Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Snapshot at 201

I realized this morning while looking through the blog that my last posting was #200 since beginning this online journal more than two years ago. By using the concept of basic mathematics, this would be posting #201.

You see, I'm smart like that.

So what do I have to say about the taming of L for #201?

I would say we're in a very good place, but there is still work to do. But that is true for anything in life. We should always be striving to improve in all aspects of life, from ourselves to our job to our relationships, and so forth.

We're in a very good place, but for me, there is a little something....missing....right now that I can't quite put my finger on. As I told L in an email last week:

I am going to put some new changes into effect. I need some time to think about them and what I want exactly. I do believe that with my change in employment some new ways for you to demonstrate your submissive to me outside of the bedroom are in order. There is little you have to do for me anymore...no cooking for me, no bringing me coffee in the morning, etc. The kneeling on a daily basis is helpful. Collaring you before bed is helpful. Your submissiveness is quite evident when we are in bed, but I need something during the rest of the day. I'm sure you have no doubts that my twisted mind will come up with something.

Five days later, I have not yet identified those changes. I am not sure what they are just yet and don't want to just randomly choose something simply for the sake of change; I need to spend some time thinking about this, analyzing what it is I need from L to advance to what I am considering the "next level" of our relationship. This, of course, all has to be done within the context of the vanilla life we have to lead as well. Somethings just aren't possible, because, darn it, there are children in the house.

I do know that it is on my shoulders. L will obediently go along with whatever I say, albeit with some sass and backtalk along the way that will of course be dealt with appropriately. Yesterday when she left her office she neglected to call me "Sir" (when she arrives at work and leaves work everyday she has to address me as "Sir" in her text to me.). I was out of the house at the time, so when I got home, I immediately went into the bedroom and closed and locked the door, had her turn over on the bed, and I pulled her pants and panties down and caned her. It surprised her. 

But I know she liked it.

She likes my sternness and assertiveness. I think that is a big component to the change, that I need to be more stern and assertive with her. You might think after what I just said that I am rather stern with her already, but I really am not. I'm a rather kind Dom. L would agree. Don't let the picture a few posts back of L's scarred ass hint otherwise. Last night, for instance, with L's period underway I spared her having to swallow or being fucked up the ass by coming on her...all over her. Would I have preferred the alternative? Yes, but as I said, I'm a rather kind Dom...(L might question that given the force of the facial she had to deal with...)

201 posts. 121,247 page views. 97 followers. 

Perhaps by #202 I will have given this more thought out and I can share with you wonderful readers what that next step is. 

I'm sure you would like to know.

Not as much as L would, however.

Monday, June 16, 2014

"It was nice..."

L's perspective on Saturday night's threesome:

It wasn't awkward.  Not like the first time.  This time I knew what you wanted and what would please you.  Kinda forgot that there was another person and it was all about you really.  I also think that you set the mood a bit better this time and I felt relaxed.  It was nice.

from our guest

I asked our guest from Saturday night to email me with what he liked best about the night so that I could share with L, as all good pets need praise. Here is what he had to say:

There are many to share, the pussy was nice & tight, I love how wet she got, really enjoyed fucking her mouth. She is a great cock sucker. And I love when they try to run away when I'm fucking them. Also tell her she did a good job for her master. You have a good sub. You can be proud of her.

And that I am.

the rest of the story

L and I had been talking about me sharing her again, and descriptions of what that scenario would look like came up quite a bit in sex talk. I've emailed her a couple of elaborate fantasies while she has been at work that she has greatly enjoyed. One of them had her being used in a gang bang, the other had her sucking off a stranger in the bathroom stall of the bar. As I said, she enjoyed them. She likes my words.

With a hotel getaway planned for Saturday night, I knew this would be a good time to revisit the subject, and put it into place. With that in mind, I posted the following ad on Craigslist last week:

Playtime with my wife -- mwm
I am seeking an intelligent and discrete male, preferably Dominant, to help me use my wife this weekend in a hotel room. Preference for endowed men, as my personal whore is a bit of a size queen. Must also be HWP and relatively smooth. You must also be willing to relinquish all control of what you do to her to me; your role will be as nothing more than an anonymous cock who will join us in our hotel room at a specified time and join me in using her through a variety of activities to include some BDSM (spanking, caning) and filling her holes (mouth and cunt only). She is an exceptional cocksucker and has a marvelously tight pussy. Sometimes we will both be using her, other times I will sit back and watch. You will only be allowed to come on her, and when finished, you will quietly leave. She will be blindfolded the entire time.

If this interests you, reply back in an articulate manner that also states your understanding of the situation. One liners will be deleted. As much as I enjoy sharing her, I am very particular about who gets that luxury. 

As you would imagine, I got quite a few replies, most of them easily dismissed because they did not follow the criteria I was looking for. Plus, it was Craigslist, after all, and there is a seedy element to it at times.

