Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In a good place (written by L)

So S has finally wrote a new post on his blog.  We have been super busy as usual but also I think we have just been caught up in us for a while.  It hasn't been all smooth sailing of course.  I had a deviated syptum fixed and it was horrible.  Both eyes were black and my entire face was swollen....had a huge cast on my nose for 6 weeks.  Just lovely.  S was completely understanding and pampered me.  It was a bit depressing there towards the end as it just seemed like forever that I didn't feel like myself.....the double takes and looks from people when I went out.  The looks S would get from people who were certain that he had done that to me.  Then of course it interfered with our sex big time.  I felt like putting a damn bag over my face sometimes and I'm sure S got tired of looking at it.....and it was difficult and down right impossible to do certain things.  It came off on Monday and we have been making up for lost time.  I have some worshipping to tend to tonight.
I read this somewhere: One of the most frequent complaints of submissive's is that they desire more strictness in their D/s relationship.  When I first read that I thought they had done gone lost their mind.  Now, once again, I totally get it.  S has ramped things up.  Nothing is forgotten, nothing is put off until later if he can help it and nothing gets by him.  Before it was......oh god, I believe I called it....his wishy washy dominating.  Well, no more.  Before he would tell me what we were going to do that evening, that we were going to his place and all the things he was going to do to me.  Then when the time came, nothing, no mention of it and when I would ask he would say it got too late or something along those lines.  It was more than not following through or being inconsistent with everything, it was just not being dominate....not as dominate as I wanted, craved....needed.  Thankfully with a ton of communication, we have reached a level that is good for us both....for now, who knows as it seems our relationship is ever changing (for the better thank god).  My bottom is constantly expectations are high and anything forgotten is dealt with quickly.  Punishments are given and no matter how much I try to get out of it I only get more and harder if I move.  I am able to go under fast and deep most times and find what I call my fuzzy place which I love.  My desire to please S is at an all time high.  Things are good.  With all this now in place, it seems our love for each other has grown even more.  I am crazy about him and when he gives me his look I just about melt.  Anyway, glad he is back to posting on his blog and sorry to anyone who might have missed us this month.


  1. It's good to hear from you L! I'm sorry the last month has been so crazy, but glad that you're making up for most time. I relate the strictness as a cacoon of sorts. It makes be feel safe and secure. :) seems you've found that too!


  2. Aw, sorry it's been so hectic, but it certainly seems like you guys are making up for it. ;) Glad you're in such a good spot!: )

  3. Glad you're feeling better :) And it's good to be in a good D/s space... so important to have the right amount of control!