Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The First Time

In a D/s relationship, imagination and creativity (and as L accuses me of, a twisted mind!) plays a significant role in keeping things…interesting. A good Dom should always be thinking outside of the box to keep things fun while…inside the box.

(go ahead and groan, I am doing the same thing. But could not resist nonetheless)

For L and I, most of that creativity centers around BDSM, finding new ways to spank her, ways to test her limits, to see what she is capable of (quick side note: we are nowhere close to finding her limits, and that is pretty damn exciting…). In many ways, we are still just beginning with all of “this”, both in and out of the bedroom. We are both learning what each other is capable of, and I have no doubts that as we travel through this journey together, the list of things that contribute to TTWD will grow longer…and longer.

Exciting shit, man.

In terms of TTWD in the bed, it doesn’t always have to be focused on BDSM. Sometimes, as was the case the other night, it can simply be about…fun.

After an evening out, which we don’t have that often, we were back home in bed, watching television, enjoying some alone time while the youngest was still out with a babysitter. When we have alone time, sans children in the house, we usually take that opportunity to make some noise. The spanking goes up a notch. L can feel free to express whatever sounds she needs to make, whether it be pleasure or pain, without traumatizing her children.

This time, though, we simply started making out. Kissing, hands on each other. Like a couple of teenagers about to do it for the first time.

Which is what we became.

“My mom might be home soon,” she whispered in my ear as I kissed at her neck.

“It’s ok,” I said. “Let’s keep going.” I felt her breasts through her sweater, and then, carefully, once I felt she was ok with it, ran my hand underneath and cupped them through her bra, her nipples hardening to my touch.

“Mmmm, that feels so good,” she said, grinding her hips against me, as we started dry humping each other.

(Dry humping, btw, can be very, very good….)

The makeout session continued, no clothes were removed yet. L reached down and rubbed my hard cock through my jeans.

“It’s so big!” she exclaimed. “I don’t know if it will fit inside of me.”

“We can try,” I said, as my hand reached down to her crotch, covered only by nylons and panties. I started rubbing her, wondering if I was doing it the right way (this was my first time, keep in mind!) and the way she started moaning and kissing me back sent the signal that it was just right.

Just then the front door to the house opened.

“Oh shit, it’s my mom!” she said, jumping off of the bed and going over to the mirror to fix herself up. “Stay here in the bedroom, I’ll be right back.”

It wasn’t her mom, of course, rather, it was the babysitter bringing the youngest child back. A brief interruption in the family as L got him in his pajamas and settled in his room watching a movie.

Then she was back in the bedroom, and the makeout continued.

“I want to go all the way tonight,” she said, breathlessly. “I’m ready.”

“Ok,” I said, “But I want you do something to me first.” I undid my jeans and pulled them and my underwear down so my extremely erect cock was completely accessible to her. Her eyes widened as she looked at it for the first time.

“Will you suck on it?” I asked. “I want to feel your mouth on me.”

“I’ll try it,” she said, as she took it in her hand and started stroking it. “Let me know if I do it right though. I’ve never done this before.”

And then her mouth was on me, as she started off slowly on the head and then taking in as much of it as she could, and she began bobbing her head down on it as I held the back of her head and thrust my hips up towards her innocent and inexperienced mouth.

She stopped momentarily, and looked up at me.

“Am I doing this ok?” she asked. “Does this feel good?”

“It feels amazing,” I said, somewhat out of breath. “It feels so good to be in your mouth.”

She went back down on it, and the feeling of having her virgin mouth suck my cock was so intense I had to quickly stop her or I would explode inside of her. I pushed her down on her back and started kissing her, then ran my hand inside of her nylons, inside of her panties, where I touched her pussy for the first time. The wetness that I discovered took me by surprise at first; she as literally soaked.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying this too,” I said, as I began exploring her with my fingers. I ran a finger in between her folds, then inside of her, coating my finger with her juices before taking it back out. I had a good idea of where her clit was located, and as I ran my finger upwards I found it, hard and protruding, and the second I touched it, it was like an electric shock ran through her entire body the way she reacted.

“Oh my god, that feels so good!” she said. “Right there..please, touch me there.”

I circled my finger around her clit, as moans of pleasure continued to come from her.

“I don’t want to come this way,” she said. “Please…I want to feel you inside of me.”

