Wednesday, August 27, 2014


With school now underway, the days are getting long for L and I. It is often times not until after 10p.m. that we are settled into our bedroom when all is said and done. L’s workload and stress in her job has increased as of late, and it sometimes shows in some of her mannerisms. It takes her some time at the end of the day and evening for her to roll into submissive mode, and I can’t say I blame her. She is tough at nails at her job, even dominant at times and deals with a lot of difficult people and in the case of some of her co-workers, deals with stupid people that test her patience. 

She was, at one time, not a very patient person but I like to think that our D/s journey has helped her find patience she never had, both at work and at home. It is fascinating when I stop and think of the change these dynamics has had on both of us and how it has strengthened our partnership.

She’s very good at her job, and I am proud of the work she does, both at work and at home. She’s a hard worker and a very smart woman, and I recognize each and every day just how damn fortunate I am that she gave herself to me.

So, yes, the days have been long and it is late at night before we find time to ourselves. I think a lot of times L would prefer that we do nothing, that we simply go to sleep, but it is rare if ever that I allow that to happen. I stick to my guns and keep things consistent. Last night she tried to get away with coming to bed without showering first, which she did, but in what best can be described as a “huff” as she went into the bathroom. I require her to kneel before my side of the bed before she settles in for the night, I require her to wear her collar, and I require her to be naked. She will typically fuss about all of these things, maybe, hoping, that the wishy-washy Dom who existed back when we first started this would return, and I would give her a break.

But I don’t give her a break. The wishy-washy Dom died a long time ago, and emerging from his ashes was a stronger and confident Dom who knew the important of consistency and routine in making this all work.

I stick to my guns. Consistency. What happens when all of the above is complete will often vary, with the exception of one thing, and that is that we do not the end the day without me receiving sexual pleasure of some sort. But there are other things. Last night I gave her a very serious and intense caning with the bamboo stick (which is perfect) that lasted quite some time and had L slip sliding away into the neverworld of subspace quite quickly. Some nights it will be the spreader bar, others the handcuffs. A hair brush on the ass, a spanking of the pussy, a squeezing of the neck…whatever I feel works at the time. Then with all of that comes the inevitable. The wetness. The hardness.

The fucking.

Good god, the fucking.

With these long days, I sometimes feel like I have to drag L kicking and screaming into our world, but I drag away (usually by grabbing her hair), and before long, kicking and screaming is replaced with dripping and moaning. We do our thing, the late hour continues, and then it is over, and L asks permission to go to sleep, and she crashes immediately and sleeps a solid sleep that I don’t think would come without doing all of those things that she complains about doing.

Me, though, I don’t sleep right away. As I explained to L last night, my adrenaline kicks in after a good session, and even after I have exploded inside of her, her deliciously tight cunt squeezing every drop out of me, I am fully awake. I grant her permission to sleep. I stay awake for a bit, content and satisfied, and begin thinking ahead. To the next night. When she crawls in bed with me, and we do our dance again.


  1. You are so so right. That consistency is what takes you from an ok Dom ot a great Dom. It makes such a huge difference. As for the sleep Sir and I are the opposite., typically, Sir is asleep and I'm wide awake.


  2. Good for you for bring so consistent.I am like L in that sometimes I try to get out of activities that I enjoy just because I'm tired, but I am really blessed by my husband not giving in to my requests. I would miss out on so much if he did!

  3. My Sir does not accept my being "tired" as an excuse for anything. This is the life that I wanted, the life that I signed up for and I will live up to his expectations. I love a consistent man, even when I want to complain :-)

  4. Yes you should nee be to tired o fuck your master