Friday, November 30, 2012

Prep Work

Like a good chef, a good Master knows that doing prep work is necessary in order to enjoy a delicious meal.

The ultimate song for a D?

What do you think? At any rate, it is one of my favorite songs. So incredibly....raw.

Boys and girls, Doms and subs, I bring you..."Closer" by Nine Inch Nails.

You let me violate you 
You let me desecrate you 
You let me penetrate you 
You let me complicate you 

(Help me)
I broke apart my insides 
(Help me)
I've got no soul to sell 
(Help me)
The only thing that works for me 
Help me get away from myself 

I wanna fuck you like an animal 
I wanna feel you from the inside 
I wanna fuck you like an animal 
My whole existence is flawed 

You get me closer to God 

You can have my isolation
you can have the hate that it brings 
You can have my absence of faith
you can have my everything 

(Help me)
Tear down my reason
(Help me)
It's your sex I can smell 
(Help me)
You make me perfect 
Help me become somebody else 

I wanna fuck you like an animal 
I wanna feel you from the inside 
I wanna fuck you like an animal 
My whole existence is flawed 

You get me closer to God 

Through every forest, above the trees 
Within my stomach, scraped off my knees 
I drink the honey inside your hive 
You are the reason I stay alive

Three Hours

Pet has been gone for a week now, and between the reason for her being gone, some stupidity on my part, and some potentially life changing things happening in my world, we continue to reside on top of Shit Mountain, but always coming back to each other, always craving each other, always NEEDING each other...because of our strong D/s connection. I yearn for my hand striking pet's ass, my hand grabbing and yanking her hair while I fuck her form behind, as much as I crave her companionship, her smile, her love.

She gets back at 8p.m. Friday night. I fly out of state at midnight that night, and when I get back to town later the next week, she will be back out of town again.

Our reunion tomorrow night will be about three hours long.

We have no intention on spending it being domestic.

The kids will be home, so I got us a hotel room. My plan is to go check in before she arrives and setting up the bed and the room in the manner that is necessary for our three hours. We need a hotel room. Children do not need to hear the sounds their mother is going to be making.

I plan on making the most of it.

Text from pet on 11/27:

I want crazy hard everything sex.

Text from pet later that day:

I want you to leave marks for sure.

Text from pet on 11/28:

Holy I miss you pulling my hair. Like bad.

Plan on taking all of our toys to the room. Plan on making the most of those 180 minutes. Plan on leaving marks. Plan to make sure she remembers and knows, without question, when she drops me off at the airport three hours later, who her Master and owner is.

With all that being confession for the night is this.

Good god, do I miss her. I am lost without her. Lost without her submission to me.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Dance

deep throating.



Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What pet came home to the other night

While shopping for groceries the other day I came across this five piece bamboo utensil set. They are pictured here lying across pet's nightgown that she is required to where every night, sans panties. So far, have only tried the wooden spoon with the hole in the middle....

The weekend of many spanks

It was a very good weekend for pet and I, with lots of time spend in bed not only at night but we had the opportunity to sneak away to our private world under the covers during the day as well. By Sunday night I lost track of the number of times we fucked, the number of times pet slowly sucked on me...and, in particular, the number of times I spanked her.

Well into the hundreds. Spanking is no longer something that is done from time to time as a form of maintenance, or turned up to "11" when a punishment is in order, it is now a part of us, fully ingrained into our sex life as a form of extended foreplay. Nothing gets me harder than lifting pet's nightgown up so her ass is exposed and she shifts her knees so she is elevated and presented to me.

It always begins with caresses, my hands running over her cheeks, stroking, kneading, lightly patting. From there the swats begin..slowly and softly at first, then picking up on impact and speed. From time to time I will stop and rub and caress, and examine my pussy with my fingers, where I am always greeted with extraordinary wetness.

The sound of my hand slapping across her ass, that oh-so-satisfying smack. The feel of my hand on her ass. No longer do spanking sessions leave my hand sore, as they did in the beginning. I sometimes get into a rhythm and feel I could spank her for hours, and though she might say otherwise...she wouldn't mind it in the least.

I now understand a little better the idea behind TTWD. Spanking, quite clearly, is our TTWD. Beyond that, it is almost a necessity. The energy involved in it, the whole significance of it for both of us..."makes me feel so owned" she will purr to is all incredibly intense. Gets me going. Gets me hard.

Friday, November 9, 2012


Pet and I never established a safe word when we entered our D/s contract, she didn’t feel like it was necessary as she felt she could completely trust me to do as I felt fit.

Last night was one of those nights where if we did have a safe word, she would have probably used it.

It began rather innocently. The children had gone to bed and she was lying next to me in our bed, finishing up a book she had been reading. She had on her mandatory pink nightgown with nothing on underneath, and I began running my hands underneath, squeezing at her breasts and sliding my fingers down her torso and to her thighs. I was quite hungry for her, ready for our night of pleasure.

Pulling her over to the side of the bed and spreading her legs open, I got off the bed on my knees so I could get the best access to her pussy. I absolutely love tasting my pet’s pussy; every aspect of that act is intoxicating to me; her smell, taste, the shape of her pussy…the way she will hold her lips open for me. She’s quite sensitive to the act and will often times try to have me stop because the sensation is overwhelming to her. It’s taking some work, but she is coming to terms with the fact that when I am tasting her…tasting the pussy that I own…I stop when I am ready to stop.

Poor pet…a Master who can’t get enough of orally pleasing her!

After a few minutes of darting my tongue in and out of her pussy and around the clit, I was ready for more. Wanted to give her more. Spreading her lips open even further, I did something we had never done before, and I spanked her pussy.

The effect was immediate, and she almost moved completely over to the other side of the bed in her reaction. “Oh god,” she said. “I wasn’t prepared for that….”

I delivered a few more, not too hard, but striking directly on her pussy, where each slap came in contact with wetness. And with each strike, she grew and more resistant, shifting her body to try and get away, turning to avoid the strikes.

“This is MY pussy!” I growled, rising up and slapping her tits soundly.

“Please sir,” she said, almost crying. “Please sir, I can’t do this…I can’t get into this right now…please…it hurts.”

For whatever reason, pet wasn’t able to get into her sub space that night, to be able to completely accept the pain that she normally craved. Recognizing that she did have limits..and tonight was that limit…I backed off.

Just a little.

I went back to tasting her, and too the opportunity to try out a new toy on her that I recently purchased that she had already enjoyed, a slim silver bullet vibrator with a handheld speed controller. Pressing the bullet up against her clit, I adjusted the speed while my tongue continued to explore her. Her orgasm was quick and intense.

