Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday musings

L and I had some time alone this weekend at a lodge out of town, courtesy of my new job and some of the little perks that come with it. My new career is off to a good start, and it has some very nice travel benefits that L and I are looking forward to, to include a trip to Australia in December (which is not a bad time at all to get away from life in the Frozen North).

We were looking forward to it just as much for the peace and quiet as well as the chance for some no holds barred kink. We seem to be moving in a new direction as far as limits are concerned, mainly in terms of roughness that goes beyond the typical (yawn!) nightly caning. Breath play has become more and more common in our sessions, equally pleasurable for both of us. I talk a lot about hauling L off into the woods somewhere close to where we work (again, a perk of where we live) and raping her. Tying her to a tree. Doing bad things to her, rough things, things that might make her cry out and make me put a ball gag in her mouth to silence her. We talk about these things...well, I tell her about these things...and she gets wet, and I get hard, and then we are fucking.

And we like all of.....this.

During our weekend alone, I had L sit in a chair in our hotel room. I handcuffed her hands behind her, attached the spreader bar to her ankles and ran it between the chair legs, and blindfolded her. It was, without question, the most restrained and helpless she has been.

I kept her that way for awhile. I sat on the bed in front of her and observed her, took pictures of her. I savored the moment. I would go over from time to time and pull at her tits, slap at her face, choke her. I told things to her. I inserted the neck of the champagne bottle we had just consumed into her cunt. It was not a problem. She was soaking.

I kept at this for awhile before taking everything off of her and then had her kneel in front of the chair, hand cuffed her hands again, and caned her. After that, I removed her cuffs again, and sat in the chair while she sucked on me before I instructed her to ease back into me and ride me while I sat in the chair.

It was, as you can imagine, quite good and satisfying. L was deep into the world of subspace, so quite able to do whatever I asked of her. We slept a good sleep that night, soaking in the silence of our surroundings as well as the satisfaction in what we had done and who we were.

These alone times are important. We do quite well at home given the full house we normally have, with hardly a night going by where something does not happen, thanks to a locked door and a loud television to drown out the sounds that emit from our bedroom. But it is nice to not worry about those things, to do whatever we want without any censorship.

Yesterday I got my new whip in the mail, it is pretty damn wicked and makes a great sound when I strike it across L's ass. I used it as much as I could last night, but the great sound it makes is also a loud sound, so there was only so much I could do given that we could turn the television up only so loud before that in itself drew suspicion.

I wished I had had the whip during our weekend alone. It would have been a great addition.

It needs to be used properly.

Which means another weekend alone should not be too far off in the future.


  1. I love those whips! And yeah, they are loud. That is part of the fun if you have an empty house (it has been toooo long for us since that happened).

  2. That whip looks exciting! ;)