Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday memo to my pet

Four more sleeps until pet gets home and the craving continues and escalates.

Sent her the following email this morning.


I sure do need you.

I need your laughter and smile, your sass and your submission, your love and your companionship.

I need to come home at the end of the night and open the door and have you there, waiting for me, dinner and drink on the table.

I need to wake up in the morning and have you lying there next to me.

I need all that it is that we do now. I need you kneeled before me, with you collar on, ready to serve me as the good pet that you are. I need to grab you by the collar and lead you up to the bed into your position. I need your ass presented before me as I bring out the toys..the cane...the hand...and use them all repeatedly on you, your ass raising up to indicate you want more. I need to feel you wetness on my fingers...on my tongue.

I need you restrained and helpless. 

I need you ball gagged and noiseless.

I need your mouth and hands on my cock...the cock that you worship...sucking, stroking, my hand grabbing the back of your head as you take it all in.

I need to fuck you. I need that sensation of forcing my way inside of you, first with the head, and then with the rest. I need that sound of your breath taking away when I do get it all the way inside of you. I need to fuck you while I am on top of you, forcing your legs apart. I need to fuck you from behind, my leg raised up to I can get in so much deeper and more forceful. I need you on top of me, riding me, in that wonderful way that you do.

I need my hands all over you...grabbing your hair, squeezing your neck, twisting your nipples, rubbing your clit. Spanking your pussy. I need my mouth on all that is you and all that I own...deep, passionate kisses that we don't do enough of and we never want to end.

I need to bruise you. To leave bite marks on your ass. I need to leave you with sensations that you feel for days.

I need to coat you with my cum. With my piss. To mark my territory and claim you as my personal slut and whore.

I need YOU.

--Your Loving Sir


  1. Wow, if that doesn't make her melt, I don't know what would. I hope those four sleeps go by quickly.


  2. I wish there were a like button I want to like your post and I want to like what Fiona said.

    Wow what a lucky girl! Hope this time speeds by for you both though I imagine there is a bitter sweet joy to the separation in feeling how much you miss one another and want to be together to use and be used in the most exquisite manner.

    I remember how it felt to feel that for someone...

  3. I must have reread this ten times. Was the best email ever......glad you shared. Of course I had panty soup! Three more sleeps baby. My last vacation without you.....never going alone again. Just made me realize....once again how much I need you and love you. Congrats on the new job......your dream job....again. L

  4. What an incredible lucky girl, for real - not just that you feel these things but that you express them. In writing.


  5. I'm sure she absolutely loved reading that note! :)