Friday, March 11, 2016

Q & A Month

Little did I know that March is apparently Q & A month, and an anonymous reader asked if I/we would be participating.

Sure. Why not?

The door has been open. Ask away in the comments section below, and you can direct questions to either one of us.

No topic is off limits. We're all family here. A very twisted, kinky family but family, nonetheless.


  1. Do you still send daily memos to your pet?

    What's Ls favourite rule?

    What is your favourite part in D/s

    Thank you

    1. 1. Memos: I do, each and every day, with the exception of weekends when we are at home together and when we travel. She is always required to reply to my memos with the appropriate wording, starting them off with "Sir:" and ending with "Your Obedient Pet." Sometimes the memos are quite brief, sometimes longer. They are a very consistent part of our routine.

      2. She was having a hard time with that one, but I would have to say it is kneeling before me.

      3. The favorite many, actually! I would say the favorite part has been how it has strengthened our relationship as a couple, followed not too far behind by the amazing fucking....

      Thanks for the questions Daisy!

  2. Yea! What has been the hardest part of D/s - emotionally and sexually for you both? How do you send pictures or texts to each other?


    1. Thanks for the question Fiona. Hmmm, the hardest part? I think the hardest part was in the beginning and for the first year or so as we struggled to maintain our D/s dynamics while outside factors in our lives (which have been talked about in this blog before) were making it very difficult to do so, yet at the same time, it was those D/s dynamics that helped us survive as a couple. Nowadays, I wouldn't say there is anything "hard" about our D/s relationship emotionally or sexually; I think we are so firmly entrenched in our respective roles that it is quite natural, even though we don't have as many sessions as we did in the beginning.

      We don't normally send pictures to each other, but we do text quite often, especially when I travel and L is not with me, and those are the texts that turn in to sexts.

  3. Would you ever go back to vanilla?

    Why haven't you been blogging recently?

    1. Thanks for the questions anonymous.

      No, we would not go back to vanilla, I don't think any of us have any desire to do so and quite like the way our relationship is structured within the D/s dynamics. But that being said, I think there are more vanilla moments in our life than there used to be. It used to be quite rare that we did not have a session in the evening, now we have them about three times a week, though there is usually sex of some sorts the other nights.

      I think the difference...and it is a big that in the past, our relationship would not have survived if it was just vanilla. Not true now, I think L and I would still have a good relationship if we were to drop the D/s dynamics but it would not be the same, and something important would be missing for both of us.

      As far as blogging, it has been a matter of time more than anything, combined with some writer's block, I will admit. It was so easy to blog in the beginning when everything was so new!

  4. Do you celebrate, as a couple, Valentine's Day or the date that L signed the contract and became your pet?

    When was the last time you updated your contract?

    1. We celebrate both those days and have other little "anniversaries" that we acknowledge as well.

      May is going to be a big anniversary month moving ahead. Not only is the month where L signed her first contract with me, but it is also going to be the month in which we get married, as that big day is happening in May of this year.

      Which leads me to your next question...the contract will be updated upon our marriage. I believe us being married is going to enhance things even more, for me, the sense of ownership of L is going to be intensified once she has my last name and becomes my wife.

  5. A lot of your more recent posts seem like you have both settled in, got comfy with yourselves and life continues on very much a routine, each knowing their place, do you miss the spark, chase, challenges you had in the beginning?

    1. Hmmm, somewhat, I suppose. During those first two years there was that thrill of discovery as we ventured into the world and tested boundaries and limits, tried new "things", etc. Isn't that true in any relationship though? That being said, what we do in the bedroom is just as hot as ever. Last night L came to bed wearing one of her negligees that I love on her so much and upon crawling in bed, draped herself over my legs with her ass raised. I used the beaded flogger on her that hadn't been used in awhile and it wasn't long before she was deep into sub space...and after that....the fucking. Really, really good fucking.

      I have my box of toys that has grown over the years, and there are toys that have not been brought out in awhile, so from time to time i will reintroduce them to L. Friday night I tried fucking her for the first time with her new butt plug inserted inside her.

      I guess where I am going is that there are plenty of things we do and can do to maintain the intensity of our relationship. There are the threesomes we have when we travel (I did not write about the most recent one last month with a man in Atlanta) for example. We will be honeymooning in New Orleans this summer and plan on returning to the sex club there that I blogged about before. And as I said before, I think there will be some element of newness to all of this when we continue on in our D/s relationship as husband and wife.

      I can say most assuredly that we do NOT miss the challenges we had in the beginning!

      Thanks for the question.

  6. What rule(s) did L have the most difficulty adjusting to and how did you make sure that rule(s) was finally followed to your expectation?

  7. Is there any limit on the pain she can endure or you administer?