Friday, June 22, 2018

Office Head

L gave me a blowjob in her office the other day, a new experience for both of us. Her workplace is set up perfectly for encounters such as this, as she has the entire office to herself and no one can enter the office without being buzzed in, so the chance of being interrupted or caught is removed (although that does take away from the thrill of it just a bit...)

It was not a planned encounter by any means, I was delivering a coffee to her and it just sorta happened, which trumps planned every day of the week. I stood in front of her as she sat in her office chair and she undid my belt and unzipped me to take out my cock which was already starting to stir. She sucked on me in that position for awhile and then I sat down in the chair while she got on her knees in front of me and continued in that position.

She sucked my cock in the broad daylight of her office, windows open to the sounds below of people and cars and the general hubbub of a weekday morning. She worked me over, using her mouth and her hand, and I leaned back enjoying it, brushing her long hair away from her so I could get the ultimate visual.

No one could walk in, but what if they did? This is what I thought about. What if one or two other men just suddenly walked in on us and saw us, witnessing her beautiful head bobbing up and down on my cock, the sounds of sucking filling the air? What would happen then? Perhaps I would tell them not to just stand there looking stunned, you're more than welcome to give my lovely little slut a try your self. And perhaps they would take me up on that offer  and approach her, their own cocks out, and I would forcefully remove L's head from me and shove her in the direction of the two strangers...

That scenario/fantasy could have gone in a lot of different directions, but I was already coming by then, L quickly removing her mouth from me (so many years later, and still not a swallower...) and finished me off with her hand, ropes of my hot ejaculate splashing up on my torso and hitting her cleavage as well. She cleaned us both up with tissue from her desk, I gave her a kiss, and went about my day.

L gave me a blowjob in her office the other day, a new experience for both of us.

But not the last.

Maybe next time we will leave the office door unlocked.


  1. Oh what a fun scenario to think about (the two strangers and you offering them a go).. i shall share it with BIKSS. I gave him a blowjob in HIS office once... i shall have to offer him a repeat encounter soon.

  2. Even with the door locked, I'd be thinking of someone knocking!

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