I was more than ready for that, so I removed her nylons and panties and spread her legs open as I positioned myself on top of her, my hardness pressed against her. Reaching down, I rubbed the tip along her slit.

“Jesus, it’s huge,” she said, as she gyrated underneath me. “Please be slow at first.”

“I will,” I said, and started pushing my way inside of her. The second my head penetrated her she reacted with a convulsion.

“Oh god,” she said. “You are inside of me….”

I slowly eased the rest of me inside of her, spreading her legs in a manner so that I could watch. The excitement of penetrating her virgin cunt for the first time was like nothing else; watching my cock slide inside of her then pulling it out and seeing how it was shining from her juices.

“Please…” she said. “Please fuck me. I’m ready.”

And I fucked her. With my hands I lifted her ass up to me, as I slid in and out her, slowly at first, her tightness squeezing every inch of me in a pleasurable way I did not know was possible. She started getting loud, and I had to cover her mouth and whisper in her ear “Shhh, your mom might hear us.”

“I’m going to come,” she said. “It feels so good!”

Sensing her pending orgasm, I picked up the pace, and concerns over her mom hearing the loud sounds of me fucking her innocent daughter went away. We fucked each other, hips slamming, hands groping, as we gave ourselves to each other for the first time…

We came together, with the intensity of her orgasm damn near pushing my cock out of her entirely. (no, we were concerned about birth control!) Spurt after spurt of my hot cum filled her up…man, did this beat jerking off any day!

I lay on top her, both of us breathless, still inside of her, silent at first.

“Wow,” I said finally. “That was really good.”

“Better than I imagined,” she said. “I really really liked that. I think I want to do that all the time.”

“Me too,” I said.

And that is what we ended up doing.

Monday, January 21, 2013

BDSM in Mayberry

Those of you out there who are trying to get your kink on while dealing with children still living at home know that quite often, those two worlds simply don't mesh very well. Toys have to be kept in a safe and secure location, because how awkward would it be for the dog to come running into the dining room during a family get together with a flogger or riding crop in its mouth? Toddlers squirting bottles of lube on the living room floor, younger kids playing cops and robbers with discovered handcuffs...the list of possibilities and a public expose akin to an episode of "Dateline" are all over the place.

The other evening I was testing out a riding crop on L's ass (it was late at night, and we were quite certain the children were all snuggled sound asleep in their beds) when her three year old knocked on the door and said, "Mommy, what is THAT?" We are learning which instruments make the least amount of sound for spanking, and whenever we have a moment where the house is completely to ourselves...we make the most of that. 

Now that I am spending a lot of time at home, I have had time to run wild with (as L calls it) my "twisted mind." I emailed her this morning to let her know I have a good thought on how things would be if it were just the two of us; she, of course, wanted details which I emailed her back with and have provided below:

If it were just the two of us, you would be collared and leashed the
second you got home. You would be made to put on your nightgown
immediately, nothing underneath of course. We would go into the living
room together, and I would sit on the couch with you kneeled on the
floor, your head on my lap and I would stroke you hair. Would have you
tell me about your day. Tell me about the good things. Tell me about
the bad things, anything at all that troubled you. Cleanse your soul.
Once you were done, and you had appropriately answered any questions I
had, you would bend over my knee, nightgown lifted up so your ass was
exposed so I could spank all of your troubles away. Remind you of your
place. Remind you that you were owned. Remind you that you belonged to

After that, we would both get dressed and on some nights, I would take
you out for drinks and dinner. Your outfit would be of my choosing. We
would sit together as closely as we could so I could run my hands
along your legs, tease you, have my physical presence be constant.
Other nights we would dine at home. Some nights you would cook, some
nights I would. I enjoy cooking for you, enjoy taking care of you.
Pet's need love and comfort just as much as they need discipline.

We would then go home and relax for awhile..have a drink, have a
smoke. Lie together reading or watching a movie. Not necessarily
interacting through words, but merely by being close together and
feeling the comfort and love, and the knowledge that...we are not
alone. We have each other. And that is good.