After she came, I flipped her over and reached for the lube in my nightstand drawer and poured a small amount on her ass. I then eased a finger inside of her to open her up and then removed it and replaced it with the bullet and turned it back on, while my hand made its way back to her clit. She moaned in pleasure, her body almost thrashing around on the bed. I then removed the bullet and replaced it with my finger, sliding deep inside her ass while my other finger slid inside her pussy.

“These are my fuck holes, aren’t they?” I growled.

“Yes sir, they are,” she said.

I adjusted our bodies so she could suck my cock, and then all of her holes were occupied by me…her mouth sucking on me, my fingers fucking away at her ass and pussy. It wasn’t long before the begging began, the pleas for her to fuck her.

And fuck her I did, teasing her at first with the tip of my cock along the outside of her lips, dipping in slightly, ever slightly, tantalizing her.

“You want this cock?” I said. “You want this cock deep inside of you?”

“Yes please sir,” she said, breathlessly, as she tried to arch her back up to draw me inside of her.

I fucked her hard and fast, bringing her to orgasm again. I then rolled off of her onto my back and ordered her on top of me. She got on top of me, facing me.

“No,” I said, “The other way.”

Turning around to reverse cowgirl, she eased her soaking and slightly sore cunt onto my cock, and I turned my light on so I could get a better view. It was a heavenly sight, as she leaned forward and grabbed my ankles and lifted her ass up so I could see the entire length of my cock going in and out of her. The combination of the visual and the sensation sent me over the edge, and I was soon coming deep inside of her.

Rolling off of me, we lay there, hands touching each other. She began apologizing profusely for earlier, and we talked through it, like a good Master and pet should. She knew that I could have continued doing whatever I wanted to that night, without hesitation, no matter her reaction.

But we Masters have to be mindful of limits. Had I ignored how she was feeling and her inability to find her place, it could have had a negative effect. It could have resulted in lack of trust for next time, of her wondering how far would I go on her. She’s encouraging me, as she says “to let my twisted mind run wild” with her and do whatever, but I know that doing whatever sometimes just isn’t realistic.

I plan on picking up where we left off last night later tonight. She’ll be better prepared this time.

Fading memories of vanilla

Pet and I had a session last night that was less than successful in some ways, but, successful in others. I’ll write about that more later.

I’ve reached a point where I don’t quite remember what our pre-D/s sex life was like, though it was only six months ago that we embraced this lifestyle. We have always had very good sex; in the beginning, our relationship was all about the sex but that was fleeting as well as emotions quickly caught up with passions and we became something much, much more than that.

The sex was always good, always intense, but it pales in comparison to what it is now.  And like I said, I have a hard time remembering what it was like exactly.

It doesn’t seem right to think of sex with pet without what we do now. It doesn’t seem right to think of sex with pet without the grabbing of hair and forcing her mouth on my cock; without the nightly spanking of the ass and the pulling of the nipples; without doing things to her that result in sounds that are equal parts pleasure and equal parts pain; without her having her collar on whenever I demand it; without holding off on sliding my cock deep inside her for as long as possible, making her beg (she begs so well!) incessantly for it; without me verbally commanding her to pleasure me like the fuck toy she is…

And so on. And so forth.

What was it like before that? Before this?

I don’t know.

And I don’t care to ever go back to it.

This morning as I rubbed her ass before I left for the day, and I felt a rising down below, and a desire to move from rubbing to spanking, I asked her “What have you done to me?”

“It was there all along,” she said. “The question is, what have you done to me?”

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Sometimes when I am spanking pet, she asks me to stop. Asks me not to spank her in the same spot, to not spank so hard, to spank me so many times. Asks me when I am going go be done. She trembles when I take off my belt or reach for the wooden paddle. “I don’t want it,” she whimpers. “I don’t want it. Please.”

“Please what?” I ask her quietly, as my hand strokes her ass before delivering another solid smack.

“Please…I don’t know…” she says.

With one hand I reach under her and stroke along her pussy, dipping two fingers deep inside of her. They slide in easily. Quite easily. Because her pussy..the pussy that I own and control…is drenched.

She tells me to stop. She tells me no more.

But the juices running out of her pussy, onto my fingers and coating her thigh, tell a different story. 

They tell the truth.

Withdrawing my shiny and slick fingers from her cunt, I raise my hand back to deliver another solid spank.

“Please…” she says.

I respond.

Friday, September 21, 2012

"Shit mountain"

I asked L to write something up about how things have been going from her perspective, and, in particular, to comment on a maintenance session we had the other night that was by far the most intense yet since entering the D/s relationship.

As you can see from S's postings that we have been through a lot lately and are still standing on the top of shit mountain.  I was hoping that the new dynamic of our relationship would help us and for the most part it has.  I had to leave town yet again for a week and while gone I was the decision maker.  When I got back home it was hard to get back into the groove, S was stressed as usual and wasn't feeling very Masterful.  I could tell and it made me feel neglected over time.  I for sure don't want to add to his stress or seem needy so just kept quiet, see what happens.  Then of course he works a lot, is tired most evenings and his back had been acting up, so there is that also.  When we did spend time together it was so....vanilla.  Like a normal couple.......which is fine, for some.  I threw out there several times that we should just be a "normal" couple as I thought that the pressure of having to be my Master was just too much (I had been acting out a bit mostly wanting attention but once I saw just how down he was, I stopped).  
In a previous post, when asked what was one of my favorite things about D/s it was that there were no doubts.  How do you serve someone who has huge doubts about themselves?  Makes it hard sometimes.  S has said before that he cannot control a lot of the aspects of his life and that being able to come home to me and know that he can be in control there was a good thing.  So how am I suppose to feel when he comes home and does not control anything?  Confused, wanting attention...the list could go on.
I have been spanked many times by S and most of it fell under the punishment category and did nothing but hurt.  Yesterday was the first time he spanked me for a period of time and not so hard.  Wow.  I swear at the end of it he could have caned me.  It was just what we needed.  Don't get me wrong, we still have a lot to work on....we haven't been communicating as much as we should for one thing.  We have no consistency....sometimes I get in trouble for something and other times it's overlooked, shit like that.  But we are aware and are working on it.  I know being D/s is helping though and trust S completely.  I'm sure we wont be on top of shit mountain forever!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Other D Word

I’m going to switch gears from the usual postings and delve into a matter that is somewhat more personal than anything mentioned here before. In part, to see if there might be other D’s out there with somewhat similar issues that might be able to respond, either via email or to this posting.

