Friday, November 28, 2014

Going Down Under

Thanksgiving has come and gone, with lots of time spent with family. We hosted Thanksgiving at our house and had a very nice time, albeit with all of the prepping, cleaning and cooking that goes into hosting. We have developed, over the last couple of years, a real good rhythm of hosting big dinners at our house. There really aren't any D/s dynamics that guide what we do in those instances; L is not obeying my every command and direction. We just do it, well, as a functioning team. I like to handle a majority of the cooking, and as that responsibility has always fallen on L in the past, she is more than happy to give me the reigns. Our growth as a couple has occurred in so many ways. We are just good together.

In just three days we will be off to Australia and New Zealand for close to two weeks. I'm going for work, and L is coming along. As neither of us has been there before, and because we are in the depths of our winter while they are heating up, we are looking forward to the sun and surf and having new adventures together. We are great travel almost all of the same things and are quite patient. However, that patience will be tested with the incredible amount of hours of flying we have to do to get to our destination.

That's fine though.

And, of course, with being anonymous in another country, comes the opportunity to play. To shed inhibitions. There is a pretty kinky mindset with the Australians, and in Melbourne and Sydney I have located some opportunities for us to explore in public. Nothing set in stone yet, and L, of course, will follow my lead and go along with whatever I decide for us.

I promise to share what that is after it happens.

G'day mate.



  1. Lovely! I hope you both enjoy your time here albeit in a flying visit. Unfortunately I am not in Sydney or Melbourne but would love to know these opportunities of which you speak...perhaps the hellfire club in Sydney ? Anyway have fun but do try and get out of the cities if you can...
    And it's heating up so don't bring any winter woolies

    1. It is heating up in NZ, but we're a bit different from Oz so I'd recommend still bringing a couple of warm things.



    2. little, we did look into the Hellfire club but it wasn't open during our days there...we loved your country, btw, and looking forward to visiting again next year. The heat never got up to the level we were hoping for but we managed to miss the major storms in Sydney and Brisbane. Was sorry to see the horrific news in Sydney when we got home, such a great city and such good people...I can't imagine how it must have felt for the people there.

  2. What an amazing opportunity!!! Enjoy!!

  3. How awesome to go! I'm a bit envious. Enjoy.