The following reply got my attention:

I would like to use your wife. I'm fine with using her at the same time but I am not into male to male contact, that includes double vaginal/anal/oral. I don't eat pussy either when multiple dicks are involved and I haven't known the female for quite some time. I'm on average 9in, but get 9+in when really turned on. If I am lucky enough to be chosen to share your wife I would need to know what day this is happening so I can have proper childcare in place so we can play without rushing. I know this is a long reply but wanted you to know upfront what you would be getting.

I liked the succinctness of his message as well as the fact that he was a responsible father. Then there was the size aspect. The way I see it, if I am going to take the time to share my pet, I want her to be properly filled. The picture he attached proved that he was not exaggerating about his endowment.
We began an email exchange and I became more and more comfortable with him being the chosen one. I shared his original email and photo with L, who didn't really have much to say. I think she was intrigued. I think she was excited. She wouldn't say much. She didn't want me to get the wrong impression.
I made plans with him to meet us at the hotel room at 10:30p.m. on Saturday night, giving me proper time to work over L and get her into subspace a bit so she would feel more free during the exchange. Our room required a key to access the elevator, so an hour ahead of time I met him in the lobby to give him his own key so he could come up on his own.
I want to approach what I am about to say delicately in case I give the wrong impression, but I was somewhat surprised (even though I suspected based on the picture he provided) that our guest for the night was black. That fact added an extra sense of excitement to the evening. 
I spent about an hour working over L in our hotel room, the spreader bar holding her legs apart while I flogged her and caned her. She was in a very good place...a very good wet place...when the moment arrived, and we heard the key in the door, and our guest for the evening walked into the room.
"Have a seat and get comfortable," I told him, beckoning to a chair close to the bed. "She's almost ready for you."
While he got comfortable, I continued working on L. At one point I raised her ass so it was facing him and I spread her cunt apart to be on display to him. "Look at that," I said, as I stuck a finger inside her wetness. "Look at what a nice cunt I own."
It was time to share.
Taking the spreader bar off, I fastened L's leash to her collar and dragged her over to the chair.
"Take him out and suck on him," I commanded.
She pulled his boxer briefs off to the side and freed what was inside, taking it in her hands and then moving her mouth down on it. I grabbed the back of her head and guided her while she sucked him in the same way she does me, using the perfect combination of hand and mouth. He let off a moan of pleasure. I got behind her and slid inside her and fucked her while she continued sucking.
From there I led her to the bed while our friend put a condom on. I turner her over so her ass was facing him and he positioned himself behind her and eased himself inside her. L hesitated at the pain..he was even bigger than me..but he wouldn't let her back away and soon he was deep inside her and began fucking her hard while L sucked on me.
It wasn't long before L was pleading to me to let her come, and I obliged, and just as her orgasm hit her, so did his. While in the posting I did state that the chosen one would not be allowed to come inside of her, I made an exception with him because of the condom.
He pulled out and disposed of the condom while L lay there panting, but not for long, as soon I was fucking her face. Our friend stood off to the side, watching, and was soon stroking himself to another erection. I positioned L over to the side of the bed so her head was hanging over and instructed our friend to come over and fuck her face while I was inside her cunt.
L managed to take quite a bit of him in, and delivered like a pro, sucking away at him, at times licking his balls while she ran her hands down his shaft. "You are one lucky man," he said, his second time saying that for the evening. He was quickly hard again, and when he stepped away to put another condom on, I fucked L hard, bringing her to her second orgasm and me to my first.
No rest for the L. Our friend was once again on top of her and slid inside her cunt after I wiped her out. L has this amazing ability to get soaking wet, but as soon as she wipes out a little, she becomes tight again. That was true Saturday night. Two large cocks, taking their turn inside of her, and she was still as tight as can be.
While he was on top of her fucking her, I wrapped my hands around her neck and engaged in breath play, squeezing tight and then letting her go. She begged to be allowed to come again, and I let her, and then our friend did for his final time.
He got off of her and went over and got dressed. "Thank you," he said to me, shaking my hand before he left the door, leaving behind a used and satisfied woman and one very proud Master.
I held L after he left, and we talked about what happened, and more than anything she wanted to know if I was pleased with her, that that is what she wanted more than anything. I told her she was. I asked her questions about show she liked his size, how it felt inside of her, and she told me how that while she enjoyed it, it didn't compare to mine....my "perfect penis" as she has always liked to describe it.
We talked and the talk led to arousal...which led to what all of you out there can imagine.
And now you know....the rest of the story.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A very vanilla weekend

L and I and the rest of the family had a very vanilla weekend here in Mayberry, USA. Yesterday we participated in a walk/race fundraiser for a local nonprofit and went to a family barbecue. Today we spend the day at a new lake park and took down an old fence in our yard to make way for a new one. L gave me my father's day present, and we are going to have a nice dinner later. We are happy and content with our plain, vanilla weekend.

Oh, wait a second.

I left something out.

I left out last night.

I left out last night and the hotel room we got, and the anonymous man that I invited up to share L with, a very well hung man that L took to, with mouth and cunt, in a way that I am quite proud of.

