Sunday, August 4, 2013

Return of the cunt

L had just gotten out of the bath and was lying in bed with her nightgown on. She has been bed-ridden for a few days now, recovering from septum surgery last week. We toned things down a bit...just a bit...during her recovery period. Mostly in the blow job arena. She can't do anything that might bump her nose, so that is out. For caning sessions I have had her stand against the closet door with her hands firmly against the door.

Other than that, I'm still quite the stern Master, but at the same time, pampering her and taking care of her during recovery.

So that is one thing, and not what I was going to talk about tonight. Tonight I was going to talk about her cunt.

So L was lying on the bed and talking about how good it felt to bathe and how she hated having a dirty body and dirty hair.

"And a dirty hooha," she said.

I was in the middle of undressing for my shower and turned my head around and stared at her.

I don't like the word "hooha."

I jumped on the bed with my arms on either side of her, my eyes glaring at her.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I know you don't like the word hooha."

"It's a cunt," I said. "A wet, tight cunt."

"Pussy?" she offered as an alternative.

"Cunt," I said. "Wet. Tight. Cunt."

I got up from the bed just as she started squirming underneath me.

"I need a shower," I said. "I smell like diesel and sweat."

"Don't you think you need to check?" she said. "To see if it is wet and tight?" She spread her legs apart and faced me.

"Slut." I said, getting back on the bed.

I touched a hand to her cunt. My cunt. "It is certainly warm," I said. I slowly put a finger inside. "And very wet." Then I put my entire long finger all the way inside of her. "And tight. Definitely tight."

She moaned and arched her hips against me. I pulled my finger out of her cunt quickly and licked it off in front of her.

"Please..." she said. "Check again. Just to be sure?"

Total slut.

This time I put my finger in her cunt even further. "Still the same," I said, pulling it out fast.

"I'm off to take my shower," I said.

"Please hurry," she said, almost whimpering.

"I'll see what I can do," I said.

I took my time.

My cunt wasn't going anywhere.

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  1. That's just pure evil! I love it!