Sunday, March 19, 2017

A perfect head of hair

L is letting her hair grow out. It is almost as long as it was when I first met her, the difference being, when I first met her I did not do the things to her that I do now, and that long hair was not used to its full potential.

I just returned from a weekend trip and it seems that it is even longer than when it was when I left, if that is even possible. She's always been careful in the past whenever she gets her hair done to make sure there is enough...just enough...for me to grab.

But what she has now is much more substantial than being able to grab a small clump in my hands, what she has now is shoulder length hair and tonight she has a ponytail on the top of her head. I was just in the bedroom with her now relaxing and I grabbed it and jerked her head around a little. She asked what I planned on doing later. I told her to wait and see.

She has a lovely head of hair, and oh so perfect for pulling.

A perfect head of hair for me to grab in my hands and pull her towards me, my hungry mouth finding hers and our tongues intertwining...

A perfect head of hair for me to grab, quite forcefully, when she purposefully sasses me, and I jerk her firmly into her place, L letting out a soft "Ahhhh" that is part pleasure and pain....

A perfect head of hair for me to grab so I can force her head and mouth into places that I want them to be, mainly shoved down into my cock....

A perfect head of hair for me to hold on to as I forcefully fuck her mouth, gagging her as I shove myself as deep inside of her as I can, balls deep, holding her firmly in place, shoving in and out of her brutally, telling her what a good little cocksucker she is...

A perfect head of hair to grab so I can shove her face into the pillows, her raised ass over my legs, my free hand smacking her ass repeatedly...

A perfect head of hair to wrap my hands through as I fuck her hard from behind, jerking her head back in the same manner I do when she is collared and leashed...

A perfect head of hair that I swear is longer than it was just the other day, and she asked me what I planned on doing later with it, and I told her to wait and see....and as I write this, and think about the possibilities, later just might be sooner than I planned.


  1. Do you intend on her continuing to grow it out, or is it currently at the preferred length for you?

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