Friday, March 25, 2016


Typically I am the biggest violator of creating the wet spot in our bed, but last night...holy fuck, last night!...with L's legs up and on my shoulders as I thrust inside her, hard and pounding and hitting that PERFECT spot and she came with an intensity that I have not seen in quite some time, an orgasm that would have resulted in screams did we not have children in the house...and that orgasm was followed by a warm gushing of liquid that I felt splash up against me, and I didn't let her recover from that orgasm but rather kept pounding away, her wetness coating my thighs...and I brought out her second orgasm, and a second gushing...

This coming from the pet who used to claim that female ejaculation was a myth.

Our sheets tell a much different story. It might be difficult to tell from the above picture, but this is a significant portion of the sheets that she managed to drench.

I'm hoping to create the same effect this weekend, but this time, with my face being the recipient of her wetness as my tongue works away on her.

And just like the wet spot I usually create, she had to sleep in it.

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