Sunday, July 12, 2015

The rawness of it all

Two or three years ago L was in denial over female ejaculation, passing it off as urination, in part, because it was something she had never experienced.

Funny how things change.

Squirting happens more often than not these days, with varying degrees of intensity. More often than not I am not fully aware of it immediately; it happens during a hard fucking and only until I withdraw and look down and see the soaked sheets am I aware. It is not all L, of course, I am rather copious when I cum so the aftermath between the two of us is rather messy.

Which I love, because the messier things are, the more I love it. I am quite in love with the rawness of it all, of all things sexual between L and I, the tastes and the smells, the sounds and the feelings.

It causes me no greater pleasure than to put L through a physical session and have marks and bruises appear on her ass. Last week I used her collar as a spanking implement and the buckle on it broke skin her ass, producing a small trickle of blood, which I happily licked up.

L will often times apologize for her wetness. She does get wet. Very very wet. Before I penetrate it her she will reach down and wipe out with her panties, removing as much of her wetness as she can and making things tighter. That is fine, I like her tightness, but I like her wetness even more and even more so when my head is in between her thighs and I am experiencing it on my tongue and mouth and fingers.

Because I enjoy those things. The rawness of it all.

It is why I like other things as well, the highly taboo things. Treating L to a golden shower, having her rim me, having sex on her period. Rawness mixed with passion and fire and hunger, fueled by cravings.

I like raw words. Cock and cum, fucking and sucking.

I care not if these cravings are normal; I have long since cared about what my desires mean about the nature of my soul. I am quite comfortable with myself and who I am and what I love, and what I love more than anything is to crawl into bed each and ever night with a companion who is just as raw as I am.

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