Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Am I off the hook tonight?"

It never fails. Like clockwork, every night, L prior to bedtime, will ask the same question:

"Am I off the hook tonight?"

What she is hoping for...or at least, what she pretends to be hoping for, is that by being "off the hook" the cane or the flogger will not make their usual evening appearance, her ass will be spared from any type of spanking; that the evening will be a vanilla one where we will simply cuddle and watch her favorite shows on Bravo (by the way, the invention of the Bravo channel is living proof that God is a woman who is vengeful against man for all of his evils over the years), and that will be that.

I don't think she ever truly wants that.

Because, you know: Yawn.

She tries to find her ways out of it. Will ask me if I am too tired to do anything. Try to present it as if she is looking out for me, that perhaps I should sleep and be well rested.

Sweet girl.

Sweet silly girl.

Sweet silly girl, who, every night, is never let off the hook.

I have made mistakes over the last year and a half in our D/s relationship by not being consistent in how I handle L, and it has caused us problems before, so I make it a point to avoid doing that in every instance. I do believe that by asking me "Am I off the hook tonight?" that she is testing me, to see if I will let her off the hook, but I don't do that.

Even if I am really, really tired.

The cane or the flogger come out every night, and sometimes it only comes down across her ass 500 times, and sometimes it is close to 2,000, but the point does come out, and no let "off the hook."

Including myself.


  1. Hook, you say? Perhaps an anal hook would teach her not to doubt you... :-)

  2. Good for you and her!!

  3. Good for you! Consistency is key, seems you know that though. ;)

  4. She sounds like one tough chick and a lucky one too :)

  5. Just discovered this blog and am reading through various entries. Don't know your full history. But this entry stopped me. How can caning her, from 500 to 2,000 strikes EVERY NIGHT, not be very harmful to her? Her butt never gets a chance to heal. How does she ever sit down without constant pain? How is this considerate of her physical well-being? I'm not trying to be an asswipe here, but statements like that sound nutso. (And no, I'm not a troll trying to upset you. I like to get my ass and pussy spanked too, but only for pleasure, never punishment.)

    1. Thanks for the comment. It is L. S thought that I should reply and give you my perspective. First of all, a daily caning and a punishment caning are two very very different things for me. I hate being punished. It hurts like hell, I have cried even and never do whatever it was again. Which is how it is supposed to work I guess. It certainly works for us. But a regular daily caning is not even close. Now to be clear, not everyday is the same. Sometimes I am not in the mindset and just am not able to get into it (go under is what S calls it) or S is tired and brings me to the brink and then goes to sleep. But our routine is fairly consistent and yes, I do get caned hard for periods of time that people would find Nutso (we stopped counting a long time ago). There is so much more to it than the physical aspect that unless you have gone there, it would be hard to imagine. First the physical aspect is something that takes a bit of time to get to. What S calls going under or subspace is truly something. I used to get a pretty lengthy warmup each night....the kind where with each strike you are wishing for it to be harder after a while. Those days are pretty much history unless it has been several days in between canings. Now S starts off quite hard and if I move or make a sound too loud, he will strike the sides of my legs or some other part that really stings. Last night he used his flogger with the steel tips for a long time. It was.....good. I know, not a very good descriptive word but it was. By the end I was dripping and completely gone, wanting more. I am not a masochist at all and I do not find pleasure in pain, I stub my toe and cry. This is just...different. I am able to get to a point where I do not feel it at all. My adrenalin had been kicked into overdrive and kept there for a while as you cannot move nor make a sound. I can barely hear the caning or whatever. Also, to answer your question, I have not had a bruise in over a year. Sometimes a little sore but absolutely no marks or any sign of is really weird to be honest and I wish I would bruise.

      Then there is the other aspect of it that is not physical. The fact that you are owned and controlled really rears its head during this time. It helps calm me. If we go for periods of time without I get edgy and am irritable. It helps set the world right again and holy is it a good stress reliever. If only they could bottle that feeling the world would be such a nicer place. Plus it pleases S and isn't that what it is all about? It sets him straight also. I don't know, we may be nutso but we sure are happy these days. So Anonymous, you do like a light spanking for pleasure....I say sometime, take it a step further....see what happens. Smile

  6. Thank you for your gracious reply to my question, L. It sounds like you and S have found what works well for both of you.
    My hubby and I use spanking as a sort of kinky aphrodisiac. While I've dabbled in certain forms of kink, I am not submissive or masochistic, so the idea of enduring pain just to please him is not something either of us would care to experience. (He worries that he'll hurt me as it is!) But I appreciate hearing your point of view and am relieved to know that you are not being injured. The idea of subspace is fascinating, but I always wonder how a person deep into subspace would even realize if she/he was being harmed. I imagine you really have to trust that the person topping you knows you well enough not to go too far.
    My spankings are always done with his hand, although the idea of a soft flogger does sound intriguing. :) But as for the flogger with the steel tips--yikes! How does that not cut your skin open? (Sorry to sound so wussy, but I bruise easily and have no experience with "implements.")
    Thanks again for being so patient and answering my questions.

  7. LOL. I never ask Master questions like that because I know he will start to play with my mind and very shortly I'll be begging for what I just asked to let out of. Better for me to just accept it quietly, even if I don't quite feel up to it.