Friday, January 1, 2016

final fuck/first fuck

There was very little that differentiated the final fuck of 2015 from the first fuck of 2016.

Neither one of them were fucks that were outside of the norm of our regular fucks; for that matter, they veered towards the vanilla. Neither one of them came as a finale to a lengthy BDSM session, contained any type of physical force on my behalf, or were necessarily raw or extremely passionate.

They were, quite simply, fucks.

And damn good ones at that.

The final fuck of 2015 took place around 11:30p.m. December 30. We both had to work the next day and had already stayed up too late watching “Breaking Bad” (which we only recently started viewing, early adapters we are not). The lights had gone out, L was lying next to me collared, and it appeared at first that the night was going to come to a close without any type of sexual activity.

But then, as I often do, I started thinking about, well, things, and before I knew it I had a rather substantial erection in need of attention which I informed L of. I do not believe she was in a similar mood, but with all that “I live to please you” focus in mind, she reached over and gave said erection a few strokes, a lick of the head, and then she was climbing on top of me and easing me inside of her. She proceeded to ride me, and I raised my hips up to match her movements, enjoying the visual aspect of her arched silhouette in the darkness. Minutes later, I thrust up one more time and unloaded as her cunt squeezed every last drop out of me.

Minutes after that, slumber, and the final fuck of 2015 was one for the books.

The first fuck of 2016 took place about two hours ago at 2p.m. on January 1. We had stayed out late, drinking and dancing, and when we fell into bed around 2a.m. I simply did not have it in me to do anything sexual.

But 12 hours later, as I rested in bed next to L, the “hangover hornies” came visiting, thanks in part to (a) L’s lovely bare ass was sticking out of her nightgown, tempting me to take her; (b) I had spent part of the morning enjoying the recently discovered blog of the Girl on the Net, which inspired me greatly to both want to fuck AND write.

Similar to the last fuck of 2015, I informed L of my erection, this time by pushing up against her bare ass, the head of my cock sticking over the top of my cotton shorts. “I can’t do much,” she said, still weary from the night before. “Can I just lie here?”

“That will work,” I said, as I took my shorts off as she rolled over on her back and spread her legs, informing me of how warm she was down below.

She was warm. And wet. And tight. I propped myself up with my arms as I slid insider her, slowly at first, enjoying that first feeling of penetration as she accommodated me. And then, fucking. Not too hard, not too soft…just right.

“My god I love fucking you,” I told her.

Then I came, quite forcefully and quite copiously, to the extent that the handful of tissue she had by her side of the bed did little to contain the aftermath that started running down her thigh as soon as I pulled out. Getting off the bed, I tucked my sticky cock back inside my shorts, as L rolled over to take a nap.

“I’m just going to sleep for a bit,” she murmured. “But feel free to come back in here anytime to use me. Just roll me over.”

With that, the first fuck of 2016 was also one for the books.

There was very little that differentiated the first fuck of 2016 from the final fuck of 2015.

They were, quite simply, fucks.

And damn good ones at that.

Happy new year everyone.


  1. Even for "just" being fucks, they were lovely.

    God I fucking love you is one of my favorite phrases.

  2. So when was the second fuck of the year?