Eventually, bed time would come. You would have your bath first, do
any shaving as I deemed necessary. You would come into the bedroom and
kneel before me, prepared to do whatever I commanded. With just the
two of us...things would go up to 11. Restraints would be used. Your
ass...pussy...entire body...the entire body that I own...would be
exposed and explored. My box of tricks, as you call it, would be a
chest of tricks, with different surprises almost every night. With the
ability to be as loud as we wanted, I would push your limits to new
thresholds. You would discover the kink of your Master that you didn't
think was possible. You would feel so...alive. And because it is you
we are talking about, you would be so incredibly, deliciously wet.

The session would come to an end. I would hold you tight, soothingly
and lovingly, as you came out of subspace. Remind you of how much I
love you. Sleep would come, and with it the most pleasant of all

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Sassy Sub

I have an exceptionally sassy sub, and that truthful statement that she would fully agree with has been mentioned in prior posts. It is one of the things that attracts me to her, she has a very witty sense of humor and loves being an (almost) constant smart ass.

A current challenge I am wrestling with, especially since her sassiness has escalated in previous days, is to find that balance between letting her be herself (a part that I enjoy) but not allowing her to overstep her boundaries and act in a manner that is disrespectful to me. I don't have as much patience with that behavior as I used to; she is aware of that and knows that I won't let her get anyway with anything. I am quick to point things out and unwavering in my punishing for her. I am mindful to be exceptionally consistent as in the past, lack of consistency has led to issues, in particular, her acting out out of confusion over what is expected of her.

So I gave her a writing assignment as I wanted her to reflect on that boundary; how does SHE feel about being true to her smartass personality while not being disrespectful to me. This is what she came up with. As I told her, not her best work, and I am somewhat offended of her criticism of my writing topics. I suppose it gives you a sense of what I have on my hands! As she well knows, her being a smart ass can lead to her having...an ass that smarts.

Like I said yesterday, wild horses are the ones worth taming the most.

Offer some reflection on how you feel, as a woman who is very sassy and accustomed to being a smartass, you are adjusting to being my sub 24/7 and having to balance between your outspoken behavior and being respectful towards me at all times.

Word for word, this is what I was sent to write about.  Jesus, please someone throw out a subject for me….S’s….well, they suck. 

I have no clue where to even start.  My first thought was to be a smartass and add a comma in a spot and just reflect on how I feel as a woman.  Then again, I guess that is how this became the subject.  For one thing, I am not as much as a smartass as I used to be.  S is the type to take things to heart and will think into a joke way too much so I had already toned it down before becoming his. 

My job is a very busy one.  Clients coming in to see me, co-workers, phone calls, deadlines, etc.  I think that is another reason I just can’t remember to text when I arrive or leave work.  Once here I switch modes completely and become the take charge person that I am.  Then at home things are a bit different of course.  I have been adjusting fine and things seem to be going well.  The respect part and showing it always has done nothing but help us.   

Monday, January 14, 2013


They say that the horses that are wild are the ones worth training the most.

I could not agree more.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Crime and punishment

I don’t have a lot of rules that pet has to follow on a regular basis. There are certain simple things I expect from her in our day to day routine, such as bringing me my cup of coffee in the morning and making sure I have a glass of ice water by my night stand when I come to bed. She does not have to wait on me hand and foot, 24/7, but is at my beck and call to do as I order and as I wish.

There is one simple (at least I think it is simple) that I expect her to follow on daily weekday basis. When she gets to work, she is expected to text me to let me know she arrived. If she leaves work for a reason, she needs to let me know and where she is going. And at the end of the day, she is expected to text me to let me know she is on her way home. Are there extreme? I think not. Look, the way I look at it, she is my property. I like to know where my property is. End of conversation.

For some reason, she just can’t seem to remember this one, and there have been numerous infractions. Each time she apologizes, and says it won’t happen again. Infractions have been met with punishments in the form of spanking with an instrument of my choosing. There are some she simply does not like. The hairbrush, for instance. The chain portion of her leash. The buckle of my belt. Well, she SAYS she doesn’t like it, but damn if I don’t punish her and then discover I have a very wet pussy on my hands…literally.

She forgot to text me when she got to work this morning, and it was almost an hour before I heard from her. I was irritated beyond belief. This one little thing I expect of her, so why, for fuck’s sake, is she unable to follow through on it?


8:35a.m. S: Pretty sure you made it work by now
9:02a.m. L: Fuck fuck fuck
S: I am so disappointed in you right now.
L: I hate those words.
S: Then stop disappointing me.
L: I am sorry
S: You got that right
L: So so sorry
L: Aaarg
S: Get home at lunchtime. You are going to learn the true meaning of punishment once and for all.