I suffer from clinical depression. I have for many years and have only come to terms with it and been able to admit to myself (reluctantly) and others that I do have it.  I have taken steps to deal with it and have sought help when I needed help.  It has affected and impacted many areas of my life, from my professional career to personal relationships.

It’s not an easy thing to admit to as a male. It’s particularly not an easy thing to admit to as a Dominant in a D/s relationship because the feelings of depression are so contrary (IMHO)  to how a Dominant should be. It is not easy sometimes to be the stern and confident Master that my pet expects of me when I am dealing with lack of self-esteem and feelings of anxiety and unshakeable sadness. Having said that, having L give herself to me in the manner that she has does help me with my confidence, and when she is fully submitting herself to me I feel more confident and stronger than ever.  Granted, we have had some challenges between the two of us and moments in our relationship that have been downright tumultuous. There are some factors outside of our relationship yet still connected to us quite closely that affect things, but it does always seem when we are together everything is right with the world.

I write this now because that other D word..depression…is rearing its ugly head with me right now and I know myself well enough to know there is more to come. I am two weeks away from a career that I have worked 20 years for coming to an end, with no replaceable employment on the close horizon.  There is a lot associated with that for me and what it means, the big one being that it greatly impacts my desire to be a provider and caregiver. I have a life with L and her children that we are getting underway, and I want to be a good provider for them…be someone she can be proud of and know that she has me for support. I have two young children from my first marriage who live with their mom 3,200 miles away from me, and the substantial child support they get from me allows for things such as a roof over their heads.  I take pride in being able, wanting to help others, and with this career loss, my ability to do that is hugely impacted…and it erodes away at what I feel it means to be a man. Tears away at me like nothinge else.

I wish it were just that. The distance from my children is painful at times, and I have only recently come to accept the fact that they most likely will never be a daily part of my life. Being a father is something I take pride in and adds to my feelings of what it means to be a man, so that is being impacted as well. I have no family anywhere close to me, nor do I really remain in contact with my family, so despite my closeness with L and her family, there are times when that realization makes me feel so incredibly alone. There are other bits and pieces in there, and thrown altogether, they make one for gigantic mess that, at times, make me lose hope that it will all be ok in the end.

It’s painful and scary times.  The moments of peace come in bed with L, with her collar on, my hand grabbing the back of her hair, her fully submitting herself to me. During those times, the darkness fades away.  I need her, and she needs me right now, and anymore, that is about all I know.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Purchase, Part II

Here is L's response to how the experiment went. I think in any D/s relationship, there has to be a sense of humor involved if things don't sometimes go as planned.

Hmmm, lets see.  I did end up going out with one in and it wasn't bad at all.  There is of course a story as to why it was only one.  They would not stay in no matter what I tried.  I have excellent muscle control (can still push out a tampon) and do kegels all the thoughtyay, what fun.  Not so much.  I think that if you wore super tight jeans they may stay in just by being held there.  I was getting desperate in my desire to please S and was worried I wouldn't be able to do this so lay down and pushed them in as far as they would go.  Stood up and out pops one.....only one.  Ugh, I'm checking the bed and all over as I can't feel if the damn thing is still in or not.  I take a shower and try to find it.  Reminds me of mars in there, the red planet.....ugh.  I can feel the tip and am reassured that yes, it is still there but I can't reach it.  Ugh.  No time so just put it out of my mind and go out.  I have to pee and think for sure it will pop out then.....nope.  It worried me all evening.  What if S can't reach it?  What if I end up at the emergency room?  Then I was worried about him digging up in there....loads of worries.  Thankfully he was able to find it and reach it with his super long fingers and all was good.  I wouldn't recommend shoving them up to no mans land but for use in the bedroom or for interesting kegels they would work just fine.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New purchase

I work 14-hour days five days a week so pet and I don't get a chance to go socialize together as much as we would like, which is unfortunate, as we are both social creatures and have fun together. Pet has a group of friends she likes to go socialize with at the neighborhood bar from time to time while I at work, which she does, but only after permission from me and she is required to check in with me.

I have been telling her that I am going to buy something for her so that she is reminded of my presence and who in fact owns her pussy when she is not around me, so today I picked up the following..a pair of Crystal Kegel Eggs and delivered them to her office. She plans on going out tonight, and is required to insert them before going out and can only take them out once she gets back home.

I don't think she is a fan of them...hasn't tried them yet. I suppose there is concern of them possibly falling out but my pet has exceptional muscle control (it's quite nice) down there so I think they are safe. And like she said...she knows it could have been something a lot worse.

The Challenge

My pet has a highly competitive streak about her and is always up for a challenge. It's part of her strong and stubborn nature, and as her Dominant, it keeps things...interesting...for me as I tame her. As we have explored our D/s relationship together (a relationship we agree that we could not or ever have with anyone else, that it was something we could only find with each other as a result of the journey we have taken in the close to three years we have known each other), I have found various ways (thank you nipple clamps!) to keep her in her place, but also have found that often times it is not necessary because she truly knows her place with me...and wants/desires to be in that place with me.


My pet has a highly competitive streak about her and is always up for a challenge. So I have issued one to her. I'm quite good at Scrabble. Pet and I have played only once and there was no winner as the game was never completed (we have a difference of opinion on why that was). Pet is very smart in many ways, but I feel pretty strongly and confidently I can beat her in Scrabble.

So I issued her the following.

We play and if I win, nothing happens. Nothing changes.

We play and she wins, I will hand over reins to to speak...for one day and let her briefly be my Dominant.

We play the game Thursday evening. Will let you know the outcome.

Monday, August 27, 2012


I've read on several blogs and websites how no Dominant is perfect, how mistakes will be made along the way as that is how it goes in any relationship, and a D/s relationship is no different.

I made a big mistake this weekend that I am having a hard time with because I consider it one of those ones that, as a D, I just should have known better and it is an inexcusable one in my book. Last Friday I required, as a punishment, for L to complete a writing assignment where she had to write "I will always respond to my Master's memo of the day." 125 times. She hates writing assignments like this, thus making it a rather effective punishment. Her instructions were to have it ready for me by the time I got home later that night.

She completed the assignment and had it in the nightstand on my side of the bed and I forgot to check it when I got off of work late that night. In part, I trusted that she had completed it in the manner I had directed and didn't need to check it. Still, it was important that I should have checked it. I didn't do it the next nigh either.

Here is where I made the big mistake. On Friday night L asked me if I had checked it and, I suppose mainly because I was so embarrassed that I hadn't, I said yes, I had checked it. It was an outright lie. One of the worst things, in my mind, that a D could do in a D/s relationship, because of the level of trust that a sub needs to have  with her Dominant. The next day (Saturday) we were doing something in the bedroom and L looked inside the drawer where she found her assignment, still contained within the envelope. 

