Friday, March 28, 2014

10 random things about S

A follower asked  L and I to post 10 random things about each other. Here are mine. L will do hers later.

1. I have reviewed theater for the local newspaper for close to 15 years now.
2. I have fed grizzly bears for a living.
3. I have been a three-time winner in a local outhouse race.
4. My mother died when I was two years old.
5. The trait that defines me more than anything among people who know me is my sense of humor.
6.  I am considered an introvert on the Myers Briggs test.
7. My favorite TV shows are "Shameless" and "Californication" (both on Showtime)
8. I greatly enjoy public radio
9. I used to be a marathon runner
10. I am an adjunct faculty member for the local community college.


  1. Thanks for your answers. I love Shameless too.
    Grizzly bears scary, and why don't you run anymore?
    ~ s

  2. L.....okay, here are mine

    1. I have no clue what a Myers Briggs test is.
    2. I grew up in a cabin by a river in a very small community.
    3. Am an 80's child all the way.
    4. Met my father for the first time when I was 37
    5. Have been in 12 baby deliveries. For some reason people find me calming
    6. I am always helping the homeless or the elderly.
    7. I am a mom to many. Always have a housefull of kids.
    8. I tend to grumble when given a writing assignment but end up enjoying them at the end.
    9. Consider myself a strong person and if anyone who knows me knew I was submissive they would fall over.
    10. I love food. Like waay more than anyone should

  3. 1 I have no clue but apparently D does go figure ..
    3 yes ! ❤️it!
    5 I've been to 8 birth is beautiful and I love being with my friends durning delivery..
    6 I love the elderly I worked in a nursing home for years
    7 our house is full of them everyone love it here and I have way more kids who call me mom then I gave birth to
    9 my friends would probably have me fitted for a straight jacket :)

    Thanks S and L for answering :)

  4. L....yet again

    11. how can I forget a very crucial part of who I am. I always say I have slight OCD and it wasnt always slight. i have really loosened up over the years. I still bleach a lot and like things to be a certain way. I dont count things thank god but do like things to be as perfect as possible. You wouldnt be able to tell that if you walked into my house today:)

  5. I have to know --what is an outhouse race????