So, yeah, there was THAT.

But I am sure none of you want details.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

What a stay at home Dom thinks about

Memo I sent to L yesterday while at home thinking about her.

Maybe other stay at home Doms watch the "Price is Right." I don't know.

But me?

I think about ... things.

P.s.: L's response to this was that she was very wet indeed.


Jesus, you do it for me. I am crazy about your sexuality, your openness, your inhibitions...your insatiability. Love that you gave yourself to me and my kinks, my twisted mind, my dark desires..things that make me hard, make me throb, and I get them with you and all of you that I own, mouth, tits, ass, cunt. 


I want to make your ass bleed again with the cane. I want to make you cry and sob, and ask for no more, but I will keep going anyway, and eventually you won't care, you will be so far gone nothing will matter, and there will be bruises and lashes and marks.

I want your cunt. My cunt. I want to slap it, taste it, fuck it. Make you squirt. I want to go down on you, my face buried in your cunt, and I want to make you come hard so that you squirt all over my face.

I want to piss on you all the time. Maybe get to the point of pissing in your mouth. You seem quite willing to be pissed on these days. I think I want to experience your piss at some point, after all, it is mine. I have this one scenario where we are home alone and you are in your panties, and I refuse to let you go to the bathroom to piss and make you piss, in front of me, in your panties..I think that would be hot, to watch the wetness appear on them. Then I would take them off and taste you.

That's where I am today.


I want to walk in on you sucking another man's cock. See you on our knees, taking him in your mouth. Bobbing your head up and down in that amazing was you do. And I watch for a minute before you realize I am there, and then i come over, and he holds you down while I punish you, and then we take turns with you...all part of the setup. 

That's where I am today.

Very twisted.

I hope this email made you wet. Fucking whore. MY fucking whore.



I suspect at some point, L and I will discover that we have limits as far as how far we can go, how much she can take from me.

But I don't think, despite the picture I am showing you from last night's session, that we are even close yet.

Because the thing is...L felt perfectly fine today.

Monday, June 2, 2014

another transition

The news was delivered quickly and with little emotion and lasted no more than five minutes. "We are choosing not to renew your contract," my supervisor told me, all the meanwhile as she looked down at the floor.

I asked for a reason and was given none. I asked again and was simply told that it was within their rights to not renew my contract, that today was the last day they could do so, and was given a severance package. I was not allowed to gather up any of my personal belongings (I had to go back later for them) and had to get up, on the spot, and leave the building. I was even in the middle of an email at the time that never got sent.

Five months into a new career,  a career I would have been quite satisfied working until retirement, it was all stripped away in less than five minutes and no explanation.

As my cell phone belonged to work, I had to leave it behind, and did not have a way to reach L as she finished up her work day. I went home and waited for her, and she could tell by the look on my face that the news was not good. So I told her, and we held each other, and my submissive girl, at that moment became the strong one as she told me it was all going to be ok....

The circumstances surrounding my situation were not necessarily within my control, though I was never given an answer, I had a hunch about the politics behind the situation. Nonetheless, my sense of responsibility to L and the boys is a strong one, and I felt that I had let her down. She assured me that was not the case, and I believe her, so, perhaps, the only person let down was myself.

There were aspects of the job that contributed to my dominance of L. Oddly enough, the clothing played a big role. There is something about putting on a suit in the morning, and knowing that you look good into it. L loved kneeling at my feet in the morning before I left, her head pressed against my crotch with my hand tugging at her hair, still damp from her shower, and we had to end it right there, because even a nice suit cannot do a good job of containing an erection.

So it took me for a tailspin, and four days later, I am still reacting to it a bit as I try to figure out next steps. L knew on Friday night the shape I was in, and we had a very intimate moment that evening when I told her I had to go the bathroom. L got in the bathroom in front of me, and before I could make it to the toilet, she was kneeling in the bathtub, naked. I stepped in and as she looked at me, showing me that she was my submissive and I was her Dominant, I coated her with my piss, aiming it across her cheeks and down on her tits. It was the extent of our session that night, but on Saturday, with the house all to our ourselves, we had quite the noisy time.

It is Monday night, my first day not going to work, and I was the one who saw L off this morning, even with a lunch that I made for her. I spent the day cleaning and taking care of the kids, and had dinner ready when L got home. After dinner I had to go back to my office for one final time to get my personal items, then we went to watch our youngest in his first t-ball practice of the season.

It was a vanilla day in suburbia, with Mr. Mom at home.

We are in bed now. L is beside me, wondering what I am writing, and she is not allowed to read over my shoulder while I type. She has to wait until it is done and posted. She will read it while I got and get the youngest settled in to bed, then, soon afterwards, we will be in bed together. I will put her collar on. I will squeeze her neck and grab her cunt, and I will remind her that no matter what, nothing has changed.

I will remind her in the only way I know how, through force and control.

I will remind her because it is needed.

For me more than her.