Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I have given L a number of golden showers since we entered this journey; we have both found it exciting in our separate ways and both of us have been surprised by that reaction. I have always viewed  it as marking my territory in an exceptionally primal way; for L, it has been a very submissive act.

I have, however, always been curious about being on the receiving end from L. I haven't viewed this fantasy as me wanting to submit to L. Exact opposite. For me, it has been about ownership. I own L and the cunt between her legs, therefore, I own the piss that comes out of that cunt. I have always wondered what it would be like to deny her pissing and when I do finally let her, it has to be on me.

L always openly pisses in front of me, she has no problem sitting down on the toilet with the bathroom door wide open, her panties around her ankle, and taking a piss. I always like the image of it...what's not to love with the image of a woman with panties around her ankle...and hearing the splash of her piss inside the toilet bowl.

We have talked about that fantasy of mine, and tonight we tried it.

We had just gotten back from our neighborhood watering hole, and thought none of us were drunk, we were feeling good. And, because we had just been at the neighborhood watering hole, we both had to pee.

It was a good night to do it. We essentially had the house to ourselves, so L stepped inside the bathroom with me as we both got undressed and turned the shower on.

I got in and knelt down in front of L, already instantly hard. L stood over me, and when I told her to do so, she pissed on my erection while I watched. It was exceptionally erotic for me, such a taboo thing to do, and all being done under my control. I loved the feel of it; the warmth and the view.

She finished, and I stood up, rock hard. L thought she would simply wash up a bit and then meet me in the bedroom, but I quickly ordered her to her knees.

"My turn," I said.

And I pissed on her, and I had a lot to splash on her. And for the first time since we have done it, L moved her face directly into the stream and allowed it to coat her face and hair.

We finished, cleaned up, and got out of the shower. I was still dealing with a rock hard erection and L got on her knees in the bathroom and sucked me off for a little before we both went into the bedroom.

I had originally thought we would go straight into a session once we got in the bedroom, but the erection throbbing between my legs and straining for release had to be taken care of. L continued sucking on me before I had her get on her back and I slid inside her and fucked her hard. Extremely hard. She started to tell me she was coming, and I reminded her that she had to ask. She asked, I said yes, and then she came, and for the second time tonight, she soaked my cock, this time not with pee. It was one her most impressive gushes to date. I pulled out of her and stroked myself over her, using her juices as lubrication. L wiped herself out, and I slid back inside her again (she has this uncanny ability to wipe out and becomes exceptionally tight again) and starting fucking her, and before long, (less than a minute) I came too.

I was quite pleased to discover that something that I imagined I would enjoy turned out to be more enjoyable than I fantasized. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes people develop high expectations in their mind that a certain sexual act is going to be beyond their wildest dreams, and then when it actually happens, it turns out to be a disappointment.

That has never been the case with L and I. L has allowed me to enact many fantasies with her; many of a rather long list. With each one, it has always been very enjoyable. From threesomes to new toys, the pleasures imagined in fantasies have always turned out be the same in reality. We are fortunate that way, and I think it has all to do with the connection we have between us and the D/s dynamics.

Perhaps I am overthinking this. Perhaps this blog post was way longer than it needed to be. Perhaps. All I know for sure is that tonight I ordered my dear sweet submissive L to piss on me, and I am quite eager to do it again.


  1. Being pissed on is one of my favorite things to do. But my Master finds it more exhilarating when He gets to piss in all my holes. And I find it kind of pushes me to the edge =)

  2. It is not too long at all! Very enjoyable. It is again reinforcing that it is not so much the act that makes something dominant or submissive, but the feelings and the intent behind the act, and who is controlling what happens.