Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Two ships passing in the night...

So L got home last Sunday, five hours earlier than expected, which worked out quite nicely. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when I saw her at the airport and gave her a welcome home kiss. About half an hour later we found our way into the bedroom so she could take a nap as she had been up for a long time and had been flying for a long time. The nap never came...but we did.

I had thought in the back of my mind that our bedroom reunion would involve a lot of TTWD, but that first encounter we just needed each other so badly that the best we could get to was pants around the ankle fucking. We just needed that connection with each other, like oxygen.

Later that night....

L didn't think she could be spanked. Really didn't. Was concerned she would be too sensitive after an 11 day hiatus, that she couldn't take it, but I knew better...knew her better, and later that night, I started off slowly with the cane, little love taps at first, eventually increasing with force, and L started slipping into sub space quite easily, and the caning went on for awhile. 100 canes turned into 200 and turned into 300.

I then reached between her thighs and started fingering her, and the unruly little sub tried to push her legs together because it was too sensitive, and I forced them apart, commanded her to leave them apart. "This is MY pussy," I told her. "And I want to touch it."

And I did touch it, and it was, oh so wet. And the touching turned to slapping, a smack here, a smack there. And the smacks caused her to react in the way I thought she would, with moans and pushing her ass up to my hand. And the smacks continued, and she begged me to let her come, and as I continued to smack away at the pussy that had been absent from my touch for 11 days, she came.


And then we fucked again.

And we slept the best we had in 11 days.

Then morning came. Early, early morning. Hours later, really. I got up and showered and went back to bed and held her and kissed her and told her goodbye, because now it was my turn to leave for the week.

Like two ships passing in the night.

My ship departed Monday morning, and it is now Wednesday night, and as you can imagine, we are quite eager for this nonsense to end, as two people like us shouldn't be apart, and the fact of the matter is, neither one of us is at full strength when we are apart from each other.

Two more sleeps.

I get back Friday night...late, late Friday night..and we can get back to normal, or at least, normal as it exists for the two of us. We are both eager to get back to a schedule and routine.

Two more sleeps.


  1. Ugh, that sucks.

    Not the hot sexy part but the leaving part.

  2. Two sleeps! You can do it! Especially with a taste of what is at the end of those two sleeps ... In the middle. Thank goodness the ships could be at dock, albeit briefly.


  3. That was one hot reunion! Two so desperately in need of connection "the best we could get to was pants around the ankle fucking". Love that! Hopefully the next two sleeps will go by quickly.


  4. What a fun post to read as I'm about to head to pick up my man at the airport. :-)

  5. Anyone else as courious as I am to know how their reunion after S came back?:) I'm dying for a blog update :)