Saturday, November 15, 2014

Toy Story

Keep meaning to post about this. About two weeks ago I ordered another collection for the toy box from appropriately called "rug beater" which consists of a steel cable encased in a plastic loop and attached to a heavy metal grip.

It has been a great addition to the variety of toys I have at my disposal to use on L's ass as often as I can. This one has a great impact on her ass, creating a red mark almost instantaneously. We were certain that this was the one that would lead to those bruises that I keep striving for, but believe it or not...even after a lengthy session she wakes up with her ass looking as pristine and unused as ever.

Pretty sure there is some dark magic involved with her ass.

It's particularly useful because it isn't that loud, and for us, a main criteria for which toy gets used at night is how quiet it is. Such is BDSM in Mayberry, where sessions are conducted not in accordance to the needs of the Dominant, but, rather, in accordance with the ears of the children who don't need to be traumatized by knowing what I gleefully do to their mother.

Before I came home at lunch time today I instructed L to be waiting for me in the bedroom with an implement of her choosing from the ever expanding toy box. Imagine my surprise when I came in the bedroom, and she was looking especially beautiful kneeled on the floor with a dress on and no panties. I grabbed at her hair and pulled at it.

"So what did you choose?" I asked her.

"Your hand," she said. "We have the house to ourself."

Choosing my hand wasn't one of the options, but only because I didn't even think of it.

I went with it.

That was today though, when there were no kids, and we could make some noise. It's late at night now, kids are in bed, so the hand isn't an option.

Thank goodness though for other options.

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  1. Yup, a quietly painful toy is always good. Until the kids are out of house and then Master breaks out the really LOUD toys that he doesn't get to use otherwise. That rug beater looks pretty mean!