Sunday, October 23, 2016

Easy like Sunday morning

Of all the times throughout the week, Sunday mornings are our favorite time for L and I. It is the one morning of the week where we don't have to get up early for work or to take our son to hockey practice, and, for the most part, the children know not to disturb us before 10a.m. 

Sunday mornings usually turn sexual, sometimes they don't. More often than not, we're just thankful for that time together, watching something idiotic on television, sipping our coffee, buried under blankets, something that is even nicer now that the temperature is dropping outside.

This morning we were lying there, L's head resting on my lap, and then her hand was under the blanket and on top of my boxer briefs...slowly rubbing, expecting a reaction of some type, and she got one rather quickly. And then her hand was inside of my boxer briefs...."let me adjust this for you" she said, moving my half-erect cock so that the head was sticking out of the side of the briefs. And then her head disappeared under the covers and was on me, slowly, gently sucking the tip, tongue flickering around it....

Half-erect became fully-erect.

Our bedroom door was wide open.

"I better stop," she said, and she rolled over and went back to the television program we were watching.

I got out of bed and in two quick strides was at the bedroom door which I promptly closed and locked and was just as quickly back in the bed with her, this time sans boxer briefs, my cock hard and at full attention, eager to finish what she had started.

She was ready.

I was then beside her on the bed and grabbed her by the hair and directed her mouth back towards my cock, and unlike the slow sucking she had just minutes ago administered on me, this time, there was nothing slow about it as I held on to her head and fucked her mouth, and I watched as my cock slide in and out, enjoying equally the visual of that as well as the sounds, those great sounds of a Sunday morning blowjob.

There was no way to keep that up much longer so I pulled out of her mouth and was on top of her, spreading her legs forcefully and rubbing the head of my cock between her oh so wet cunt before I thrust inside of her, and I fucked her as she pushed up against me, her face buried in my chest to mask her moans of pleasure while I enjoyed those great sounds of wet Sunday morning fuck.

She came quickly, surprising her, and I was glad, because there was no way I was going to last long, especially since we didn't have sex the previous day (a rarity, really) so when the last of her orgasm had subsided I gave one more thrust and came ferociously, spurt after spurt filling her up, as she continued to thrust up against me. 

After that, we lay there for just a bit...satisfied and sticky, the forgotten television program still on, the morning sun streaming through our curtains, the smell of our sex lightly hanging in the air.

Shortly afterwards, we got out of bed and started our day, the best moment of our day behind us, at least until tonight when we are back in bed and, with the door locked and the kids in bed, we end the day the exact same way we started it.