Friday, January 3, 2014

Survey says!

I'm always looking for new and innovative ways to push L within the context of our D/s relationship, and fortunately, I have a highly creative  side to me and suffice to say, things are never boring for us.

I used my academic background to give pet a report card on her performance before, and another tool I enjoy using that helps provide some quantitative research into our relationship (again, the academic side coming to life here!) by randomly sending her a survey via Survey Monkey for her to fill out.

I posted the link to the one I sent her earlier in 2013 to fill out, and a number of other subs out there filled it out as well. For Doms looking for similar ideas, the link to the survey is here, or if you are a sub and would like to take it, be my guest!

On the day of our session with a third, I sent her the following survey to get a sense of her experience prior to being with me in this area:

She balks at taking them...too personal! she says, in the case of the last one. But it's fun for me to pull such information from her, and given that she always answers yes to the last question I ask her: "Are you wet after taking this survey?" she enjoys it more than she lets on.

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