"You lied to me!" she said to me, and I wasn't quite sure how to respond...I apologized with my face about as red as it could get, then opened the envelope and checked it over. We didn't talk about it for the rest of the weekend, though it was always on the forefront of my mind as I wrestled with what I should do abut it.

Below is the email exchange from L and I this morning:

L: Still can't believe you lied to me.

Me: I know, and I am embarrassed as hell that I did and know how really, really wrong that was. Not even sure why I did it...was embarrassed that I hadn't checked yet. 

I am truly sorry about that. I really am. It was a big mistake to do that, and I live up to it.

Me: I have been stewing on that all weekend...meant to bring it up. Being dishonest like that is wrong in any relationship, but as your D, it is especially wrong. I promise you with all of my heart that it will never happen again, ok?

L: Yeah.  Such a silly thing to lie about and you did it so well.  Makes me wonder what else you have lied about or what in the future. I think that you get lying is never good..........especially with me.

I am absolutely torn up over this, and it is not the typical male reaction that I feel bad I got caught, I feel bad over what I did...that I did something so foolish that would cause the person who means more to me than anyone in the world to possibly not trust me, especially given that trust is the pinnacle of any relationship, but particular a D/s. Especially ours, because L suffered through a great deal of dishonesty in her marriage.

L and I always manage to work though things together...there have been quite a few things we have worked through in our relationship, going back to before we became D/s. I want to make this right again, to bring my pet back into being able to fully and completely trust me again. 

I'm sick to my stomach right now over this and would really like to get advice from other Doms on this.

Friday, August 17, 2012


It's been awhile since I have added some new toys to our collection, so after I went to lunch with L I stopped by the local Castle store to do a little shopping for tonight. I have enjoyed experimenting with L's pain thresh hold, and today's additions were purchased with that in mind. She is also being punished tonight for an infraction yesterday that left me quite upset with her; I did not get to see her last night so I have had to prolong delivery of the punishment, and L has been hoping that perhaps it won't be as strict as it would have been had I delivered it last night.

She is hoping wrong.

Back to the experimentation. For the most part, pain has not worked as a form of punishment, because though I have, at various times, had L sobbing with tears as a result of various inflictions, they have also made her so incredibly wet that she has had to wipe herself out before I fucked her because her pussy would literally be soaking. Soaking.  The two exceptions so far that I know L considers punishments are when I strike my belt buckle across her nipples, and, a more recent discovery, flogging her with her chain leash. I've used the leash on her before in numerous ways, such as running the chain all along her body, striking her with the leather strap, binding the chain around her breasts ... wbo knew a leash had so many purposes? I love the sound of when I attach the leash to her collar and then I have her in my full control; fucking her from behind while I pull back on the leash is something I enjoy very, very much. I'm putting flogging her with the leash into the favorite category as well; when I did it the other night it left some delicious welts on her ass that had her sore the next day.

L has to wait another eight hours before her punishment as well as being introduced to some new sensations. I personally can't wait.

Monday, August 6, 2012


The day after the golden shower I asked L to write me how it made her feel. This is what she said:

"Let's see.  There was the anticipation of waiting all evening for you to come home....then no mention of it and I thought you had forgotten or were too tired.  I was surprised when at 12:30 you still wanted to.  I felt super submissive while undressing and getting into the bathtub....wanted you to cover me, mark me, own me.  Like I said, it wasn't bad at all and I don't mind......if it was something you chose to do everyday, I would be fine with that.  I guess if I had to give one word to my feelings as it happened it would be....owned."

I have decided that Monday nights will be maintenance night for us. Monday maintenance. Also, we are going to be apart for over a week after tonight. With absence of the heart coming upon us, I think it is important that tonight's maintenance leaves L with a sense of being owned as much as possible.

Golden Shower, Part II

L and I had just finished up with a vigorous sexual romp and were lying in bed together, her head on my chest, my hand stroking her cheek and pulling at her hair. It was late...close to 12:30a.m. We had talked about the golden shower most of the day, sending each other little texts about and emails. My workday is close to 14 hours, so when I got home and didn't say anything to her, she had thought I had forgotten and wasn't going to bring it up. But I hadn't forgotten. Was looking for that right moment, in particular, when the kids were both in bed with the door closed.


"We still have something to do tonight," I told her, and she looked at me and nodded her head in agreement. "Go into the bathroom"

She went into the bathroom and a few minutes later I followed, going inside and closing the door and locking it behind me. L was naked and kneeling in the shower and she looked up at me as I joined her.

And then it happened.

Without hesitation, I took my dick in my hands and pointed it towards her chest and the piss came out, hot and fast, and I coated her tits with it and then up to her shoulders. She kneeled there and stared up at me, did not say a word..did not flinch. My ever so obedient pet. The look in her eyes was quite clear. You are my Master. You are my Master. I aimed a little higher and pissed on her cheek then over to her hair, my eyes making contact with her the whole time while I marked my territory and claimed her as my own. It was an amazing possessive in its nature.

Finishing up, I knelt down with her as she turned on the shower head and I took a bar of soap and cleansed my piss off of my pet. I got out of the shower and let her finish up and went back into the bedroom. Moments later, she joined me, taking the towel wrapped around her body off and crawling under the covers, her nude body next to mine, her head with her hair still damp from the shower and smelling clean, lying on my chest. I kissed her and held her tight. Few words were spoken. They were not needed.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Golden Shower, Part I

I don’t see this subject much in the D/s blogging world. It seems to fall more under the umbrella of “limits” more than anything, at least in the readings and discovery I have done. The one exception we have found…and it was this particular one that piqued the interest of L and I…was from the “Within Reality” website that is one of the better ones out there in terms of essays on the D/s lifestyle:

Prior to entering the D/s relationship with L, it was certainly something I had never considered or sparked much arousal for me. L felt the same way. She was the one who initially discovered the above essay and forwarded it to me, with the note that it changed her perspective on the act.

It changed mine as well, and over the last three months we have talked off and on about it, what the act itself meant, how it would make us feel. How it would make me feel and what it would mean to me as her Master. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this was something, without doubt, I wanted to do with L. I was attracted to it for numerous reasons. As we continue to explore our D/s side in the bedroom, I have found myself becoming more and more aggressive with L, and our sex (which was always very good) has intensified as things became more and more physical, where slapping and spanking were a given. L has never been wetter than the last couple of weeks, and I have never been harder.

