Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Afternoon Delight

We used to fuck at lunch time.

We used to always fuck at lunch time, because lunch time was the only time we COULD fuck. We met at my place, around the noon hour, secluded in the hills with a long winding driveway that gave us total privacy. I would usually pick up something from one of our favorite restaurants on the way there -- Mexican, Thai food, pizza from a dive bar that was friggin' awesome -- and we would meet for lunch, and then we would fuck, and go back to work, looking forward to the next day when we would hopefully meet for lunch and fuck again.

What's not to love about the lunch time fuck, especially when going back to work afterwards. Her with my cum dripping out of her and having to rush to the bathroom each time she sneezed and a substantial amount trickled into her stained panties; me with the sticky cock and the smell of her on me and I would, on occasion, sneak off into the bathroom and run my fingers along my balls just so I could smell her scent. And that secret. Of going into meetings, of interacting with my colleagues, smiling and being professional with them, all the time knowing what just happened an hour or so ago.

The fucking at lunch time.

We used to fuck at lunch time.

We still fuck at lunch time.

But not as often, but because now we can fuck in the morning and we can fuck at night. We can fuck whenever we want. Wherever we want.

We fucked at lunchtime today. L was home, I swung by after spending my lunch hour at the gym and wanting to grab a quick bite before going back to work. It is a blessing to live somewhere where everything is five minutes away. L had lunch waiting for me when I stepped in the door, and after eating, we stepped in the bedroom for a quick break before I went back to work. It was meant just as that, a break, to watch a few minutes of television and indulge with the 420 before I headed back to work.

Something happened, of course. L teasingly slid her breast out of her summer dress for what she called a gratuitous nipple shot. I said I had to go back to work. The first Superman movie, the one with Christopher Reeve was on, and it was around the moment that Jor-El was about to place his infant son in rocket to send him to earth that I took L's hand and placed it on top of my dress slacks, where something was stirring.

From there she was undoing my belt...unzipping my zipper...unsnapping my pants...pulling them down slightly, and then my briefs, where that said something that was stirring was straining at the fabric, and with the briefs pulled down, was there in all its glory and demanding...throbbing, I tell you!...for attention and service.

And service it she did, taking it in her mouth, my hand on the top of he heard, guiding her and controlling her, her actions not of the gentle and slow variety, but fast and with passion, with the talents of an exceptional cock sucker. On the screen Kal-El was heading towards earth, and whatever sounds the spaceship was making on its descent was masked by L's delicious slurping sounds.

And then...stopping. Just in time, actually. We did not do "anything" the day before and after 24 hours, I tend to, uh, get quite the "build up" and four years into this D/s relationship, L is still not entirely on board with the act of swallowing. She took her lovely mouth of me and then pulled my pants and briefs down even further, and then she was reaching under her sun dress and moving her panties off to the side (the panties I had chosen for her to wear before I left for work that morning), just enough to get access to what is needed, and as she held my cock with her hand, she lowered herself on me.

So tight. So incredibly fucking tight.

And good fucking christ, so incredibly fucking wet.

She lowered herself on me, and she rode me, leaning back, my cock hitting her at the magical spot, and I knew I was not going to last long given what her mouth had just gotten done doing to me, waited for her orgasm to hit, and hit it did, and she came, silently, since children were out in the near by living room. She came and she continued to ride me, and I thrust up myself at the moment of release, and came deep inside of her, spurt after spurt.

After she got off of me, I got up, tucked my semi-hard cock back into my pants, still with drops of cum dripping off of the tip. I told her how good she was, kissed her on the lips, told her I loved her and would see her in a few hours, and headed back to the off, exceptionally satisfied.

Oh, and L?

She took a nap. In our bed. As my wife.

We used to fuck at lunch time.

We still fuck at lunch time.

And it is so much better now.


  1. Great to see how good it is now. You must love those slurping sounds.


  2. I cannot think of a better way to spend a lunch hour!
    Welcome to Wicked Wednesday :)

    Rebel xox

    PS: Do you have a Twitter handle so I can credit you when I tweet your post?

  3. Awesome! I love afternoon delights too. ANd slurping sounds are how we let you know how much we love it!

  4. Spur of the moment, lunchtime, wonderful :)

  5. It is wonderful that you can both fit that into your schedule. I cannot imagine being able to do so!