Tuesday, April 1, 2014

You say it's your birthday...

Birthdays in a D/s relationship are way different than a vanilla relationship. In a vanilla relationship, the gifts given from female to male fall into the gamut of Brut cologne, horrific ties, and tools intended for home improvement projects that never get done.


Last birthday, the first birthday L and I celebrated since entering the D/s realm, I was treated to a nice collection of "private" gifts (those opened long after the candles have been blown out and the children have been put to bed), which I blogged about here.

So what would 2014 hold?

My lovely little pet was fully aware of a couple of items I had on my wish list, and being the good girl she is, she presented them both to me. Like last year, the gifts were given the night before my birthday as opposed on the day of. I had some reservations this year. I did not get off work until 10p.m. and after a 14 hour work day, was not sure what level of energy I would have to use them in a proper manner.


I had a good idea what two of the gifts were, what I did not suspect were the bonus gifts. I compliment my pet on all of them. None of them would necessarily fit into the category of being for her pleasure, she knew these were items I wanted that would give me pleasure, so she got them, even if the potential for being uncomfortable was there.

Lovely girl.

I have always wanted a spreader bar, so that was one of them, and we did try that one out last night, and it was better than I thought. In terms of restraining, it worked much better than the standard cuffs and ropes we have used in the past. It is very restrictive, and there is something oh so arousing about the weight and the masculinity about the bar itself. I put it on her last night, even in a state of exhaustion, and once attached, took the new cane she got me ( a more flexible version of the one she got last year) used it across her, rather severely. I no longer warm her up like I used to, when I bring the cane or flogger out, the impact is IMMEDIATE. The presence is immediately known. I see no reason to waste time these days. I see no reason to be gentle, to be sensitive to her "needs" since it has NOTHING to do with her. I prefer the extreme.


L was in her spreader bar last night, her legs spread apart, and the new cane was brought down across her bruised ass...again! and again! and again! and I kept doing it harder and harder, and after awhile, I got curious as to her state of being, so I shoved my hand into her cunt...excuse me, MY cunt, because I own it....and was treated, as I suspected, with wetness, so I finger fucked her for awhile before I pulled out the cane again.

So good to be king!

She could not do anything. Thank you spreader bar. She was helpless, restrained, under my control, so I had my eye with her, and my exhaustion gave way to arousal, and eventually I was HARD, and my desire to cane her gave way to my desire to FUCK her, and I did so, with her spreader bar on, and I fucked her hard, and she came...after permission, of course...and then she came again...and then...so did I.

The Alaskan Master ranks the spreader bar a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.

But that was not the only gift.

Sweet girl. No Brut cologne or god awful tie, although today for the public gift with our family she gave me a nice pair of Ray Bans. But here were other private gifts..ones she will most likely hate over others.

The anal hook, for instance.

Oh, and the new ball gag. Much needed. Pet makes somes sounds when she is being flogged.

I love my birthday gifts. I love my pet.

But more than that.

I love...what lies ahead.

(grabs the lube)


  1. Very hot to read! Happy birthday indeed!

  2. Do they make Brut still ?
    Happy Birthday ....

  3. Hi, It's L-

    So S's birthday was great. I have been sick yet again. Eh. So I wasnt able to really do all that I wanted to. Our boys were so helpful and thoughtful. My eldest shopped for me for the gift....and got S a $100 gift card from a nice mens store.....and blew up 20 balloons. Our middle child helped me shop (he drove me), clean the house and the youngest drew a picture. S was touched as was I.

    So after S posted this to his blog, he was exhausted. He told me I was off the hook. Yay, then I got my collar for him, he put it on. The next thing I knew, S had out his new cane which is rather wicked. No warmup, no nothing.....and it was rough. I think he had an emotional day....was aroused and decided to just go to town on my bum. The new cane is flexible and stings. To be honest...as always...I am suprised I was able to take what I did.

  4. Let be honest here did you really want to be off the hook ?:) I think your gifts were pretty thoughtful :)