The thought of coating L with my piss seemed like the ultimate in aggression, something so crudely animalistic in nature that sparked my inner beast. But even more than that was what it meant. For both of us, we looked it as being me marking my territory, the ultimate in claiming L as my own. My own.

We have talked about it. And talked about it.

Last night we did it.

Details to follow.

Monday, July 30, 2012

We're back

Followers of the blog undoubtedly noticed that we...disappeared. There have been some really bad moments between pet and I over the last month..along with some really great moments, and because of the turbulence I have hesitated in restarting this blog again.

Until now. We are back. My dear pet is collared and leashed and fully submitting to me again...even better than before. Our session in bed last night went to another level, to the extent that I have a difficult time putting into words.

We are back.

We'll keep you posted.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Everything is right in the world.

L and I completely reconnected this weekend, just in time for her to take another trip out of town for the next three days today. This afternoon we have been texting each other about toys she should look into purchasing while she is gone, in time for her birthday this coming weekend. Though her departure was, once again, bittersweet, it was made tolerable by our weekend together where we found tremendous pleasure with each other both in and out of the bedroom.

L's declaration of being submissive to me has never been stronger than the way she expressed herself to me at times over the weekend, literally dropping to her knees in front of me and surrendering herself to me, telling me how all that she desires is to please me. Writing this on Monday afternoon I am not even sure how many times we fucked, how many times she came, how many times I spanked is somewhat of a blur at this point. In between the fucking and spanking was tender intimacy, of body rubs and tight embraces, passionate kissing and gentle touching. Last night as i was starting to go to sleep L made her way down to my cock, limp from exhaustion, and she brought it back to life with her mouth, slowly sucking on me until I exploded one more time for the weekend in her mouth, which she dutifully swallowed and continued sucking every last drop.

Email exchange between S and L on Monday morning:


Well, you have barely been gone and I already miss you. You have that effect on me. I am sure glad we had the weekend we had before you left for the next three days, it just all reaffirmed how incredibly great we are together in so many ways. Besides giving you the gift of yourself, you have given me the gift of home, and that feeling means so much to me right now. I feel we are already back on track, and am very pleased with your actions this weekend and how passionate you were in expressing how you would do anything for me...that you are all mine. It was good, very good.

Going to miss falling asleep with you the next two nights.

More later. I love you very much.

I would do anything for you. You own me. Glad we had the fabulous weekend....we really needed it.
I miss you too. I really really do.


Friday, June 8, 2012


I asked L to write about what the slapping experience is like for her, and this is what she had to say:

Let me begin by stating that my first marriage was abusive.  Mostly mental abuse but at times got physical.  Lots of hair ripping (pulling is another thing, this was ripping), pushing, wrist twisting....that sort of thing.  Especially if he had been drinking heavily.  I've had many bruises in my time.  I'm by no means a timid woman and the abuse wasn't a daily thing.  To some extent, I was submissive in my marriage and I think that is just me, I'm submissive.
Being in a D/s relationship is nothing like that at all.  Almost opposite in fact.  I'm not scared.  I'm comfortable.  There is a huge difference between not knowing what is going to happen....scared of what he may do....what condition he will be in....etc. and laying there knowing that S is going to slap me.  I liked what someone had said in another blog, that D/s isn't about abuse but about sensations.  There is the moment when he has raised his hand above my cheek and you know its coming.  Gets me wet.  Makes me feel alive.  Submissive.  Owned.
I like it.  Not all slapping is bad.  

So very, very wet...

L and I had one of our nicer evenings in recent weeks last night. After a dinner of sushi that I picked up and brought home, we lied in bed together watching tv. L was wearing a shirt and panties, and she rested her head on my hip while we watched television, my hand on her head. Occasionally, I would grab a handful of her hair and yank her head back, which caused her to moan every so slightly.

After awhile, I moved my hand down from he hair to caress her cheek, and by doing so, L was pretty clear on what was about to happen next. My caresses then turned into little pats, and I could feel her body tremble with my touch. She then removed her glasses so her face was completely clear, and when she did so, I raised my hand and brought it back down on her cheek with a resounding slap.

"Uhhhh!" she said.

Caress, pat, slap. Caress, pat, slap. I repeated the process a few times, with L moaning and writhing with each one.

"Good god do you make me wet," she said. I moved my hand down to the front of her panties where a clear wet spot had formed. Wanted to explore further, I slid my fingers under her elastic band where a literal fountain awaited me. L was soaked. She gets wet quite easily around me, lube has never been necessary for the two of us, in fact, she gets so wet that she has to wipe out sometimes. But this was extra wet for her, and I enjoyed the sensation of it as I slid a finger deep inside of her and explored her dripping pussy.

"Is this my wet pussy?" I asked her.

"Yes," she replied, breathlessly.

"Do you want your Master's hard cock inside of you?" I asked her.

"Oh god, yes...please," she said, arching her hips up to meet the movement of my fingers.

I instructed her we would have to wait. The kids were still up in the next room, and I told her she needed to learn to be patient, that she would soon enjoy the sensation of my hard cock filling her up. She reluctantly complied.

Bedtime. L first took me into her mouth, kneeling next to the bed beside me. She has never been able to take all of me in when I am fully hard, but she tried her best, and I grabbed the back of her head and guided her down, fucking her mouth in return. It was an exceptional blow job, and as she bobbed her head down, stroking my shaft with her hand,  I could tell that my orgasm was not far behind.

I allowed her to stop and she asked if she could ride me, which I complied. Despite her wetness it was a tight fit as she slid down my entire length. I raised my hips up to penetrate her fully, and then she was riding me. "Are you riding you Master's cock?" I asked her.

"Oh god..yes," she said, and within a matter of seconds I knew she was about to come.

But only with my permission.

"You may come," I said. "Come while you are riding your Master's cock."

She increased her riding, her eyes closed with pleasure.

"Open your eyes and look at me!" I commanded, and she did, and our eyes burned into each other as the first orgasm rippled through her body. Her riding continued, and a second one was not far behind.

I had been holding back on my own but was ready to let go. "Keep looking in my eyes," I said. "Do not close them." She lowered her head to mine as I grabbed her ass, our eyes staring into each other, and with a hard thrust I rose up to meet her and then exploded deep inside of her. She continued riding me, milking each drop of cum out of me with her dripping, tight pussy.