The beauty of lunchtime at home..no kids! The house it to ourselves, so noises can be made.

I fully intended there to be noises.

I instructed L that when she got home she was go directly to our bedroom, pull down her pants and panties, and bend over the bed. Noon came, and she arrived, very, very sheepishly. She went into the bedroom and did as she was told.

I followed behind her as she assumed the positon.

“Why are you unable to remember this?” I said, quietly. (I don’t yell. The quiet approach is much, much more effective.). “It is so simple,” I said, as I removed the belt from my jeans and doubled it up.

“Please sir,” she said. “I am sorry. It won’t happen again.”

“You have said that before,” I said, as I started caressing her bare ass with the belt. “I need to really make sure this time.”

The swats started off slowly at first to ease her into it, then I delivered a couple of very hard ones that caused her to quite literally jump off the bed. I gave her a moment to compose herself before she got back into the position.

“Here’s what I expect of you,” I said. “When you get to work, I want you to text me to say you arrived.”


“Is that clear?”

“Yes sir,” she whimpered.

“If you leave work at anytime, I want you to text me to let me know you left and where you went.”


“Is that clear?”

“Yes sir,” she whimpered.

“When you leave work at the end of the day, I want you to text me to let me know you are on your way home.”


“Is that clear?”

“Yes sir,” she whimpered.

“Should I repeat the process?” I asked.

“Yes sir,” she whimpered. “It might help me remember.”

So I repeated the above process, but on the final swat, I came down hard and the effect was immediately, had her slide over to the other side of the bed where she was close to crying.

I set the belt down and got on the bed with her and held her, rubbing the parts of her ass that I had just smacked. I kissed her lightly and helped bring her down. And then I reached under her to stroke her pussy where I was met with..yup, you guessed it…absolute and total wetness.

“I’m not going to fuck you,” I said, as I stroked her pussy and she started writhing underneath me. “I am going to send you back to work with your pussy wet and your clit throbbing. I want there to be a wet spot on your panties during the rest of the day.”

She, of course wanted different. Begged me for different. But I stood my ground, even when her hand reached down and rubbed the very hard cock straining through my jeans. I allowed her to take it out and suck on it, which led her to believe she would get the pleasure of it being inside of her.

Not this time.

“Get back into the position, I said, and she did so, with her ass raised to me…a rather red and bruised ass. Getting behind her, I stroked myself.

“Are you going to come on me?” she asked.

“Yes, I am,” I said. Within minutes I did just that, coating the crack of her ass and the small of her back with my cum.

I then cleaned her off and we talked for awhile before she got dressed and went back to work with a sore ass and a soaked and tingling pussy begging for satisfaction.

Which she will get.

Later tonight.

If she behaves. We still have a few hours until bedtime, after all.

p.s. She doesn’t think she will forget again. I don’t think she will either.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Update from L: Coming down shit mountain

A couple of my Twitter followers have really related to pet and love what she has to say, so I tasked her with a writing assignment today. It is her best yet. Literally teared me up. I love this beautiful woman that I own..I truly do.

So it seems that I have been tasked with another damn writing assignment….a rather broad one at that.  I am supposed to write a reflection on how I see things for us right now, what it took to get here, how things are now and how I hope things go in the New Year (and it must be completed by noon).  Well shit house mouse…..here you go. (If anyone wants to ask anything or throw out a subject for me, please do!)

You can’t reflect on the future without a visit to the past.  Some that have been following our journey know that my past relationship was not good.  And now after all that I have been through (classic abuser stuff…choking, clothes cutting, tires slashed, stalking) by the person who at one time had promised to love, honor and cherish me is dying.  He has a terminal illness and it will not be much longer.   I no longer have any feelings for him except sympathy….and very little of that.  Despite all that, we are helping him.  He is living near where he can get care 300 miles away and I have been travelling there, taking him to chemo and appointments, taking the children to see their dad, etc.  Hell, we even did a motorhome trip when he first got diagnosed.  S has been so understanding through it all.  There have many moments where we stumbled and said some things we shouldn’t have.    My ex of course has been trying to ruin things as much as possible for us.   So that is the reason I keep leaving town and nothing has been normal in a long time.

