Friday, September 4, 2015

Baby steps

Anyone who has read this blog from the beginning know that the two areas L expresses hesitation at in performing sexually are swallowing and anal. We have had discussions about it over the years, I have expressed my desire in both of those acts. It is not like they have been absent; they make their appearances from time to time, anal more so than swallowing, and usually during that time of the month.

It has taken will power on my part, particularly with not forcing her into swallowing during oral sex. She is very, very talented in that arena...knows that part of my body well, knows the right way to please me, that perfect combination of sucking and stroking. She gets that rhythm going, gets me into a state of what can best be defined as exceptional hardness, where it is just so damn tempting to grab the back of her head, push myself into her throat as far as I can, and release.

But I don't; instead, withdrawing from the comfort of her mouth at the very last second possible, and throwing her back onto the bed and slamming into her cunt, once again, relying on my will power (or is that power of my will?) to hold off from not erupting right away. When I do, it is explosive. L has nicknamed me "buckets" before because of the amount of ejaculate that I produce, and when I roll off of her and she tends to the mess running down her thigh, she thanks me for not making her mouth the recipient.

It was that time of the month earlier this week; Aunt Flo bid farewell yesterday, just in time for the threesome we are planning tonight (that will be another posting). Three nights ago..or was it four? it can be such a blur sometimes...I had L spread eagled, face down into the bed, with our new under the bed restraint system holding her in place. It had been some time since I had restrained her; the system was recently purchased via Amazon for an amazingly low price, and that was evident in the quality of the material to the point that I really questioned if it was going to work when I unpacked it and set it up. Lo and behold, it worked quite nicely, completely immobilizing her. As I stood back admiring my pet, I immediately asked myself why I don't do this more often, having forgotten (apparently) how aroused I get to see her in such a helpless state. I didn't ponder the situation for too long and was on top of her instantaneously, already hard and throbbing and pressing against her, as I started nipping at parts of her body with my teeth, whispering in her ear, telling her what a slut she was and how tonight she had no choice, she was going to get fucked in the ass.

"Yes Sir," she whimpered. "I have no choice. You can do whatever you want to me."

More biting, more strikes with my hands, more reaching underneath her and pulling, twisting at her tits. In my memo to her the next day, I told her that I had entered "Dom space" and the adrenaline that surged through my body...and the things that I wanted to do to her...were beyond intense.

Then I was in front of her face, and I twisted her head around so she could suck on me. I held her head down firmly as I fucked her mouth. I told her that her mouth was nothing more than a cunt to me.

I told her her ass was next.

And it was next, after a proper amount of lube had been applied to her ass and then coated my cock. I knelt behind her ass, stroking myself as I applied the lube. I did it with some force so she could hear the sound of it. I told her how much I loved her ass, how I knew it was going to be so tight around me.

She whimpered again. "You can do whatever you want Sir."

And I did. Slowly at first, mindful of her discomfort, again, so much will power on my part when I wanted to slam into her forcefully. I allowed her to ease her ass back into me, and once full penetration has been achieved, I slid in and out of her.

"What a nice ass to fuck," I told her.

"Please Sir, don't take long...." she whimpered in reply.

That was not a problem.

Ass fucking, check. Then the other day I stopped by to visit L during a break from a 16 hour work day, in the bedroom with her relaxing for half an hour. When the time was up, I got off the bed and was prepared to leave when all of a sudden L lay back on the bed, her head hanging slightly over the side, her mouth slightly "that" position prepared for "that" act.

Work could wait just a bit more.

I unsnapped my pants and took my cock out as I stood over her, and inserted herself into her mouth as she instantly went to work, bringing me to full erection.

30 second in, she removes her mouth and looks up at me.

"Go ahead," she said. "I will do it."

I held off for as long as I could, but that wasn't long at all, and when I came, it was evident on her facial expression which was not necessarily one of displeasure, but, rather, one of someone who was determined to please her Sir despite however she felt about the act. I came in her mouth, holding her head in place, and though she did her best to swallow it, ended up with spitting some of it out into a kleenex.

I withdrew from her mouth and tucked my cock back into my pants, and used my finger to remove a slight trace of myself from the side of her mouth.

"Good, good girl," I said. "So proud of you."

Text exchange between S and L the next day, after L asked me if I could bring her breakfast while I was out running work errands:

S: I suppose taking my cum in your mouth does make you eligible for a treat.

L: Yes, I believe so.

S: Some might consider that in itself to be a treat.

L: Baby steps.

Hmm, yes.

Baby steps, indeed.

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