She then rolled over off of me, both of us breathing heavy, our naked bodies dripping with perspiration as I continued to run my hands over her. We were both sexually satisfied, satisfied with each other, in love and content, and at that moment, did not have a care in the world.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ever forward

It's been close to a week since the last post, an extremely hectic and difficult week for the two of us. Our time together has been minimal and last night was the first night we fell asleep together in more than a week. We tried to hang on to as much of the D/s relationship as we could, but faltered at times. Rules were broken by L. I was not as strong as I should have at times. The circumstances surrounding L's situation had me, at times, worried that L might have to call things off with me altogether, and with those feelings of uncertainties came some floundering on my part.

Tuesday afternoon we moved back towards things, albeit briefly. L met me at my place during the day and when she walked in, 10 minutes late, I glared at her and handed her her collar. "Go upstairs and get in the position," I ordered her.

When I got upstairs to my room she was naked on my bed, her ass in the air waiting for me. There were some punishments to be dealt with from the weekend, and after I leashed her, my spankings were harder than they had been before. L reacted stronger than she had before, her whimpers turning to cries and at one point she turned over and said "Please, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she said. "No more spankings. Please."

"You know there have to be though. There is no choice," I said, turning her back over on her tummy and delivering a couple more solid spanks. When L protested her again, I slapped her on the face. Taking off my pants, I grabbed the back of her head and forced her on my erect cock, and as she sucked on, tears trickled down her cheek onto my shaft.

"Do you want to me to fuck you?" I asked, pulling it out of her mouth and holding it in front of her. "Do you want me fuck you with this cock?"

"Yes please," she begged, and I reached down with my hand and felt her wetness on my fingers.

"That's my nice wet pussy," I told her. "So wet." I then slid all of the way inside of her and began fucking her. I denied her from coming the first two times she asked, but on the third, gave her approval, and began pounding her as hard as I could as her orgasm erupted though her entire body.

Later that day L told me that the cries weren't necessarily from the punishment, but, rather, were cries related to emotion. She was having a hard time letting herself completely go to me during our session. I told her that is fine, we had gotten off track as of late and that we will get there. When I came home to her late last night, she had my glass of ice water awaiting for me on my side of the bed and this morning she brought me my cup of coffee while I was still in bed.

This last Monday we were supposed to review our contract which had been in place for a month. We didn't get a chance to do that, so that will happen tomorrow. I plan to cut back on some of the rules and work better on enforcing the ones in place and being a better and more consistent Dominant. We are not starting over as the foundation is in place so we just need to continue from where we left off. And I need to not have doubts as to L's commitment to this. To me. As she told me in an email this afternoon.

So now you can quit worrying about EVER getting an email from me saying I cant do this right now.  I take contracts and promises seriously (for the most part, I know I've screwed up many times).  But when I signed something giving myself to you it's a done deal.

Ever forward.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Return

L got back last night, and it was so good to see her and feel her in my arms again when we collapsed into bed together. Waiting until bedtime for sex wasn't an option. After she had taken a shower she was lying on the bed with a towel wrapped around her, I couldn't resist the urge to be on top of her, kissing her hard and passionately, grabbing and pulling at her hair. Moments later I was inside her, fucking her hard and fast. She asked for permission to come right away, and I granted her permission to do so and I soon followed, filling her up with my cum.

She was exhausted...physically and mentally...from the trip so I held off on any disciplining so she could rest. She has to leave again tonight but will be back tomorrow night.

We both agreed that something changed during the time she was gone, and a lot of that has to do with the reason for the trip and the issues she is having to deal with in her life. I have promised my support to her to be her rock during this extremely difficult time, but have also made it clear what the requirements are. The D/s relationship we embraced has come to mean so much to us, and we are both hold on to that right now. It's difficult to do that when we are not together, and again...difficult to do given the circumstances that are occurring. But we both need this like oxygen. The training had just essentially started before she left, and we had reached a good level...but in some ways, we are starting it back up again.

I don't feel like much of a Master right now, and I know the responsibility to regain that control and power lies in my hands. It's hard. But I/we have love and commitment, dedication and desire, and with those things, we will get through this.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


 night three of my pet being gone and I yearn for her. We Doms are supposed to be strong and resilent but we gather our strength from our subs. Their absence is equivalent to kryptonite. Our situation is compounded by the life changing and tragic reason for her being gone. I know she craves my control as much as I crave needing to control her.

As the song by the Police goes...bed's too big without you...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vanilla goodbye

L is leaving town today for about six days, and it already feels strange to not have her around. It's escalated by the reason she is out of town, which is not a pleasant one at all.

Last night in bed as I embraced her I told her we were just going to make love. "I was going to ask you if we could do that," she said.

And we did. No spanking, no slapping, no being called a filthy slut...just tender love making that ended in wonderful orgasms for both of us.

Email exchange between S and L on Thursday morning:

S. I'm glad we made love last night in the manner that we did. It was what was needed at the time.
L: Oh, it was. Just what was needed.

There are some stressful times happening in our respective lives right now, extremely stressful at times. But as I said below, we have something to hold on to to guide us through it. We are an exceptionally strong couple right now, and that is such a secure feeling.

I will miss my pet.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Survey says

I added a survey asking about the frequency of sex in a D/s relationship. L and I had an active sex life prior to the relationship but it has certainly picked up speed over the last three weeks. I seem to be "on" on a regular basis as does she. It's quite...exciting. Constant cravings, as the song goes.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


L has nicknamed me Buckets since we have been together because a lot of times when I come, I tend to be rather...copious...when I release. She has joked that I should pursue the porn industry because I would be perfect for the money shot.

Last night fit into the buckets category. L is still on her period, and being a kind Dom, I gave her ass a break last night and had her give me one of her quite excellent blowjobs...but not until she was begging for it. After playing around for a bit, I sat astride her, pinning her arms down as she moved her head up towards my cock, opening her mouth like a hungry little bird. Each of her begs and attempts to take me in her mouth were meant with slaps across the face.

"Just look at it for now," I said, as I stroked myself in front of her. "Look at how big and hard you make me. You want that in your mouth, don't you? Fucking little cock slut."

"Oh god, yes," she breathed heavily, and at one point wriggled her arms free and tried to reach for me to pull me towards her.

"We will fucking do that when I am ready!" I growled, lifting her off the bed and slamming her back down again.

Eventually I gave in and lay back on the bed and had her get between my legs and begin sucking me, which she did with feverish abandon, the sounds of her slurping music to my ears. I grabbed the back of her hair and forced her mouth down on me as deep as she could go.

"You like that cock in your mouth, don't you?" I said. "You like to suck your Master's hard cock?"

She then stopped and started stroking me. "Don't do that," I snarled. "I'll decide where I am going to come."

"I can't swallow it tonight," she said, almost sobbing. "Please, it will be just too much."