The D/s aspect of our relationship has helped.  It is not a cure all for our problems but it has helped keep us grounded and I know my place, what is expected of me and that I am cared for very much.  Things right now are in a transitional phase for sure.  S has moved his belongings slowly into my house many many times and then would have to erase all signs that he lived there when my ex would come here (he was just here for over two weeks at Christmas and holy was that hard on us all) or my ex would throw it all out while I was at work.  Many times we have yo yo’ed back and forth.  Should S wait to move until after he is gone?  Eh, think not.  I need him now more than ever and next to me always.  If anything, being at the top of Shit Mountain has made us stronger, closer.  Are we doing what is right?  Do we care?  I know I am doing what is right for me and my children and sleep soundly at night….that’s about all I know.

What it took to get here.  We of course weren’t always D/s and I had no idea what it was all about really.  I think it was a combination of a lot of things.  We were honestly bumbling along like idiots for the most part.  I had never had a normal relationship with a nice person really ever.  Someone who actually took responsibility for his actions, opened car doors for me, etc.  I said and did things that I truly regret and didn’t mean many times over.  I also never had been with anyone who remembered shit.  S remembers everything, good and bad…..and takes it to heart.   I think at the very beginning it was to help our relationship (and spice things up in the bedroom for sure) but it has evolved into much more than that and is a huge part of who we are and what we do.  

S is the best Master and will only get better over time.  In his past relationship it was he who did everything.  Taking care of the children and working.  So he loves even the little things I do for him….like bringing him his coffee in the morning.    It also helps immensely that my desire to please him (which is huge) is there and I absolutely hate disappointing him.

As for the New Year, who knows if we will continue to reside at the top of Shit Mountain.  I for one hope not.  As it is, I think we may be on our way down.

Good Night Wooden Spoon

One of my favorite children's book is "Good Night Moon." I read it to both of my boys, and bought it for L a couple of years ago for her youngest son. During the times when we weren't together, we would often times close off our evening email/text conversations with passages from the book, wishing each other "Good night brush" or "Good night mush" or so on, and so forth.

Anyway, with all due respect to Margaret Wise Brown, I thought the book needing a, uh, slight revision.


In Master’s bedroom
There was a satisfied pet
Lying in a spot
Just made wet.

And a recently used flogger
And a wooden spoon
When used on pet’s ass
always made her swoon.

And a collar and a leash
And a bondage hood
All things used
To make sure pet was good.

And a blindfold, cuffs, ben wa balls
Anal beads, cock ring, a Wartenberg wheel
And sound proofing for the walls
Because pet tended to squeal.

And erotic BDSM videos
that always make pet blush.
And a quiet but stern Master
whispering “Hush.”

Good night satisfied pet.
Good night spot just made wet.
Good night flogger.
Good night wooden spoon.
Good night pet’s red ass

Good night collar, leash and bondage hood.
Good night blindfold, cuffs and ben wa balls.
Good night anal beads, cock ring, and Wartenberg wheel.

Good night videos
Good night pet’s lovely brush
And good night to the quiet but stern Master
whispering “Hush.”

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Confessions of a stay at home Master

One of the Doms I have been following on Twitter tweeted this yesterday:

Foolish is he who mistakes the absolute belief a woman deserves social and economic equality as conflicting with principles of Dominance

This gave me pause for reflection, as in my relationship with my pet, we have entered a phase in our partnership where she is, in fact, the breadwinner in the relationship while I climb my way out of a brief period of unemployment. Pet is the one who gets up and goes to work in the morning while I take care of things at home, from taking her youngest child to school to cooking and cleaning.

At first the idea of being the one staying at home didn't resonate with me. At all. I am by no means a neanderthal type of man who brings hardcore ideologies to the table on what the man's role and what the woman's role is, but I do take pride on being a good provider and being able to take care of the ones I love. Any man out there whose employment has been affected by the economic turmoil over the last decade knows how sickening this feeling is, to be placed in a position where you don't have the financial needs to be the strong provider you want to be. Are used to being. It impacts our sense of self identity, and in extreme cases, is our kryptonite. 

Then there were concerns going into this in terms of how this would affect the dynamics of our D/s relationship...if you've read this blog at all, you know by now there has been no shortage of obstacles in our journey together!

