip, I improvised in a very wicked way.

I posted an ad on Craigslist from L, stating that she was a bored housewife whose husband was away for work and she was looking for anonymous men to email her with vivd descriptions of how they would rape her when her husband was away. There was no deception. The ad did not promise any meeting, stated quite clearly what the purpose was yet it still got flagged for removal once, twice, and three times.

L got many, many responses. Some of them were pretty good, others fell into the typical Craigslist poorly written criteria of few words and a shitty dick picture. I monitored all of it as I have access to her email and I found it all to be rather arousing. Got off on it several times, actually.

As I said in the last post, our D/s dynamics have been struggling a bit lately but something about these email exchanges awoke my inner Dominant and, with a flight home tomorrow, I am more than eager to get back to L and pick things back up again. I am starving for her submissiveness, and, alone in my hotel room, I stroke my cock to images of her bound before me, her ass raised for whatever implement I choose to use on her. To say that I am eager to get home is an understatement.

I suspect when I get back home to L tomorrow and violate her to the moon and back, there will be other posts to follow.

Here's the ad I posted along with the photo that went with it.

Fuck Me With Your Words

Bored and very sexual housewife here with a husband is out of town, looking for a man who can email me and tell me in very vivid and explicit detail of how you would fuck me. I have rape fantasies and enjoy being dominated so don't hold back, the more forceful the better. Say things to me that will make me want to slide my hand under my panties and touch myself to your words. Make me a whore and a slut. Meeting up is not an option, but I might exchange emails if you are able to get me off. I'm very real (and very sexual!); temperatures were supposed to drop next week but now it looks like we'll be getting another snow storm.

Hurry! My pussy is already dripping thinking of how you might violate is of me if you need inspiration.