"Keep sucking my cock," I said. "I will let you know."

Fortunately for L I wasn't too fixated on her swallowing me that night, though I was tempted to do so just to teach her a lesson. What I wanted to do was coat her with my cum, so when I felt my orgasm approaching, I grabbed her off of me and threw her back down on the bed on her back. I then straddled her and began stroking. She held her tits together for me and ran her tongue around her lips, waiting for me to explode.

And explode I did as a long thick stream of cum drenched her chest, and then a second stream came out that shot further and landed on her cheek. More came out as I covered my little bitch with my cum.

"Good god," she said, as I handed her some tissues (quite a lot of them) to wipe herself off of. "Thank you for not making me swallow that."

I wasn't done with her yet though. After a 15 minute rest I had her resume touching me with her hand. I had told her earlier that day that I wanted her to work on her prostate milking skills. We had only recently started doing that, and she hadn't quite gotten to the point where she was stimulating my prostate, though the experience itself was quite enjoyable. As i quickly became hard again, she got a condom and inserted it on her finger and began exploring around my ass, slowly putting her finger inside of me as I loosened up while she sucked on my cock. I responded to her physically, adjusting myself to give her better access. She worked her finger in more and then...bam!..she hit the magic spot and my body stiffened up. Moving her head away, I started stroking myself again as she worked on me with her finger, and in a matter of seconds, I had another explosive orgasm.

As far as L, I granted her permission to touch herself afterwards, with me twisting, pulling and slapping at her nipples. Soon she came as well, and both of us went quickly to sleep after telling each other how much we loved each other.

L is still on her period so we might have one more night sans fucking her pussy, which means I will use my mind to come up with how we are going to ensure my pleasure tonight. No ideas yet, but based on how damn aroused I am getting just by writing this and thinking back to last night, I have no doubt that buckets will be involved.

A compass to navigate through the storm

What I have found surprising as of late is just how significant and important the pursuit and full embrace of a D/s relationship has become for L and I. There are some major and tragic life events underway that I won't share here that had me thinking last week that perhaps this was not the best time to continue down this road. We both agreed that any change in course at this time would be akin to disastrous to our relationship and upset the balance we have achieved. Our relationship has had its up and downs over the last couple of years, as all relationships tend to be. But with this new direction we have reached an even plateau. Our confidence in each other, in this relationship, in where we are going, has never been stronger.

Embracing a D/s lifestyle and discovering new things about ourselves, hidden sides of ourselves that are just now being unleashed, has been empowering. It has provided us with a compass to navigate through the storm, presenting itself to us as something concrete and stable to hold on to. I have no doubts that L has given herself to me, mind, body, and soul --- completely. Never before has my love of L been stronger, and each and every night when we fall asleep, her resting her head on my chest as I caress her back, I slumber with the knowledge that this is for life. This is for life.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The other side of the tail

I asked L to write about last night from her perspective, here is what she had to say. I told her that these writing assignments are good for her, that the personal reflection that it encompasses is a healthy thing to do:

Writing assignments are not my forte.....especially one that is about something so....personal.....ugh.
So I had mixed feelings about anal sex with S.  As he said, it has to happen as part of total domination and well, he can if he wants too.  I wasn't too worried as he promised he would go slow and stop when asked which he did for the most part.  Ho boy, it wasn't him I was worried about, it was his size that concerned me.  While I didn't find it awful I would rather it not be a everyday part of our sex life (stupid period!).
I think a large part of it is just trying to relax and let him go.....which I have to do a lot anyways and am getting better at not flinching or making any sounds.  I find myself sitting on my hands a lot which helps me get into submissive mode.

Fucking my pet up the ass

I had told L midway through last week that I was, once and for all, going to fuck her up the ass this weekend. We had never gone down that road yet in our relationship; as I've said before, we assumed that because of my size it would be way too uncomfortable, and I, of course, being sensitive to her feelings, avoided it.

But ever since we signed the contract and I became her owner, I wanted her ass more than ever. I wanted to make sure she knew that all of her holes belonged to me, to penetrate and fuck as I saw fit. I wanted that feeling of total dominance, and for her to know that no matter how it felt for her, she had no control over the situation.

Friday night came, then Saturday came and went, and L kept dropping little hints that she wasn't too keen on the idea. "We can take a pass on this one. I've been a good girl," she said, and at one point, there was a part of me in the back of my mind that thought maybe I would let this one go. But then I realized that to go back on doing something I said I was going to do would be a HUGE mistake and that I needed to stick to my word.

Sunday afternoon we went up to my place and got into bed together. I didn't bother with any of the restraints or the blindfold, but instead collared and leashed her and played with her for a bit. The collaring and leashing is a huge turn on for me and elevates my primal lust for her to, at times, startling levels. I ran the chain part of the leash around her nipples, rubbing the chain against them, using the strap of the handle to slap at her nipples. I then got on my knees on the bed and used the leash to jerk her head towards my stiff cock, which she eagerly took in her mouth. We adjusted to give her better access and to really go to town on me. I looped part of the chain around the base of my cock and watched as she took in as much of me as she could, using both of her hands to stroke me at the same time. The feeling was so damn good that I almost changed direction right there and was going to come deep inside of her mouth and force her to swallow. I think L was hoping for some of the same as well as she increased her motions when the swelling of my cock and thrusting in her mouth indicated I was close...

But I stopped and pulled out.

"This has to happen, you know," I said. "I have to fuck you up the ass."

She whimpered and turned over, removing her thong and presenting her ass to me obediently. I reached into my dresser and pulled out the bottle of the lube which I squirted on her backside and let trickle down to her ass. Using my finger, I massaged lightly before I inserted my well lubed finger inside of her. She was tight...very tight...and she responded accordingly.

"Wait...please wait..." she said.

I then lubed up my cock, which was throbbing and straining for release. "This has to happen," I said. I rubbed my lubricated cock along her ass, teasing at first, and then slowly started to penetrate her ass.

"Oh God," she said. "Please, you said you would go slowly...please."

I got the tip in at first and then paused, lettering her loosen up and relax as she adjusted to my girth. Slowly I slid in a bit more, and at one point stopped and let her ease her ass back on to my cock, taking it in as she could. I was being rather nice, I realize, in letting her adjust and being patient, trying to avoid my own urge of just taking her and fucking her HARD, slamming in and out of her tight ass with the same power I do when I fuck her pussy.

Finally, most of me was in her, and I pulled back out and slowly entered her all the way again.

"Please don't take long," she said. "Please come soon."