Interestingly enough, what I am finding so far is that it could end up being the best thing that happened to us.

It helps, of course, that there is light at the end of the tunnel in terms of my employment situation and I will be back into the workforce grind in another month or so.

But for the time being, I now have time that just wasn't there before to really focus on our relationship and how I can work to make it the best possible. How I can work to be the best Master possible. I am able to put some of my own affairs into order. We are finally, after close to two years of going back and forth on it, combining our households into one, so I am able to work on making that possible. I am setting into motion the manner and schedule for how I want the household to be run, sorting out roles and responsibilities, and so forth. I'm also able to give pet a break from having to do so many things that she had to do herself. I may not be the financial provider that I want to be right now, but in this new arrangement, I can be the emotional and caregiver provider, and that, perhaps, is more important than anything. 

When pet walks in the door at the end of the day, I want her to feel at peace, to be confident that I have taken care of things and everything is going to be ok. She understands what is expected of her, and if she doesn't, she knows to ask. 

We have our schedule. Dinner is eaten, children are taken to hockey practice, baths are given, stories are read. Bedtime comes for us. The door is closed and locked. Talks of our day and schedules fades away as clothes are shed and we begin the dance. Any stresses pet suffered through the day dissipate with each slap of my hand or paddle across her ass. We fuck ourselves to exhaustion. Sleep comes, and with it, smiles on our respective faces.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Tweet, tweet

Venturing into Twitter this year. Can't figure out how to add a Twitter widget to Blogger, if others know how, please let me know.

Come follow me.


A new year

It's been well over a month since I last posted to the blog. It was a very tumultuous month for the two of us...those who have followed this blog since the beginning have read accounts from both pet and I describing our struggle to reside high atop the summit of Shit Mountain.

December, and the holidays, challenged us like none other. There was no "merry" in this year's Christmas, there was no "happy" in the new year when the ball dropped in Time Squares and 2013 came roaring in like a lion. We had a lot of time apart in December. I turned...for lack of a better term..."ugly" at times. Nasty things were said. At times it seemed that perhaps we might not recover.

The evening of January 1, 2013, found us back in each others arms and falling asleep with each other back again. Each day since then the strength in our relationship has returned, things have gotten back to normal, and we both have the dynamics of our D/s relationship to thank. I think that without it, we might not have ever recovered. I have regained my control and self-discipline as a Master, and pet, with my guidance, is progressing in her role as my submissive. We are taking the relationship into some new areas. As of late, I have a lot of spare time on my hands, so I am working on developing daily and weekly routine structure and defining roles and responsibilities between the two of us. It's all about consistency, really...I find that if I waiver it confuses pet and causes her to act out. The sterner and more consistent I am, the better she behaves, and more importantly, the better she feels. Those of you in a D/s relationship understand what I am saying here.

What I am discovering more and more is how what happens in the bedroom is only a small portion of what makes a D/s relationship successful. Grant you, it is an important portion...it is where the recharging occurs, where the electricity flows...there's nothing quite like it when the clothes are shed and my pet presents herself to me for my pleasure, nightgown lifted, ass raised and waiting for my hand...or paddle...or flogger..or if she needs punishment, the hair brush. What we do in the bedroom when the children are asleep and the door is locked and the tv is turned up to cover up all of the sounds we make is the icing on the cake of the relationship. We are fortunate that we do not have any health issues or any issues at all that prohibit us from having sex whenever the mood hits...which is, well, most of the time. We are taking the bedroom experience to different directions, and I enjoy pushing pet and finding out what her limits are..even when we are not together.


Me: Anyway,  I really want to bend you over the bed and fuck you hard from behind right now....but have to get back to work!

Pet: Geez, thanks for getting me all soaked.

Me: You are welcome. Go in the bathroom and touch yourself.

Pet: Yes Sir. Finish?

Me: Make yourself come.

Pet: Yes sir...going now.

Me: Tell me when you're done. Describe how you touched yourself and what you thought of.

(10 minutes later)

Pet: I am done. I didn't think I would be able to..I was sitting down. I stood up and bent over and imagined you spanking me in front of others and came.

Me: Good pet...I am pleased with you.

Anyway, we are ...once again...back. Thanks to those of you who have offered encouragement and support in the past. We have found other blogs to be quite useful to help guide as we continue this journey together.