I realized that was not going to be a problem. Though I wanted to slap her across the back of the head, grab her hair and pull her back ferociously while I fucked her in the manner I saw fit, I also wanted to be somewhat sensitive in this first time endeavor and then escalate things from there.

I began thrusting, not going too hard, as I grabbed her ass and looked down to watch my hard cock, shining with the lube, pull out of her tight little ass and back in again. "Is your Master fucking you up the ass?" I asked. She began moaning, and I don't know if it was because of pleasure or discomfort, but I was in my own world of pleasure as I continued thrusting in and out of her. As the pace quickened, she sensed my impending eruption.

"Fill me up baby," she said, and no sooner had she said that then I came with ferocity, as my orgasm rippled through me and I shot load after load of cum deep inside of her ass before I collapsed, panting, on top of her.

Pulling out, I lay next to her panting, handing her some wipes to clean herself off as she curled into the fetal position, my cum trickling out of her ass.

I had fucked my pet up the ass and goddam, was it good.

I held her and kissed her and thanked her before we left back to her place, told her she was a good pet and would be rewarded, which I did by having her take a relaxing evening. Later that night as we lie in bed together I asked her if her ass was sore, which she said it wasn't. In fact, it was the one body part that wasn't necessarily sore as she complained (somewhat) that her nipples (which I spent some time on this weekend) were quite sore and her pussy felt tore up from the rest of the weekend.

But her ass? Felt fine for the most part.

Next time she might not be so lucky.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Image of the week

Looking forward to some quality collaring/leashing/bondage time with my pet later tonight...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekend to-do list in Mayberry

In no particular order...

1. Work on yard
2. Spend time preparing classes for upcoming summer sessions
3. Take children to park
4. Grocery shopping for week
5. Call my dad
6. Inspect camping gear
7. Introduce L's ass to my cock for the first time
8. Quality time at my house with L tied to my bed so I can use her as I please
9. Order L to wake me up both mornings by slowly sucking me until I get hard in her mouth
                                           10. Go to gym

"I know you have it in you."

L was punished last night. While we were out having drinks with her friends at the local bar, she behaved in a manner that was very disrespectful towards me. The second she did it, she could tell by The Look that I gave her --- and it has gotten sterner and extremely intense --- that she, in essence, fucked up and that the matter would be dealt with when we got home.

To make matters worse, she made another extremely poor choice before we got home.

Text exchange between S and L Thursday night:

S: Stop being a jackass with your decisions. How much of a beating do you need?
L: I guess a good one. I'm sorry. On my way home.

When we got home, we fed the kids dinner while I stared her down the whole time.

"Do I need to go back to the room now?" she asked.

"It can wait," I said quietly.

The punishment came in the form of a spanking, one of the harder ones I have given her and for a longer duration. As I've said before, we're figuring out the whole spanking thing and how it works as a punishment or simple BDSM play in the bedroom. I've come to enjoy the spankings more than I thought I would, and, my hand (which was sore the first time I did it three weeks ago) has become accustomed to it as well.

I had her lie on the bed, ass raised in the air. Using the remote, I turned the TV up to drown out the noises.

Smack! The first one came in fast and hard across the left cheek, causing her whole body to lurch forward, her face going into the pillow with a whimper.

"There will be 10 this time," I said quietly, as I caressed her reddened cheek. I removed my hand and paused it in mid air, making her guess when the next strike would come in.

Smack! The next one came in across the right cheek. I repeated the process between the cheeks, taking my time. By the seventh one she was pleading me to stop. 

After the spankings I rubbed her cheeks, and asked her if she knew why she had been punished. "I won't do it again," she whimpered. "I'll be a good girl, I promise."

And then I was on her, using my knees to spread her legs open, my hand pulling and twisting at her erect nipples, causing her to wither in pain. I slammed my cock inside of her dripping pussy, hard...and then pulled it back out all the way again.

"I could keep you from this," I said, sitting back and stroking my cock. "Maybe you should be single. Maybe you shouldn't have this cock at all."

"Oh't say that," she said. "Please, be inside of me. I'll be a good girl."

I shoved my way inside of her again and gave her a few powerful strokes, then pulled back out all the way again.

"I don't know," I said. "I don't think you should get this. I don't think you deserve this."

"Please," she said, arching her back up towards me, trying desperately to make contact with my cock. "Please.."

I slapped her solidly across the face, first one cheek, then the other. "Little slut whore," I said. "You're just a whore for my cock, aren't you? Just can't get enough of it."

"No Master, I can't," she panted.

 I continued the game, pushing inside of her, fucking her, bringing her close to coming then commanding her not to. This went on for awhile until we were both reaching the point of exhaustion and ended with me pounding her from behind, leaving us both extremely satisfied.

This morning L woke up and snuggled in close to me, lying her head on my chest as she ran her hands across my body.

"That really hurt," she said. "My poor, sore ass."

"Good," I said. "It was supposed to."

"I know you have it in you," she said quietly.


Happy Friday.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Praising pet's pussy

I had pet complete a writing assignment (see earlier post) asking her what she loved about my cock and I thought it was only fair that I do the same about her pussy. It really is quite spectacular to the extent that I have referred to it as a "magic pussy" from the first time we ever had sex. It's remarkably tight --- often times to the extent that I wonder, holy crap, am I going to be able to get inside there? And the way she gets wet with me still surprises me to this day. Were I a songwriter I would write a song about it; were I Shakespeare I would wax eloquently about it in a sonnet. I am neither of those so this will have to suffice.

Oh, and one of the best parts about her pussy?

It belongs to me.

The tightness of your pussy is such a perfect fit for my large cock, and I love that moment right before I fully penetrate you when it is so damn difficult to get fully inside you, how we have to adjust and move a little before that happens, and that anticipation of what it is going to feel like when it does happen...and then, all of a sudden, I am fully inside of you and your wetness and warmth envelopes my cock in a way that is simply delicious. I love it when I am on top and you fuck back against me, and as you know all too well, absolutely love it when you are on top, one leg on the floor, riding me. Best sex ever. I love tasting your pussy and exploring it with my mouth and tongue, that turns me on as much as you going down on me. Love it when you spread your lips for me and you let me spend some time down there, bringing you to orgasm after orgasm. I love it when you stop and wipe out when we are fucking and I have to force my way inside you again...and it is such a turnon over how wet you get, even before I ever touch you, and knowing that I am responsible for that wetness. I love coming inside of you and filling your pussy up and knowing that sometimes afterwards, as you go about your day, I occasionally trickle out of you. One of these times after I come hard I want to see my cum drip out of your pussy and onto your thighs...